Explore how to make a video collage with GIFs and a lot more!

Recently watched a season on Netflix and want to make a GIF collage of your favorite scenes or compare different moments; GIFs are the best way to do it. Graphic Interchange Format, popularly known as GIF, has become a new way of expressing your emotions, reacting to situations, or posting on social media.

Creating custom GIF collages can be tricky, but it will not be a difficult task anymore. We have sorted some of the best GIF collage makers for desktop, online, and at the comfort of your phone. You should consider these collage makers and give them a try for making the GIF collages on your own.  

Part 1. 2 Best Collage Makers On Desktop [Editor's Choice]

If you want to create GIF collages from your desktop, we’ve found the two best software that gives you freedom of editing and creating collages of your favorite GIFs and clips. You can create Instagram video collages with GIFs, Tumblr posts, etc., by using these platforms.  

1. iMyFone Filme [Editor's Choice]

Filme is a desktop software that can be downloaded for free. This product of iMyPhone is indeed a great addition to the video editing ecosystem. Complex software like Adobe Premiere Pro is not beginner-friendly, but iMyPhone has filled the gap by throwing Filme out in the market. If you want to know how to make a video collage with GIFs, you can easily do it in Filme.

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The advanced video editing tools of the software allow you to add effects, picture-in-picture effects, splitting videos, and flipping clips to create masterpieces. Besides making Instagram video collages from GIFs, the main features of Filme include:

imyfone filme



Wonderful Features of iMyFone Filme

  • User-friendly, without any technical knowedge required to edit your videos.

  • Easy to get multiple resources, with no extra fee at all.

  • Free to try the editor, during which you can check the compability.

  • Able to make GIF collage fast and easily.

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2. ScreenToGIF

ScreenToGIF is a desktop video collage maker that also lets you be creative beyond collage making. It includes creating GIFS from screen recordings, movie cuts, clips, and recorded videos. Afterward, you can be creative to edit, add effects, apply add-ons on the GIFs and share them with your friends. The software can be downloaded to a laptop from the Microsoft store or directly from the website.   


yes  It is a free, open-source platform when using via Github.

yes A user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate across the software

yes It can be downloaded on desktop easily

yes Let you edit, add images, transitions, control frame rate, image sizes, aspect ratio, etc.


no You must install it on your desktop for use

no Beginners might find it difficult to understand. However, with time things might become easier.

Part 2. 4 Best Collage Makers Online

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to download software on your desktop for collage making, we’ve covered you. You can still learn how to make a video collage with GIFs. Let’s get into it.

1. Ezgif

Ezgif is an online GIF editing platform that doesn’t bound you to signup or download it. Whenever you want to create collages of GIFs, you can type the URL in your browser and get started right away.



  • Creating GIF collages to adjust various videos in one collage

  • Edit, trim, resize, and reverse GIFS.

  • Add Effects to your GIFs

  • Video to GIF conversion

  • Creating GIFs, rotating, cropping, and supporting various formats


yes A user-friendly platform that doesn’t require any commitments or signups

yes Gives enough room to play with your GIFs and videos

yes Preview the final product before downloading the GIFs


no When thinking of video collages, you can create collages, but there is not enough freedom.

no The platform allows side-by-side collage only.

no You can edit and create GIFs not more than 100MB.

no Since it is an online platform, connectivity to the internet is must-have.

2. Canva

Canva is a very powerful platform that is not limited to collage making or video editing. The drag-and-drop ecosystem of the platform allows the users to design business tool kits, cards, logos, presentations, videos, images, infographics, and whatnot. The platform lets you create videos, Instagram stories, and video collages.

slideshow maker in filme


  • A stand-alone user-friendly ecosystem for editing, creating and designing

  • Drag-and-drop features for social media posts, presentations, etc.

  • Ready-to-use templates let you create desktop wallpapers, infographics, photocollages, etc.

  • Editing, cropping, trimming, and resizing videos


yes It is a stand-alone ecosystem that provides all kinds of creative designing

yes You can download the Canva app on your Android or Mac along with the web version

yes Drag-and-drop features make it so easy to get comfortable with the ecosystem


no The features and templates are limited in the free version of the platform.

no You might need a premium subscription for more sophisticated resources.

no Internet connectivity is must-have for using Canva.

3. Kapwing

Kapwing is also an online GIF editing platform, image editor, and video editor, making the digital storytellers much at ease. The online platform has several features you can roam around and play with. We can summarize the features of Kapwing as:

slideshow maker in filme


  • An online platform for video editors and photographers

  • A collaborative platform that let you calibrate with your teams

  • The user-friendly interface makes video editing a matter of a few clicks


yes Easy-to-use platform with zero complications

yes You can collaborate with your team/clients when working on a project

yes Gives you freedom of editing, cropping, and resizing the clips in the collage


no You have to signup and create an account for using the platform

no Internet connectivity is necessary for working on this platform

no The platform is not as diverse as Canva because you won’t get templates.

We’ve talked about desktop apps and online platforms that let you curate video collages. Let’s have a look at some of the best collage maker apps.

4. FlexClip

The last online collage maker platform we’ve sorted for you is FlexClip. When the comfort of the user interface is concerned, this online platform will probably beat any competitor in the market. You can create collages, GIF collages, edit videos, add music, text, and do a lot more with your media files.

slideshow maker in filme


  • User-friendly interface and high-quality GIF support

  • Multi-format output (JPG, PNG, MP4, WebM, and more)

  • Crop, resize, edit, trim, flip, and combine your GIFs

  • Add music, text, shapes, stickers, etc.


yes User-friendly interface

yes A lot of creativity

yes No obligation of signing up initially

yes Excellent customer support and learning center


no Internet connectivity is an issue

no The platform is not as diverse as Canva

no Limited functionality when creating GIF collages

Part 3. 4 Best Collage Maker Apps

We’ve talked about desktop apps and online platforms that let you curate video collages. Let’s have a look at some of the best collage maker apps.

1. PicPlayPost

If you’re looking for an all-in-one app that lets you create video collages, image collages, slideshows, and live video wallpapers, PicPlayPost is the best one. The app is easy to use and gives you freedom of editing, cropping, creating, and trimming videos, images, and collages.

slideshow maker in filme


  • A stand-alone app for image, video, and GIF editing

  • Available for Android and iOS

  • Premium quality video editing and formatting

  • Let you add music to the videos

  • Control speed of the videos


yes A stand-alone application for Android and iOS

yes Easily creates collages of photos, videos, or GIFs

yes You can create up to 30 minutes long videos


no The app is not free, and you might need to upgrade for enjoying premium features

no The app features are not available for older versions of iOS

2. PicCollage

PicCollage is a popular app available for Android and iOS users. You can create fun designs and collages of photos, videos, texts, and stickers to share on social media and with your loved ones. The platform has a large library of backgrounds, doodles, photos/GIFs. Besides, you can choose GIFs, photos, and videos from your device and edit them in PicCollage. When you’re looking for answer to how to make a video collage with GIFs, PicCollage is your answered prayer.


  • A user-friendly drag-and-drop app to design your pictures and videos

  • Add stickers, backgrounds, free drawings, and pre-written text to your memories

  • Change the layout of the pictures or videos in the collage

  • Customize the images and videos

  • A regularly updated library of artwork, backgrounds, and stickers


yes Easy-to-use and downloadable application

yes Available for Android and iOS

yes Edit photos, videos, and GIFs

yes Change the layout and size of the images, GIFS, or videos

yes Premium subscription unlocks a lot of exciting features


no It is just a collage making app and nothing else

no You must subscribe to a premium subscription for more features

no Not available for Windows  

3. GIF Studio

Want an app for video collage, slideshow, and all kinds of GIF editing? Look no further as GIF Studio is one of the best apps that will serve this purpose. GIF Studio can do it all if you want to create a video slideshow, video collage, merge GIFs into one, or add effects to your videos or GIFs. The application is available on Google Play Store, and you can download it to your phone for free.


yes Android application dedicatedly make for GIF editing

yes Slideshow and collage making in one app

yes The application is continuously updated for new features and bug fixes

yes Doesn’t disturb the original quality or colors of the GIF

yes Extract photos from GIFs


no Available for Android only

no Deals with GIF editing and making only

no Does not support older Android versions  

4. Collage Maker

Finally, the last but not least collage maker app is Collage Maker. Although the name suggests that it is just a collage editor or creator. However, the truth is something else. The powerful application lets you make Instagram video collage from GIFs and work as a photo editor, music video editor, and a lot more.


  • A stand-alone app for collage making, video editing, music video effects, photo editing, etc.

  • Large library of 20,000+ layouts, effects, stickers, and a lot more

  • Create slideshows of videos, photos, Gifs and add background music

  • Cutout photos and free doodling with your fingers


yes Remixing of up to 16 shots

yes Add adjustable frames, colors, and patterns to your collages

yes A lot of editing options are available

yes Free to download on your phone


no Not available for other operating systems

no Limited functionality of video collage making

no Premium subscription is required to unlock all features

FAQs About How To Make a Video Collage With GIFs

How do I make an animated GIF collage?

There are many software and applications available that can be used for making Instagram video collages from GIFs. The best desktop app is Filme, and if you want to create a collage online, Kapwing and Canva beat the competition. Android users can use PicCollage or Collage Maker to create animated GIF collages for sharing with friends and social media.

How do I make a video collage?

If you want to make a video collage, you can choose an online software like Canva or a desktop application like Filme. You have to download an application or visit the online sources. Check the options of creating a video collage and add the videos you want to convert into collage. Once you have resized and placed your videos correctly in a canvas, you can download or export the video collage to your device.

How do you make a collage with multiple videos?

Using different software and applications available on Microsoft store, Google play store, or open-source platforms, you can make a collage with multiple videos. You have to select the videos you want to add in college, position them on the canvas, and export them to your device. Besides, you can also create video collages on your mobile phone too. You will need a mobile application to make a collage with multiple videos.

Can a video be a collage?

Yes, a video can be a collage when different GIFS, clips, or movie cuts are placed in the same canvas and exported collectively. All the clips are playing simultaneously in the video collage, and it has become a very popular way of expressing your emotions.

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