In this article, we will share how to add Freeze Frame in Filmora and Filme in an easy and simple way without spending excess time. Or if you are finding an alternative, Filme would be a nice option which is free to try with tons of fancy and pratical editing features.

Step-by-step Guide on Adding Freeze Frame with Filmora

Freeze Frame has made the editing tasks more flexible and easier. It helps people to extend the duration of any particular point of the video and make it more focused. It makes the video more appealing and interesting. Furthermore, Filmora also allows adding Freeze Frame to videos to make them more appealing.

Steps on How to Freeze Frame in Filmora:

Step 1: Download and Install

Downlaod the latest version of Wondershare Filmora on your device. For this purpose, go to its website through this link and download the software free of cost. After that, just follow the simple directions provided by the software and install the software on your device.

Step 2: Open and Import File

After installing the software, open it, and you will see two options on the window. Select Full Feature Mode. It will show you a new window with different sections and an import portion. To import your file, click on the downside arrow above Import Media Files Here and import the file from your device.

filmora video editor

Step 3: Take a Snapshot

In this step, drag the selected file to the timeline after importing it. Now, move the playhead to the point at which you want to add a freeze-frame to the video. Set the playhead and click on the small camera icon under the video display tab or over the timeline. The snapshot will be saved in the media tab with the selected file.

filmora snapshot

Step 4: Insert the Snapshot

In order to insert the snapshot into the video, split the video first by clicking on the small scissors icon above the timeline. Once you have split the video, right-click on the snapshot without changing the position of the playhead and select Add to project.

filmora add snapshot to project

Step 5: Set Frame and Export File

You can also change the duration of the frozen frame by dragging the edges of the inserted snapshot. You can also add music, transitions, effects, and whatever you want to the video or frozen frame. In the last, click on the Save button at the top of the screen to save the final file.

filmora freeze frame

Wondershare Filmora offers all basic and professional editing tools. Its Freeze Frame feature is also very easy to use, and you can add multiple snapshots to a video. It can also do further editing with multiple frozen frames in a single video clip.

Easier Video Editor to Freeze Frame Video - Filme

Filmora serves wonderfully, but at the same time, it shows some cons that is why we recommend the best alternative to it. Filmora's Freeze Frame feature is not a single-step feature. It offers a freeze-frame in more than one step with a little bit slow speed as compared to other video editors. Due to such reasons, we recommend iMyFone Filme as the best alternative to Filmora.

iMyFone Filme is a flexible video editing software for beginners to professionals. Whether it is for normal video editing or for professional purposes, Filme can do its job wonderfully to help you create stunning and outstanding videos. It is not just a video editing software but is used for multiple purposes. Let's have a look at its features.

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Freeze Frame Features:

  • Filme offers a single step Freeze Frame feature

  • It allows adding multiple frozen frames at different parts of a single video

  • Using Filme, you can change the during of the frozen frame according to your choice

  • It also allows adding titles, effects, filters, and many more things to the selected frozen frame

Steps on How to Freeze Frame in Filme:

Step 1: Download and Install

Download the latest version of iMyFone Filme on your device and install it through very easy and basic steps.

Step 2: Open and Import File

After installation, open it and click on Editing Mode to start editing your video. On the next screen, click on File>New project and select the aspect ratio of your file. Then, go to the Media menu and import your file from your device to Filme.

filme import media

Step 3: Apply Freeze Frame Effect

Now, drag the video to the timeline and move the timeline marker to the point where you want to add the Freeze Frame effect. Set the marker and click on the small ice icon on the top of the timeline.

filme freeze frame

Step 4: Customize Frozen Frame

After inserting the frozen frame into the video, customize it as you wish. You can change its duration or add anything to it like title, text, effects, and filters, etc.

filme frozen frame

Step 5: Save File

In the last, click on the Export button above the timeline and save your final edited file to your device at the desired location.

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Final Words

The Freeze-Frame feature has made video editing easier and quicker. It makes the video more appealing and attractive. You can find many video editors who offer Freeze-Frame, but we have shared the best out of them. Filmora and Filme are the best video editors for adding freeze-frame to videos in easy steps. We have also shared their easy straps on how to add freeze-frame using both these editors. If you want simple software that can freeze frames and edit video in minimal steps, we recommend iMyFone Filme.