Halloween is now turned into an event where people dress up according to what they like. There are many unique costumes that people wear. Here are some exciting, unique, and amazing ideas to make this Halloween more entertaining.


In terms of desktop software for making Halloween videos, we recommend iMyFone Filme. It comes with muultiple fun emojis and voice changers that helps you create Halloween costume video easier.

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Part 1. 25 Best Costume Ideas for Halloween Video

1) Squid Game Halloween Costume

Squid Game is a trending Korean Netflix show that is ripping the charts and views. It is also based on a dark genre where people get killed. People have many ideas for upcoming Halloween, out of which dressing up as Squid Game characters is one of them.

halloween squid game costume

2) Spider Halloween Costume for Dog

This is one of the funniest and scariest pranks of all time. You can buy a spider costume for your dog. When your dog wears this costume and roams around the neighborhood, people will get scared of it as if it is a giant spider walking.

halloween spider dog costume

3) Toilet Halloween Costume

There is no limit to creativity. People often dress up as toilets with a door as well. When you open the door, you will see a toilet. It is a good idea for a Halloween costume video.

halloween toilet costume

4) Outhouse Halloween Costume

This is an innovative and new idea that people are now using during Halloween costume videos. People dress up like a whole house that roams in the streets. It looks fascinating.

halloween outhouse costume

5) Viral Halloween Costume

One of the viral Halloween costume videos from the past year is of a headless girl. It looks really scary if you don't know it's a costume. You can also make this costume yourself.

halloween viral costume

6) Alien Abduction Halloween Costume

People always surprise us with their innovative ideas. This Halloween costume looks spectacular in a video. You will see a kid who is being abducted by an alien. It is a creative idea indeed.

halloween alien abduction costume

7) Glow Stick Halloween Costume

This Halloween costume works well under dark situations, or you can say a place where there is no light. The costume has glowing lights that look vibrant in the dark.

halloween glow stick costume

8) Three Pig Halloween Costume

This costume is for children to encourage them for Halloween. Some kids get afraid, and we need to educate them. In this idea, the whole family wears pig costumes so that the kid can enjoy.

halloween three pig costume

9) Stickman Halloween Costume

It is a simple costume that you can wear for a Halloween costume video. With this costume, you will stand out in the crowd apart from others. It has glowing lights on it that look like a stickman.

halloween stickman costume

10) DIY Halloween Costume

There are many DIY Halloween costumes that you can make yourself. But one of the easiest costumes is to dress up like a witch. You just need a long black dress, and the rest is up to the makeup that you will do. You can make some tutorials to look like a witch.

halloween diy costume

11) Funny Dog Halloween Costume

You probably have seen people putting up a lion's costume on their dogs. It is basically like a wig that surrounds the neck of the dog. It is pretty hilarious.

halloween dog costume

12) Super Mario Halloween Costume

Super Mario is a legacy that will live forever. People that love Super Mario dress as Mario themselves to create Halloween costume videos.

halloween super mario costume

13) Pasta Halloween Costume

Who doesn't like pasta? It is indeed a level of creativity where people dress up like pasta of different kinds. The motive of this costume is to look different from others.

halloween pasta costume

14) Joker Halloween Costume

After Batman, Joker has become a dark yet convincing character of the world. Dressing up and acting like Joker is a good idea to create a Halloween costume video.

halloween joker costume

15) Men in Black Halloween Costume

Men in Black is an old classic. Will Smith is an actor that people love. Men in Black is one of his famous movies. Dressing up like Will Smith also looks good for a Halloween costume video.

halloween men in black costume

16) Snow White Halloween Costume

As a kid, we only know a few characters from the stories we listen to or shows we watch. Snow White is one of them. Girls that want to look the prettiest should dress up as Snow White on Halloween.

halloween snow white costume

17) Bat Halloween Costume

As the theme of Halloween is dark, a bat portrays a perfect dark theme as bats live in a cave and sleep upside down. Dressing up as a bat is a creative approach for Halloween.

halloween bat costume

18) Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume

Just like Snow White, Minnie Mouse is also a much-loved character by children. People love to watch these cartoons and also to dress up as their favorite TV characters or cartoons.

halloween minnie mouse costume

19) Skeleton Halloween Costume

This is the most common costume you will find in the Halloween costume video. Every other person wears this costume, but after all, everyone has the right to dress up as they like. This is a classic idea for a Halloween costume video.

halloween skeleton costume

20) Minion Halloween Costume

Coming to the modern age, children have shifted from old age to Minions. Minions are the cute little characters of the "Despicable Me" cartoon that kids love.

halloween minion costume

21) Spaghetti and Parmesan Halloween Costume

If you want to wear a costume as a couple for Halloween, then what better than spaghetti and pasta. It is the oldest pair that we can think of. Both go well together, and people love it. It is one of the best ideas for a Halloween costume video.

halloween spaghetti parmesan costume

22) Venom Halloween Costume

We all know Spiderman and Batman. Venom is the dark side of spiderman that portrays bad habits and wrongdoings. Although it is not a positive thing to think like a Venom, a Halloween costume of Venom would look amazing.

halloween venom costume

23) Michael Myers Halloween Costume

Michael Myers is the character of an old classic horror movie. Watching horror and scary movies during Halloween is what people love to do. In this case, why not dress up like Michael Myers for a Halloween costume video.

halloween michael myers costume

24) Scarecrow Halloween Costume

We all know pretty well what scarecrows are for. On Halloween, people scare each other by dressing up as scary as they can. In this aura, dressing up as a scarecrow will only mean to scare people, but it will also mean that you think people are crows.

halloween scarecrow costume

25) Scary Ghost Halloween Costume

Out of the most common Halloween costumes, the scary ghost is one of them. But it never gets old as people never forget ghosts.

halloween scary ghost costume

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Part 2. Create Your Own Halloween Prank Video – Filme

iMyFone Filme is a video editing tool that you can find online easily without any trouble. Making a video during Halloween is an exciting thing. People used to dress up and wear costumes and shoot some videos. Some people record pranks in the Halloween while some record competitions. However, the major part of making a video is video editing. Filme allows you to edit the videos without any trouble. Even if you are a beginner, you can create amazing videos using Filme. It has almost all the tools that you can use to make an eye-catching video.

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Let us see what features Filme offers and how you can create your own Halloween prank video with iMyFone Filme.

Steps to Make Halloween Video Using Filme:

Step 1: Download and launch Filme.

The first thing you need to do is to install Filme. Open up Filme and click on "Editing Mode". It will pop up a window with multiple editing options.

Step 2: Create project and import video.

Create a new project and select the proper aspect ratio that you want. Most people use a widescreen aspect ratio because it works perfectly on different platforms. Then, import the media that you want to edit with Filme. Drag the media from the import window to the timeline.

filme create new project mode

Step 3: Edit the Halloween costume video.

Now, you can start editing. First, you can easily add Halloween and exciting emojis to make your videos catchy. You just need to go to the Stickers tab and select the emojis and stickers you like.

filme stickers

Filme also has a background fill effect that allows you to add background to the video. You can download different Halloween backgrounds and add them to your video.

filme background effect

Step 4: Edit sounds with some sound effects.

You can add exciting sound effects from Filme's library. Just select the effect you like and drag it to the timeline. Moreover, you can record your voice and change it to a scary voice. Filme has its own scary voice changers. Record your voice by clicking on the microphone button above the timeline. Choose a voice effect.

filme sound effects

Step 5: Export the Halloween video.

When you are done editing the video, you can export it easily. Click on the "Export" button and choose the settings in which you want to save your Halloween prank video.


Dressing up like horror or funny characters for a Halloween costume video is the best thing you can do. There are many different creative ideas for Halloween costumes that one can try. We have made a list of different ideas for Halloween costumes. You can use Filme to edit the Halloween costume video that you record. It has plenty of features that you can use to edit and enhance the video.

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