People tend to prank in Halloween and scare others by dressing up as scary as they can. Video makers or YouTubers can take full advantage of this festival to record pranks. In this article, we will share some ideas that you can try this Halloween.


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Part 1. Top 20 Ideas to Make Halloween Prank Video

1) Chainsaw Prank

Take a chainsaw and remove the blade from it. Start the chainsaw around people and start running at them. It is a classic prank that always works. Record the reaction of people to make a compilation of Halloween prank videos.

2) Ghost Prank

Get a ghost costume and do scary makeup. You can hide in your neighborhood and wait for people to come. When the people get near, scare them with noise or by running at them. Make sure to do this prank at night when people are alone on the street.

3) Intruder Prank

You can buy a face sticker from Halloween stores. Place the face of a man peeking into the house just outside your window behind the curtains. As your family members will move the curtains, they will be shocked and scared to see that someone is peeking into the house.

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4) Fake Blood in Shower Prank

Take red coloring or blood color; it is easily available. Take out the showerhead and place fake blood in it. Your wife will go into the washroom to take a shower, and red water will come out. It will scare her to see blood coming out of the showerhead.

5) Fake Person in Room

Take some jeans and a shirt. Fill it with plastic wraps or bubble wraps to make it look like a person. Take a hoodie to fill it to make the head. Place a mask on the face and place it on the bed or inside the washroom. Make sure to place a knife in its hand. Whenever someone goes in, it will scare them.

6) Cockroaches Prank

Buy some fake cockroaches from the store. Place these cockroaches in the water bottle. Whenever someone pours water into the glass, it will scare him/her after seeing the cockroaches in the water.

7) Molding Clay Bug Prank

Take a molding clay and cut it with a knife to make a bug. Spray-paint the bug and place it anywhere your family members go. You can place it inside the fridge over eggs. It will scare anyone who opens up the fridge.

8) Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Prank

One of the most common Halloween pranks is done in Jimmy Kimmel's show. Here, the parents prank their kids by saying that all of the Halloween candy is eaten by them. The reaction of children is recorded and played in the Jimmy Kimmel show.

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9) Chucky Costume Prank

We all are familiar with Chucky and supermarkets. You can dress up as Chucky and hide in the supermarket to scare the customers. It is a common prank as everybody is familiar with it.

10) Ghost Prank in Train

You can team up with the train authority and do some lighting changes. Inside the tunnel or dark place, you can flicker the lights, and in front of the people, there will be a ghost standing. People will feel scared and helpless as they are on a train.

11) Fake Kill Prank

Just in the center of the street, make your friend lie down to make him look dead. Take a hammer in your hand and sit right next to him. As soon as people walk by the street, take your hammer and start running towards them as you want to kill them.

12) Floating Ghost Prank

We know that hoverboards are very common nowadays. You can dress up like a ghost and ride a hoverboard. Make sure that the hoverboard is hidden under the costume so people may think you are floating above the ground.

13) Fake Spider Prank

Fake spiders are easily available in the market, even during the Halloween season. Attach a string to the spider and your cupboard such that if anyone opens the cupboard, the spider comes out of it.

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14) Mannequin Prank

One of the most effective pranks is the mannequin prank. You can dress up like a mannequin and stand in front of any shop. As soon as people walk by, you can scare them. You can wear a black mask to hide your face so that people think you are a mannequin.

15) Drone Ghost Prank

In the modern age, why not take advantage of technology. You can dress up a drone like the skull of a ghost's head. Fly the drone in the sky and near the people to scare them as if a skull is flying in the year.

16) Lights Out Prank

You can dress up like a scary person along with your partner. Stay inside the elevator and wait for someone to come. As any person comes along, signal your team to turn off the light of the elevator and make scary noises to scare the person with you.

17) Fake Cuts on Face

You can buy face color molding clay and fake blood from a superstore. Do proper makeup with molding clay and place it on your face with some fake blood. Scare anyone at your home or on your street with your scary face.

18) Hanging Ghost outside House

If you have a tree in your yard, then you can take advantage of it. You can buy a ghost or skeleton from the market and hang it on the tree. Anyone passing by your house will get scared by seeing a ghost hanging from the tree.

19) Glowing Eyes Prank

You can take a toilet paper roll and cut two holes to make eyes. Put lights behind the holes and place them in the bushes somewhere dark. It will seem like glowing eyes in the dark. Anyone who passes by will get scared.

20) Dress Up Like Hollywood Horror Movies

There are different Hollywood scary movie characters. You can dress up like a Nun from Conjuring, Joker from IT, or even the Anabelle doll from the movie Anabelle. People like to watch movies like these and get scared of them easily.

Part 2. Create Your Own Halloween Prank Video – Filme

iMyFone Filme is a complete video editing tool that is perfect for making funny Halloween prank videos. You can film a prank with your camera and then edit it with Filme to add more realistic effects and sounds. You can make your pranks interesting and scary using voice changers, sound effects, scary images, and effects. Let us see how we can use Filme to edit Halloween prank videos. You can also use it to add some Halloween songs to the videos.

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filme fast mode

How to use Filme to make Halloween video:

Step 1: Download and launch Filme.

Install Filme on your computer. Open it. Go to "Auto-Create" if you want to make a slideshow video. Otherwise, you can go "Editing Mode" if you want to add details to your videos.

Step 2: Import video to Filme.

Import the videos of pranks that you recorded. Drag the video and audio clips to the timeline to merge them and add effects to them.

filme import video

Step 3: Edit your Hallowen video.

Now, you can add different types of transitions to your videos that may suit the best according to the theme of your video. Moreover, you can go to "Elements" and add in emojis to make the video funnier.

filme stickers

You can also use the freeze-frame frame effect to focus on a specific frame of the video, making it look scary. Filme also allows you to slow down your video.

Step 4: Edit sounds to make it more spooky.

The audio editing features of Filme are also helpful. You can use them to change your voice in the video. There are some scary voice changers available. You can also use the sound effects of Filme.

filme voice effects

Step 5: Export the Halloween video.

Click on the "Export" button. You can edit 4K videos with Filme and also export them in the same quality. If you want to change the format of the video, then you can also do it with Filme. Choose the destination of the video where you want it to be exported.

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We have shared some simple ideas that can help you to make Halloween prank videos. Some of them can turn out to be the best Halloween prank videos as well. It all depends on the acting and performance of your team during such scary moments. Finally, you can use Filme to edit and compile the video to make the final version of your prank.