Most people probably have a dream of becoming a rap song writer or a rapper, and if you do, you've come to the right place! In this blog we'll share how to use AI Rap Lyrics Generator to make a AI rap song. You can even choose any AI rapper voice you want.

Before we begin, let's here a piece of AI rap song created by VoxBox - the best AI rap generator:


Now let's experience what it's like to be a rap writer/rap singer!

ai rap lyrics generator

Part 1. What Is AI Rap Lyrics Generator?

The AI rap lyrics generator is like a virtual rap artist. It learns from the vast array of existing rap lyrics, learning the rhythms, rhymes, and wordplay that make rap unique. It then uses this knowledge to automatically generate AI rap lyrics that capture the essence and style of human rappers. It's basically an AI lyricist that can create rap lyrics on demand.

Part 2. How Does AI Rap Generator Work?

An AI rap generator works by leveraging sophisticated algorithms. Here's a simplified breakdown of the process:

Data Collection: The text to rap AI system gathers a large dataset of existing rap lyrics from various sources. This dataset serves as the foundation for the model to learn from.

Training the Model: Using the collected data, the AI model is trained to understand the structure, style, and vocabulary of rap lyrics. This training involves exposing the model to vast amounts of text and allowing it to learn the underlying patterns and relationships.

Generating AI Lyrics: Once trained, the AI model can generate rap lyrics autonomously. Users may provide prompts or themes to guide the process.

Evaluation and Refinement: The AI generated rap lyrics are evaluated based on various criteria such as coherence and creativity. The model can be iteratively improved based on feedback to improve the quality of the generated lyrics.

Output: Final step, the AI rap generator produces the generated lyrics.

To sum up, throughout this process, the AI rap song lyrics generator learns from both the dataset and the feedback it receives, continually refining its abilities to generate rap lyrics.

rap ai generator

Part 3. The Best AI Rap Lyric Generator to Write A Rap Song

Creating a rap song with AI requires a good AI rap beat generator/AI lyric generator, which can not only save your time but also add interest to your content. Of course, you can also use it to inspire your rap creation.

VoxBox - AI Rap Writer with AI Rapper Voice

VoxBox is not only an AI rap lyrics generator, but also an AI voice generator, featuring AI voices from more than 100 rappers, in order to give users a more comprehensive AI rap generation experience.

So before we begin, let's try the voice of famous rapper Eminem first:

eminem ai
human male ai voice
David (Male)
human kid ai voice
David (Male)
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The online version is being perfected! Download the full VoxBox version to experience the full range of features. 3200+ voices to choose from, including the voice of Niki Minaj, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, etc. You can also fine-tune the Eminem speech by adjusting the voice parameters to meet your needs, try it now!

Here are the Top Features of VoxBox you don't want to miss

  • Fast Rap Generation: VoxBox can generate an AI freestyle rap with music in seconds based on simple text you type.

  • Voice Library: The coolest thing is that you can freely choose the AI rapper voice, even choose the voice of other celebrities or characters to sing the AI rap, as VoxBox offers 3200+ voice in 77+ languages.

  • Voice Cloning: If you can't find a voice you like, just clone and customize one on your own.

  • Text to Speech: Another great feature of VoxBox. Perfect for content creators, you can quickly create voiceover with the voice you like.

  • AI Assistant: Provide AI assistant to help polish your script according to your chosen use scenario and emotion, making your rap song script more touching.

Part 4. How to Make AI Rap via AI Rap Lyrics Generator?

Step 1:Download VoxBox

Step 2:Click "AI Generated Rap” from the menu on the left. And choose "Generate AI Lyrics”.

rap lyrics generator ai

Step 3:After typing your rap themes, click "Generate AI Lyrics”. Take "freedom" as our example here.

ai rap generator free

Step 4:Import lyrics. You can modify the generated AI rap lyrics before doing so.

rap lyric generator ai

Step 5:Finally, choose a voice and click "Generate”.

ai rap lyrics generator free

Let's here the AI rap song we just created!


Part 5. Bonus Tips to Help You Make A Perfect AI Rap Song

Choose a Theme: Decide on a theme or topic for your song. Whether it's about personal experiences, social issues, or just having fun, having a clear focus can give your rap lyrics direction and cohesion.

Input Quality Prompts: When using an AI rap music generator, provide high-quality prompts or keywords related to your chosen theme. This helps guide the AI to generate lyrics that align with your vision for the song.

Edit and Refine: After generating the lyrics, take the time to edit and refine them. You can also add your own personal flair to the lyrics to make them unique.

Part 6. Hot FAQs about AI Rap Generator

1. How do people make AI rap songs?

They use AI rap lyric generator to make a AI rap song.

2. Is AI generated rap made through AI rap song maker plagiarism?

Yes and no. While the lyrics generated by AI are indeed original because they're newly created, they still draw upon existing content for inspiration. This can lead to concerns about plagiarism. It's important to double-check that the generated lyrics aren't inadvertently copying existing content.

3. What does the word "rap” mean?

"Rap" refers to a style of music known for its rhythmic and rhyming speech. Originating in African-American and Latino communities in the U.S. during the 1970s, it's both a cultural movement and an art form. Beyond music, "rap" can also describe relaxed, informal conversation or chatting.

4. Who is the first AI rap singer?

DeepBeat, created in 2015 by Eric Malmi and others at the University of Helsinki. While not really an AI rap artist in the sense of performing or making music, it is one of the earliest examples of using AI to make rap music.

The first "AI generated rapper" signed to a major record label was FN Meka, who signed with Capitol Records on August 14, 2022, receiving widespread media coverage.

Final Thoughts

In this blog we've share almost everything you need to know about rap AI generator. If you want to know what it's like to be a rapper, just try this perfect AI Rap Generator and make wonderful AI rap songs by yourself!