Today in this article, we are discussing the power of speech to text and how, with the help of the best audio to text converter tools and apps, you can quickly transcribe important notes, lectures, discussions, etc., as a future record. This audio to text converter enhances your productivity with the best audio to text converter tools. Let’s see which one is the best here.

Part 1: What is Audio to Text?

Dictation software, also known as audio to text converter, was first launched in the early 1990s; they were slow, full of clunk, and sometimes outright frustrating to use because of mistakes and taking time. Free audio to text converter tools are light years ahead now, and no matter how fast you dictate, sure shot, it will accurately transcribe what you say 90% of the time.

Audio to text converter tools utilizes speech recognition APIs that use machine learning AI technology to convert it into text. We have seen this technology employed by Apple and Google for virtual assistants to recognize commands and perform an action based on them. The same technology takes it a step further and converts that into text, and some tools utilize an audio file to text converter functionality.

You should be aware that audio to text converter free comes with different names or keywords, such as voice recognition, dictation, audio to text converter online, speech-to-text, speech recognition, and so on. You can use any of these to answer your queries.

Part 2: Best Audio to Text Converter Software Recommended in 2023

The first and the best audio to text converter online tool is VoxBox, which you can download from their official website and install on your system to use and get the best results. Let's see why!

iMyFone VoxBox

If you are looking for a new audio converter to text with many great features in one package, iMyFone VoxBox is your answer. With the latest update, VoxBox has introduced the best audio to text converter features to help you transcribe important information while at work or in the field.

Let’s see some fantastic VoxBox features that make it the best audio to text converter.

VoxBox introduce

Key Features:

  • Recognize audio to text converter functionality in many languages.

  • Already providing the best TTS services that have 3,200+ voices in 22+ languages.

  • Excellent free audio to text converter options that will listen to your speech whether you are in a podcast, teaching a class, or writing your research notes, and transcribe everything in real-time.

  • Use the transcribed text and convert it into any language.

voxbox speech to text


yesSimple yet intuitive UI that rivals other great tools and audio file to text converter software.

yesIt is fast audio to text converter free conversion which you can use to create speech in another language to communicate.


noNew features are coming soon!


  • Quarterly $14.95

  • Yearly $39.95

  • Lifetime $79.95

Watch this video to learn more about the Best STT Voice Generator VoxBox:

voxbox youtube video

Part 3: Best Online Audio to Text Converter

In the previous section, we discussed the best audio converter to text software for the PC, while in this section, we will see some best audio to text converter that is entirely online and web-based.

1. Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe is a web-based online audio to text converter that is an all-in-one platform for transcription and subtitles services. They use the state-of-the-art AI tool with many professionals in different languages to bring you the best audio to text converter online.

happyscribe audio to text converter

Key Features:

  • Over 100,000 trusted customers and users of all sizes.

  • Provides Transcription and Subtitle services.

  • Supports 58 languages recognizing each of these for audio to text converter requirements.

  • Has a unique and interactive editor that gives free audio to text converter endless possibilities for a limited time.

  • Simple sharing easing you to collaborate with others.

  • Allows support for uploading large files of long duration, supports all formats。

  • Automatically audio file to text converter files in real time to most common languages。


  • Automatic Free Trial costs €0.20 / minute with 80% accuracy.

  • Human-made sub costs €2.00 / minute with 99% accuracy.

  • Human translation (for subtitles) for €20.85 / minute with 99% accuracy.

2. Transkriptor – Convert Audio to Text

Transkriptor is an audio to text converter online Unicode converter with many different converters mixed into a single website. All you need is a good-quality mic, speak slowly, and it will convert your audio converter to the text within seconds.

transcriptor audio to text converter

Key Features

  • More than 20 languages are supported for translation and audio converter to text after you submit your audio file.

  • All Asian, European and African languages supported.

  • Web-based tool that also supports radio translation.

  • Straightforward tool and barebone interface.

  • Fantastic software to do a quick or two conversions.

  • Not recommended for big files and long audio files.

  • Instructions are visible on the website for the best audio to text converter results.


  • Lite – 5 hours a month for $99 yearly.

  • Standard – 20 hours a month for $149 yearly.

  • Premium – 40 hours a month for $249 yearly.

  • All hours are reset each month.

3. Podcastle

Podcastle is your one-stop shop for all things storytelling and broadcast if you want audio to text converter to fulfill your needs. The features and audio have studio quality with AI-powered editing and more.

podcastle transcribe audio to text

Key Features:

  • All features in a seamless experience on a single web-based tool.

  • Has a creator toolkit that can do all your jobs but with amazing simplicity.

  • You can get your transcription in seconds of your audio. The audio to text converter is blazing fast in conversion.

  • Simple upload procedure but powerful AI to convert all your audio files with best quality results.

  • No more need for manual transcription.

  • Import your file, transcribe your audio and export your results.


  • Free – $0/m, with limited functionality but free forever.

  • Storyteller – $12/m, amazing features up to 8 hrs. of recording.

  • Pro – $24/m, for teams.

Part 4: Best Apps to Convert Audio to Text

In this section, we discuss 3 of the best mobile apps that can easily do audio to text converter features while on the go.

1. Rev Voice Recorder

When voice recording becomes simple and can be done with a single tap, you get the best audio to text converter transcription in real-time. Then you know whythe Rev app is so great.

rev voice recorder

Key Features:

  • Available to download on Android and iOS devices for free.

  • You can also use their audio to text converter online.

  • Simple process of recording your lectures, presentation, and discussion, and one tap transcription is available, which is 99% accurate.

  • You have access to 72,000+ expert freelancers for audio to text converter services which you can use directly from the mobile device.

  • Perfect for various scenarios that cost you only $0.25 per minute.

  • Take multiple notes at a time so you don't forget what your thoughts were.


  • Free to record and use your audio.

  • Rev Max Subscription - $29.99 per month with 20 hrs. of transcription each month.

2. Temi Record and Transcribe App

If you are looking for an app that does audio to text converter and videos,Temi is your app. All your uploaded audio and video files are converted in 5 minutes due to the advanced speech recognition software functions. The higher the quality of your audio files, the best transcription you will receive.

temi record transcribe app

Key Features:

  • The online web-based free audio to text converter tool accepts all audio file types.

  • You can see all the time stamps and speakers on your transcription results, making it easy to discern who spoke when.

  • The transcription of your audio files can be saved and exported as MS Word, VTT, SRT, PDF files, and more.


  • Free Trial – One free transcription for the recording under 45 minutes and all access pass.

  • Payment – Only $0.25 per minute of your audio file with no limitations and no additional charges.

Part 5: FAQs about Audio to Text Converter

1. Which is the Best Audio to Converter Software for PC?

The best audio file to text converter is VoxBox, which we mentioned above in our list. With the latest update, VoxBox has introduced the best audio to text converter features to help you transcribe important information while at work or in the field.

2. Is There any Free Online Audio to Text Converter?

Yes, there are many audio to text converter online that you can use to convert speech to text, but most of them have limits assigned to them. We have mentioned a few of them in this list that can do that for free: Happy Scribe, Transkriptor, Temi, Podcastle, etc.

3. Which is the Best Audio to Text Converter?

We have already mentioned in the FAQ above that VoxBox is the best audio to text converter in this list, but others are okay. All the apps on our list are great, but the sheer amount of voices, languages, and features in VoxBox are staggering for their incredible prices.


This list has discussed many great audio to text converter tools and software that can help you with writing lectures, speeches, and so much more with the help of speech recognition. If you are looking for a new audio converter to text with many great features in one package, iMyFone VoxBox is your answer.

With the latest update,iMyFone VoxBox has introduced the best audio to text converter features to help you transcribe important information while at work or in the field.