Ghostface text to speech for your explainer videos will make your audio and video more horror with an ease! This article, we will tell you how to change your voice into Ghostface AI voice from text to speech with 5 powerful AI voice generators.

Riding the wave of Scream 6's massive success, the horror obsession is real. Dive into a world where studies prove that eerie voice-overs and videos immerse users like never before. If you want to make scrary audios and videos, don't miss this Ghost face voice change guide.

Listen scream voice text to speech by VoxBox Voice Generator:

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Part 1: Use Cases of Ghostface AI Voice

1. Who is Ghostface?

Gohstface is a fictional character who wears a Halloween-style mask and a black robe. It first appeared in the horror film Scream. He is Roger L. Jackson, aka a maestro of voice acting, who plays his role as Ghostface in the spine-tingling Scream 6. Since its inception in 1997, the cloaked figure wielding a menacing knife has sent shivers down spines.

roger l.jackson ghostface voice actor

2. What's Ghostface Text to Speech Voice Generator?

The "Ghostface Text-to-Speech Generator" refers to a tool or software that converts written text into spoken words in the style or voice of the character Ghostface from the "Scream" horror movie franchise.

3. Use Cases of Ghostface AI Voice

The Ghost Face has transcended horror, becoming a global symbol inspiring costumes, merchandise, and more, be it Halloween or April Fools' Day. Meanwhile, replicating its voice is a creator's aspiration. Here are some tips for you to apply scream voices.

  • Voice Memes: create memes and send to your friends.

  • Horror videos: use Ghostface and other scary voices for video voiceover, explain, dubbing and so on.

  • Prank phone calls: play scream audio while calling your friends.

  • Audio books: great for scary story telling.

  • Podcast: Ghostface text-to-speech could add a unique and entertaining element to the podcast content.

  • Game NPC Voice: set your game npc with horror voice like Ghostface.

Watch Ghostface AI voice Text to Speech video guide:

ghostface text to speech video

Part 2: How Ghostface Text-to-Speech Get Ghost Voice Over Easily

1. VoxBox Ghostface AI Voice Generator

Elevate your creations with VoxBox - the ultimate tool offering Ghostface text-to-speech and AI-generated Ghostface voice cloning. Perfect for creators, whether pro or leisure, it's your all-in-one dubbing solution.

voxbox ghostface text to speech

Price and OS:

  • OS: Available on PC & Mobile.

  • Price: Free plan and vairous plan for month, year and lifetime. Lowest price less than $0.01/day.

Key Features:

  • VoxBox offers over 3,200 premade AI voice models in 150+ languages & accents.

  • Supports not only ghostface text-to-speech, but also video transcription, voice change, audio edit and voice cloning.

  • You can customize the voice effect with pitch, speed, and emotion.

  • Supports import background music to make creepy atmosphere.

How to Use Ghostface Text to Speech?

Step 1.Download VoxBox and install it by click download button below.

Step 2.Click "Change Speaker" and direct type "Ghostface" to serch Ghost face AI voice for text to speech.

Step 3.Type your text or import text file and then click "Convert" button to export the audio.

apply ghostface ai voice on voxbox

Listen to the scream voice sample generated by VoxBox:

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This audio is generated with female ASMR voice model on VoxBox with pitch-low, and speed-low setting. Background music is the scream laugh sound effect.

2. FakeYou Text to Speech Generator

FakeYou is another text to speech with Ghostface voice option, an online web-based tool that lets you convert your text to speech with the touch of a button. It claims that offering 2400+ voice selections, but many voices sound similar.

fakeyou ghostface text to speech

Price and OS:

  • OS: Online

  • Price: Free plan and $7 for 30 seconds audio and $25 for 2 mins audio generation per month.

Key Features:

  • Most intuitive UI and over 2,400 voice selections, including Ghostface text-to-speech.

  • With a lot of premade setups, you can tweak to your preference, giving you great control over what you output.

  • Listen to and change everything about your selected voiceover and download it on your device for later use.

3. NaturalReader

NaturalReader is a fantastic tool that you can use to convert texts into the speech of your favorite voice artist or celebrity. This tool is more suitable for audio books creation.

natural reader ghostface ai voice generator

Price and OS:

  • OS: Online, Windows, Mac

  • Price: Personal one-time payment of $99.50 with two natural voices and MP3 conversion; While professional versions cost $129.50 and $199.50.

Key Features:

  • Comes with OCR function, which can extract text from images and convert it into speech.

  • OCR also works on videos and movies. You can take snapshot and use OCR to extract text.

  • You can add background music and ambient sounds to enhance quality.

  • Unlike others, it has Assistive features like dyslexic friendly font.

4. is a premium online text-to-speech solution sans Ghostface voice. Crafted for professional applications, it delivers unparalleled natural studio-quality AI voices. User-friendly and boasts an extensive voice library with multilingual capabilities. scream text to speech generator

Price and OS:

  • OS: Online

  • Price: Free plan with only 2 Projects & 10 mins of Voice Generation. The lite and plus versions of Creator cost $23 - $39. As for Business, $79 - $159.

Key Features:

  • Offers 120+ natural-sounding voices and 20+ languages.

  • Supported Ghostface voice cloning for text-to-speech.

  • Create flawless voice overs with customisation features.

  • Access text to speech API

5. Voicemod Ghostface Voice Generator

Voicemod is a voice changer that supports Ghostface's real-time voice change. It is more suitable for streaming media users such as game live broadcasts, or third-party tools for increasing fan interaction on platforms such as Twitch.

voicemod ghostface voice changer

Don't Miss: How to Use Ghostface Voice Changer on PC/Mobile

Price and OS:

  • OS: Windows & Mac

  • Price: 42.85$ for Lifetime Plan

Key Features:

  • Fully customizable collection of 100+ voices.

  • Powerful soundboard (+10 sound collections) for playing and sharing sounds in chat and communication tools.

  • VoiceLab: A voice creator that combines effects to generate custom voice changers.

  • Compatible with all games and communication apps on the market.

How to Use Ghostface Voice Changer

Step 1.Open the Voicemod app on your desktop and head over to Voicelab after microphone settings.

Step 2.You'll see Ghostface voice in the left-hand side menu bar.

Step 3.Connect Voicemod with the chat/game platforms and speak.

Part 3: FAQs about Ghost Face Text to Speech

1. How Does Ghostface Text to Speech Work?

Ghostface Text to Speech operates through advanced AI technology, specifically a deep learning neural network trained on vast speech data. Users input written text, which the network analyzes to generate corresponding audio signals.

The tool allows users to customize pitch, speed, and tone, thanks to deep learning algorithms that understand speech nuances. Essentially, it acts as a virtual DJ, remixing words for a personalized audio experience.

2. Is Ghostface Text to Speech Legal?

Ghostface Text to Speech is generally legal for personal and non-commercial use, allowing individuals to enjoy it as a fun tool for pranks or creative voiceovers. However, using it for commercial purposes, such as advertisements or audiobooks, may require obtaining proper permissions and rights to use someone's voice.

Consent from individuals whose voices are recreated is crucial to respect privacy and personal rights. Ultimately, legality hinges on responsible use and adherence to copyright laws, ensuring a balance between enjoyment and legal compliance.

3. How Can I Use the Ghostface Text to Speech on TikTok?

Start recording your 30-sec video and enter text when prompted. After typing the text, you can simply select the Ghostface text to-speech icon from the list and convert your text to speech.

4. Is Ghostface Text to Speech Free?

Yes, but it depends on the text to speech voice generator you choose. VoxBox offers free Ghostface AI voice for TTS voice generation. Have a try!

5. What is Ghostface Voice Changer?

The "Ghostface Voice Changer" is a tool or software designed to modify or alter the user's voice real time (while gaming, chatting, streaming online) to mimic the voice of the character Ghostface from the "Scream" horror movie franchise.

This type of voice changer can be used for entertainment purposes, such as making prank calls, creating videos, or adding a spooky element to voice recordings or online voice trolling.


First up, the new Scream movie has everyone talking about their favorite murderous Villain - The Ghost Face. His AI voice can be applied for text to speech and voice change for video and audio creations.

If you need to make scream text to speech, then I strongly recommend my choice - VoxBox Ghostface TTS generator, download now and enjoy 2000 characters for free now!