Do you love horror movies or podcasts, love creepy pranking videos on YouTube? Are you looking to infuse your content with an eerie and unsettling atmosphere? Then scary voice text to speech voice generator is here to help!

With creepy text to speech voice generator, you can effortlessly get creepy AI voice for prank, content creation, and more!

scary voice text to speech


Listen to the Creepy AI Voice Generated by VoxBox.

Read on to learn how to get creepy AI voice using the best creepy voice generator.

Part 1: What can Creepy TTS Voices do?

Creepy text-to-speech (TTS) voices can serve to enhance the eerie and unsettling atmosphere in various scenarios. Here's where creepy TTS voices can be used:

creepy tts voice application

Horror Story Narration: Creepy TTS voices can narrate horror stories in audiobooks, podcasts, or YouTube videos. They can create an unsettling atmosphere and enhance the suspense of the story, captivating listeners and readers.

Haunted House Tours: Creepy TTS voices can be used to guide virtual or real-life haunted house tours, providing eerie commentary and adding to the chilling experience for participants.

Escape Room Experiences: Creepy TTS voices can serve as guides or provide hints in interactive escape room games, immersing players in a spine-tingling adventure.

Interactive Horror Games: Creepy TTS voices can provide character dialogue and narration in horror video games, intensifying the fear factor and enhancing players' immersion.

Halloween Event Promotion: Creepy TTS voices can be used for promotional content for Halloween events, haunted attractions, and spooky festivities.

halloween event promotion

Voice-Over for Animations: Creepy TTS voices can lend their unsettling tones to characters in animated horror shorts, adding a distinctive and eerie dimension to the storytelling.

Horror Podcast Introductions: Creepy TTS voices can introduce horror-themed podcast episodes, setting the tone for the spooky stories or discussions that follow.

Virtual Reality Horror Experiences: Creepy TTS voices can provide narration or character dialogue in virtual reality horror experiences, heightening the realism and fear factor.

Creepy ASMR: Creepy TTS voices can be used in ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos that aim to trigger sensations of relaxation or tingling, but with a spooky twist.

Part 2: 4 Scary Voice Text-to-Speech Generators to Get Creepy AI Voice

1) iMyFone Voxbox

iMyFone VoxBox is a creepy text-to-speech voice generator that you can create horror and scary AI voices for Halloween and prank your friends. which is easy to use.

voxbox text to speech introduce


  • VoxBox allows you to genrate voices more than 3200+ like Ghostface, Spongebob, etc.

  • VoxBox Supported 100+ accents like Hindi,Aussie accent, etc.

  • VoxBox Supported 77+ languages like Spanish, Japanese, etc.

  • Supported adjust parameters like Pause, Pitch, Volume, Speed & Emphasisc.

  • Multi functions like Video convert, speech-to-text, Voice record, audio eidt, etc.

  • It supports different audio file formats.

How to Generate creepy AI voice for TTS:

Step 1: Downlaod Voxbox and install it, then open it, and click on "text-to-speech".

Step 2: Select the voice type, then type your words, click on "Convert".

Scary voice text to speech voxbox

Step 3: After seconds get audio. Click on the "Play" button to hear what it sounds like. Then "Export" the audio to your computer.

Scary voice text to speech voxbox2

2) Typecast

If you are looking for an online creepy voice text-to-speech tool, then Typecast will do the thing for you. You can create AI and generate a voice for up to 60 seconds for free with this tool. It has different options, allowing you to adjust the voice.


  • With Typecast, you can create not only text-to-speech but also AI-generated videos.

  • It also allows you to control the tones and emotions of the audio output.

  • Typecase has a feature that enables you to create facial expressions.

  • It also has subtitles, custom virtual humans as well as background features.

How to use:

    Step 1: Go to the Typecast website. You will see the option of “Try Now”. Click on it, and it will take you to a new page. Here, you can enter the text or paragraph that you want to convert to speech.

    Step 2: It has different options. Choose the tone, speech pace, pause, tempo, pitch, and voice of the audio output. Then click on the “Play” button to hear the voice.

    typecast text to speech

    Step 3: If you are satisfied with the voice, then you can click on “Download” and save it on your computer. However, if you don’t like the output, you can make changes to it and then listen to it again until you find the perfect output.

    typecast text to speech

    3) Speechify

    Speechify is the scary voice text to speech voice generator that is available on multiple platforms. You can download it on Android and iOS devices as well. Developers can also generate API using this tool. The best thing about Speechify is that you can take a picture of any book or page, and it will read it aloud, so you don’t have to read it yourself.


    • Speechify has more than 15 languages from which you can choose your desired output narrative.

    • It has more than 30 natural human voices to choose from.

    • You can use this tool across different devices (Android, iOS, and Chrome).

    • It allows you to adjust the speed of the generated audio content.

    • You can also scan the printed text, and Speechify will read it for you.

    • Speechify has other features like a floating widget, inline player, and also active text highlighting, which sets it apart from other tools.

    How to use:

      Step 1: Go to Speechify website and download the tool to your smartphone. You can also add it as your Chrome Extension.

      Step 2: Type the text, choose the voice and play speed and then hit on the play button to hear the output.

      speechify text to speech

      Step 3: If you like the output, then you can download it to your phone or computer as well.

      4) Cereproc

      If you are looking for a professional scary voice text-to-speech tool that can work with multiple software and computers, then Cereproc has no competitor. With Cereproc, you can replace the voice of your computer, phone, and tablet with a different range of languages and accents. It has a great voice cloning service as well.


      • The voices of Cereproc are not just real, but it makes them suitable for any type of application that you want.

      • CServer of Cereproc is a multi-channel, high-performance, TTS server.

      • It is best suited for multi-threaded environments and applications like alert systems, multimedia, and chatbots.

      • It also has a cloud service that you can use to access the CereVoice TTS engine.

      • Cereproc has a voice cloning service that you can use to create a computer version of your voice.

      How to use:

        Step 1: To try out the tool, you can go to Cereproc homepage. Here, you will see a block of voice demos. Enter the text, select the language and choose the voice in which you want to generate the audio output.

        Step 2: Click on “Play,” and you will hear the voice of your text/script.

        Step 3: It is a paid tool, so you cannot download the speech output for free. It has personal and commercial use depending on the requirement of the user. You can purchase the plan that suits you the best.


        Part 3: FAQs about Creepy Text to Speech Voice

        1. How do I make my voice sound scary?

        You can make your voice sound scary or spooky using creepy voice text to speech voice generator - VoxBox, with which you only need to enter the text, and use the creepy AI voice to convert text to speech with ease, great for content creation, prank, podcasts, and more.

        2. What is the scary voice changer text to speech?

        The scary voice text to speech tool is used to transforming any text into audio files that sound creepy and scary with single click, great for pranks and creative content, etc.

        3. What is a creepy text-to-speech (TTS) voice?

        A creepy TTS voice is a synthesized computer-generated voice that has been designed or modified to sound eerie, unsettling, or spooky. It is often used in various media to create a chilling or suspenseful atmosphere.

        4. How is a creepy TTS voice created?

        Creepy TTS voices are typically created using voice generator, like VoxBox. Voice models are trained on various speech patterns and manipulated to produce a tone and style that evokes a sense of creepiness.

        5. What are some applications of creepy TTS voices?

        Creepy TTS voices can be used in horror stories, haunted house tours, horror-themed podcasts, interactive games, virtual reality experiences, and more, to enhance the eerie and unsettling elements of the content.


        In this article, we have discussed different creepy voice generators that you can use to create creepy AI voice for text-to-speech. There are both desktop software and online tools when it comes to text-to-speech voice generators.

        However, if you are still confused about how to choose scary voice generators, I'd recommend iMyFone VoxBox. It is a simple and effective creepy text-to-speech voice generator that has more languages and AI voices . Why hesitate, download and install it now to start your bone-chilling journey!