Camtasia is a screen recording tool that includes video editing functions. It includes voice over features as well. These functions are excellent for a content creator, but it is a premium and expensive program. Therefore it is reasonable to search for more affordable Camtasia alternatives.

On this article, you will learn about different Camtasia alternatives for each PC operating system like Windows, Mac, and Linux. There will be free alternatives as well as cheaper programs that offer excellent features.

3 Best Camtasia Alternatives for Windows

1- iMyFone Filme

iMyFone Filme is a robust video editor and screen recorder tool. It is an affordable alternative and you can even experience the tool thanks to the free trial offered on the main website.

It has multiple functions that convert this tool in one reliable video and audio editor. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you can start creating right away without further learning process. This is the right alternative if you want to enhance your video to the fullest.

Key Features

  • Asset media library with videos, music, and images you are free to use

  • Cinematic effects and smooth transitions for your video clips

  • You can add notations and subtitles

  • It has a quick video mode that allows you to create a video in just minutes

  • You can use voice filters and even modify your voice with remarkable effects

  • Video filters that can enhance your videos and content

  • It supports social media sharing, that way you can upload with your followers the content right away

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yesFriendly-user interface

yesHigh quality or screen and voice recording

yesMultiple tools that facilitates the content creation

yesIt is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS


noIt has a limited asset library

noThe trial version is limited

YouTube Video

2- Filmora X

Filmora X by Wondershare, is one Camtasia alternative that enables the screen recording function. It requires a lower inversion to acquire the license and you might as well try all the program main features thanks to the free trial offered on the official website.

It can be a reliable video editor and screen recorder. It has the advantage that it offers all the functions that Camtasia has. Here is a detailed list of the main highlights:

Key Features

  • Simultaneous screen and audio recording function

  • Editing video features

  • Cursor effects and annotations

  • Pan and zoom features

  • It offers color match corrections settings to save your time

  • Audio ducking feature that lowers the music volume while you talk

  • Drag and drop media files option to speed the editing process


yesUnlimited screen recording length

yesHigh quality recordings with up to 120fps

yesEasy to use and learn for beginner users

yesCompatible with Windows and Mac


noThe free version includes watermarks of the program

noIt is not available for all devices or operating systems

filmora x

3- Bandicam

Bandicam is a free alternative you can use as a Camtasia alternative. It might not be a stron video editor, but it is a reliable and lightweight program that can be use together with other programs on your computer. Here are some of the main features and characteristics:

Key Features

  • Record internet videos with the highest resolution

  • Face cam screen recording

  • Voice recording

  • Scheduled recording feature


yesFree tool with cheap options

yesEasy to use and understand

yesSimple options and settings


noLow optimization of resources

noIt requires purchased options to edit your videos

noTen minutes limit of screen recording time (Free version)


3 Best Camtasia Alternatives for Mac

1- ScreenFlow

Screenflow is a screen recorder tool. It is the perfect Camtasia alternative for Mac users due to the lower price of the license and the free trial available on the official website. It includes the function of strong editing tools.

One of the main features is that it allows simultaneous screen, voice and camera recording. One advantage of this alternative is that it includes other useful features like a media asset library with audio, video, and images files. That way, you can create videos and engaging content.

Key Features

  • Custom size for screen recording

  • Cursor effects and text adding

  • Stock media library included

  • Editing tools


yesIt offers free trial

yesHigh quality video and audio recording

yesUser-friendly interface


noOnly compatible with Mac

noThe key shortcuts are not customizable


2- DemoCreator

DemoCreator is the Camtasia alternative you need if you want a simple screen recording program. It is a free tool with some feature you can buy. It is meant to facilitate presentations, tutorials and gameplays recordings.

Key Features

  • It enables simultaneous screen and camera recording

  • Video editing tools built in the program

  • Screen drawing tool

  • Green screen effect

  • Mouse spotlight and click highlight


yesSpecially adapted for gameplays recording

yesEasy to use for beginner users

yesHigh quality recordings


noFew video templates

noPoor customer support


3- QuickTime

QuickTime is one of the most popular alternatives for programs like Camtasia. It is a media player as well as a simple screen recorder.

Key Features

  • It enables simultaneous screen and camera recording

  • It includes video editing tools

  • High resolution options for screen recording

  • With some configuration, you can include the computer sound into the recording


yesIt comes bundled with Mac OS.

yesSimple but easy video editing


noNot compatible with Windows or other operating systems

noLimited tools

noIt requires time to learn to use this program

quicktime player

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3 Best Camtasia Alternatives for Linux

1- Open Broadcaster Software Studio (OBS)

OBS is a free open source tool created to facilitate the content creation and streaming process. The interface is really simple and easy to learn to use.

Key Features

  • High performance and resources optimization, which makes it perfect for recording heavy programs and games.

  • Unlimited number of scenes for a project

  • It offers transitions for the video clips

  • Audio mixer and edition

  • Professional outcome and polish


yesFree and open source tool

yesIt comes with a setup wizard that facilitates the installation process

yesEasy configuration and settings


noHidden features that might be overlook by the users

noIt lacks customer service and update manager


2- Kazam

Kazam is one tool you can use as a simple screen recorder for Linux computers. It is a multipurpose program that will be useful if you need to record tutorials or guides with your computer.

Key Features

  • Record complete screen and custom parts of the screen

  • Screenshots feature

  • It supports recording in different formats like MP4, AVI, and more

  • Face cam recording to capture your expressions at any moment

  • It supports broadcast on platforms like YouTube Live


yesSimple installation and download

yesHigh quality of video and sound recording


noIt does not offers strong video editing tools

noIt requires some adjustments of the options to enable all the functions


3- ScreenStudio

If you need to record your screen, ScreenStudio is a Camtasia alternative that can offer you a nice video quality. Here are the highlights of this tool

Key Features

  • It supports multiple file formats including TS, FLV, MP4, and MOV.

  • It supports streaming platforms like Twitch, Hitbox, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live.

  • You can record the system sound and microphone audio

  • This tool supports Linux distribution.

  • Simple editing tools included


yesSimple download and installation process

yesGets updates regularly, correcting bugs on the program

yesNice interface to adjust the recording features


noLimited editing tools

noCommon bugs and crashing while recording


Comparison and Conclusion

All the Camtasia alternatives we mentioned offer different features that could help you create your screen recording content. The program that you choose might depend on different criteria. For example, if we compare prices, all the alternatives we mentioned are way more affordable than the Camtasia tool. Some tools like OBS are completely free and open source tools that could work for multiple operating systems other than Mac.

On the other hand, if we compare the functions that each program offers then you need to consider what your priorities are. Do you need a screen recording tool? Then all the programs of this list include that feature, with small differences depending on the recording length, fps number and video quality.

Proceeding with the comparison, not all the Camtasia alternatives mentioned offer a robust video editor. If you need to make engaging and detailed content, then it is advisable that you search for a reliable video editor. One of the best alternatives on this guide for this is iMyFone Filme.

Finally, keep in mind the compatibility of the program. Not all the programs are compatible with any computer operating system. Some programs OBS, iMyFone Filme, and Filmora X are especially useful on this aspect since they are compatible at least with Windows and Mac, as well as other operating systems. We hope that this comparison guide helped you discover the right alternative for you.

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