Xbox One comes with some of the fascinating exclusive gaming experiences that you'd not find anywhere else.

You can make your gaming experience even more special using voice-changing tools in real-time. With the help of a voice-changing tool, you can make your voice sound like reboot, cartoon, make, female, and alien voices.

Voicemod is a well-known and exemplary voice changer who has come a long way in impressing users worldwide. We'll show you how to use how Voicemod on Xbox One in this guide.

Part 1: How to Use Voicemod on Xbox One

Voicemod is a prolific and reliable voice changer for content creators, Windows gamers, and Xbox One.

Apart from changing your voice in real-time, Voicemod is also pretty good at altering your pre-recorded videos without any fuss.

It comes with various voice styles that can make your voice sound like a robot, man, demon, woman, and a celebrity voice. During online games, you can change the voice of your player and can troll your friends using Voicemod.

voicemod voice changer

Main Features about Voicemod

  • Using Voicemod, you can alter your voice in real-time, and you'd need to pre-record your voice for this purpose.

  • It is a user-friendly tool, and you won't face any trouble setting up this modulator.

  • Using Voicemod, you can easily alter your voice in Xbox One. You'll find 90 different effects and voices to select from using this extraordinary tool.

  • Apart from changing voice in real-time, you can modify your voice of pre-recorded audio files in your computer gallery.

How to Use Voicemod on Xbox One

Do you want to know how to use Voicemod on Xbox? To use Voicemod on Xbox One, you'll need to connect Xbox Console Companion and Xbox One on Windows 10. Here's the complete step-by-step guide to serving your purpose.

Step 1.Download Voicemod

First of all, you'll need to visit the official website of Voicemod and download the latest version of Voicemod from there.

After downloading it, you'll need to install it in the first place and get on with the things you must have been working on. Later, you'll need to launch the Voicemod without wasting any time.

Step 2.Enable Voice Changer

After launching Voicemod, you'll need to select speakers and a microphone headset now.

select input output device

Step 3.Try Connecting Xbox to Xbox Console Companion

After activating the Voicemod, you'll need to connect Xbox One to Xbox Console Companion App to play the game from your PC.

Before connecting both the devices, you may need to ensure the devices have been using the same internet connection.

To connect Xbox to Console Companion, you'll need to follow the steps below.

Step 4.Download Xbox Console Companion

After navigating to the official website of the Microsoft store, you'll need to download the Xbox Console Companion application for PC.

After installing it, launch it and select Xbox one option after visiting the '' Connect'' option. After performing this task, you can now manage Xbox One from your PC remotely.

Step 5.Start Streaming

In this phase, you'll need to start the streaming process. In this regard, you need to navigate to the'' Stream'' button option after visiting the Console. From there, you can easily be streaming on PC.

Step 6.Select WDM (Voicemod Virtual Audio Device) as Default Microphone

After launching Xbox Console Companion, you'll need to open its settings. After doing it, you need to select WDM (Voicemod Virtual Audio Device) as Default Microphone.

Part 2: We Recommend A Voicemod Alternative for Your Choice- iMyFone MagicMic

Voicemod is indeed a reliable voice changer that helps you change voice in Xbox one. However, it also contains some disadvantages for its users. For instance, it can work a bit slowly according to your likings.

It is why looking for its alternative makes sense. Luckily, you've got the best possible alternative to Voicemod in the shape of iMyFone MagicMic.

All you need to do is select the appropriate voice effects and modify your voice according to them. Furthermore, you can also alter the voice of pre-record audios. In this regard, you'll need to upload a file to the MagicMic timeline and alter the voice afterward.

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Features of MagicMic voice changer

MagicMic covers all the basics for its users. It offers outstanding features to play with. Let us talk about them.

Straightforward user interface

Besides offering reliable and trustworthy ways to change your voice, MagicMic also believes in providing users with a simple interface. It means you won't face any problem changing the voice in any gaming or chafing platform you want.

20+ voice-changing effects

MagicMic offers you 20+ unique and sensational voice-changing options to pick from. Using these effects, you can make your voice sound like a ghost, female, robot, man, kids, and many more.

MagicMic doesn't compromise with the audio quality after applying its voice effects. Instead, it can also enhance the quality of your voice due to its tremendous ability to customize your voice.

Add keybind for voices

MagicMic is not only good at changing the pitch of your voice in a gaming or chatting platform. Instead, it allows you to add keybind to the voices, so that you can switch to the voice you selected in one click.


yesMagicMic offers you a free trial version that can serve your purpose for some days. However, if you want to acquire its premium package, it is available at affordable rates.

yesUsing MagicMic, you'll get over 20+ voice styles to pick from.

yesUsing Besides using Xbox One, you can also use Voicemod with other platforms like Second Life, PUBG, Skype, Discord, CS: GO, etc.

yesIt is user-friendly and comes with a pretty manageable user interface.

yesDespite being pretty new in the market, MagicMic has earned huge respect ever since its arrival.

yesWindows 7/Windows 8.1/Windows 10 (64 bit OS)/Windows 11.

How to alter your voice with iMyFone MagicMic

Step 1.Launch iMyFone MagicMic

To change your voice using MagicMic, you'll need to find the application from its official website and download it afterward. Later, you need to start the program.

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Step 2.Select the input and output device

In this phase, you'll need to pick a microphone as your input device and headphone as your output device.

Step 3.Select a voice effect

After selecting the output and input device, you'll need to look for the voice-changing effects you'd want to select for use in an online streaming game. MagicMic offers you 20+ scintillating options to pick from.


If you've read this article right from the start, you'll come to know how to use Voicemod on Xbox. Voicemod is a reliable tool that sets apart many voice-changing tools.

However, sometimes Voicemod lacks quality and makes you wait for a long time to serve your purpose. In this situation, iMyFone MagicMic isn't a bad idea either. Using MagicMic, you can alter your voice on many gaming platforms effortlessly. It comes with monumental voice-changing styles and a tremendous user interface to make your experience simple.