There are two ways to get a summary of a video; either you choose to first watch the video and make bullet points/ write the whole transcript on your own, and then convert it into a short summarized video by taking and combining clips or you simply use a video summarizer to get the summary within seconds.

As this is the modern age of advanced AI technology, I think you must save your time and use a summarizer to get the summary in the blink of an eye. So, I’m going to share with you the top 6 video summarizers that can surely help you get the desired summary you want.

Let’s jump in.

video summarizer

Part 1. What is a Video Summarizer?

You want to know about personal finance and there are tons of videos available on the internet, but you don’t have enough time to watch all these 1 hour long videos, you just need a short video to get an understanding of this topic or you need a little summary of that topic which you can read and understand it in a better way.

You can simply take the link of any video on personal finance, paste it on the video summarizer tool, and it will convert it into a short, completely understandable version of that long personal finance video within seconds. (Some longer videos can take up to a couple of minutes to get converted). Also, it can transcribe your video and provide you with a short summary that you can read easily.

As most of the video content is available on YouTube (around 3.7 M uploads daily), that’s why it is also known as Youtube Summarizer.

what is video summarizer

Part 2. Top 6 Video Summarizers

Whether you want a text version of a video or you want to shorten its length and make it more informable, you should use a video summarizer instead of writing the captions/script from the video on your own or combining short clips to make a more understandable and time-savvy video.

So better for you to take a look at the below-mentioned top 6 Youtube video summarizers.

#1 Video Summarizer: NOTTA

It is a multi-tasker tool, you can use it for nearly all kinds of video-related purposes. Be it for video recording or for anything else. You want to get a word-to-word transcription of what has been said in the video? Just ask Notta and it will transcribe the whole video within seconds.

Most importantly, if you want it to convert a transcription into a short summary without distorting the actual point of the video, just use Notta, and it will do wonders within seconds.

notta video summarizer

Key Features:

  • You need to just copy the video URL and paste it over Notta and you’ll see how fast it transcribes your video.

  • You don’t want to invest much time in reading a whole transcript of a video? Who said you should? Just ask Notta to make a summary of it, and you’ll get a short, easy-to-understand paragraph in front of you.

  • Notta supports 104 languages, which is huge. Sometimes, we need to get a transcription of a video in a language other than English, and how bad it would feel when the tool shows you the error message that it can’t transcribe videos in other languages. But with Notta, you are not going to be disappointed.


yesSummarizer tools often provide inaccurate transcriptions. Notta stands out with 98.86% accuracy.

yesNotta ensures short, meaningful, and error-free summaries for efficient use.

yesThe 'extension' feature is crucial for the best tool, and Notta excels with a handy extension.

yesExtensions save time, and Notta, as the best summarizer, offers a convenient extension for users.


noYou’ve to be rich to use this tool because it doesn’t have a free version. You’ll get all the perks only if you subscribe to their paid plan.

How to use:

#Step1:Head over to the tools’ site.

#Step2:Click on “Start for Free”.

#Step3:You need to sign up and answer some of their easy questions related to your profession.

#Step4:You’ll be headed towards the dashboard.

notta step4

#Step5:Click on import files and then paste the video url, you’re all set.

notta step5


Price: Monthly - $8.25 for 1800 minutes; Yearly - $98.99. I would suggest you first try the monthly plan, if you are satisfied with the results then move on to the yearly plan. Also, if your transcription work is not too much then a monthly plan would be enough for you.

#2 YouTube Summary with ChatGPT & Claude

As a frugal person, I don’t look for paid tools, I’m more into the free tools that are available over the Internet.

So here I’ve come with a tool that is completely free to use, you don’t have to go anywhere to sign up and do the whole tool ritual thing, you just need to download the extension of Youtube Summary with ChatGPT & Claude and it will take all your transcription and summarization headaches.

youtube summary with chatgpt

Key Features:

  • Unlike other AI video summarization tools, it will not require you to copy and paste the video URL. You just need to click on the extension and your current opened video will be summarized automatically.

  • YouTube Summary with ChatGPT & Claude allows you to share that summary easily with your friends and colleagues.


yesOne of the biggest features of this tool is that it doesn’t require you to purchase any plan. You can use it for free and quickly get the summary within seconds.

yesYou don’t have to be an internet expert to use it because it is so user-friendly.


noWith this tool, you can’t get the privilege of getting the summary of longer videos, as this tool has only been designed for shorter videos.

How to use:

#Step1: First, you need to download the extension. Click on add to chrome.

#Step2: It will ask you again; whether you want to add the extension or not.

youtube summary with chatgpt step2

#Step3:Allow it, and your extension will be added.

#Step4:After adding the extension, whenever you are on YouTube, you just have to click once on the extension and it will generate a summary of that video within minutes.


Price: Good news is that this YouTube summary tool is free of cost. Consider using it without worrying about any limit.

#3 NoteGPT

Usually, the summary that summarizers generate is not worthy of reading or does not deliver the actual meaning of the video, and you need to regenerate that summary, but you can't get the option to do so.

That’s why I’m going to share with you a summarizer that will not just provide you the summary of your desired video but will regenerate the summary until you are satisfied with it. How awesome, no?

notegpt video summary

Key Features:

  • It can regenerate the summary as many times as you want.

  • Just like the above-mentioned extension, you don’t need to follow any tutorial because of its simple interface.

  • You will get a 100% precise summary within seconds, no bluff, just the real information in a short paragraph.


yesThe biggest pro is its free plan. It does have a pro plan too, but to get the summary of videos you’ll not have to buy the pro plan unless you want extra perks.

yesYou’ll get an interface where you can save your transcription and summary files with ease.


no If you want to get summaries of more than 15 videos per month because the free plan will not allow you to make any summaries other than 15 videos.

no Summary would not cover the whole topic, you’ll still need to watch some of its clips to understand the topic more accurately because this tool just covers the main highlights of the video.

How to use:

#Step1:Go to the website and click on ‘GET STARTED FREE’.

#Step2:It will ask you to register here.

#Step3:For account activation, they will send you an email.

#Step4:After account activation, you’ll be headed towards an interface.

notegpt video summary step4

#Step5:You can also add its extension to your Chrome and things will get easier. Anyways, then you need to click on ‘New AI Summary’ and paste the link.You’ll get your desired summary.

notegpt video summary step5



$2.99 a month basic; $9.99 a month for pro plan.

#4 ChatGPT for YouTube

The summarizer I’m going to suggest here is both free and paid. If you don’t want YouTube summaries more often and are okay with 5 free summaries then everything’s good for you. On the other hand, if you want more summaries per month then you’ll have to buy its paid subscription. Its name is ChatGPT for YouTube.

Writes just like ChatGPT but the difference is that here it will transform voice into text and will generate desired summaries for you while the real ChatGPT only understands commands and then generates a huge text for you based on your query.

chatgpt for youtube

Key Features:

  • To save you time, it provides an efficient feature to add its extension in your Chrome, so that whenever you open a video your extension will start working on its own, you’ll just have to click once, and it will convert all the video voice into text without taking much time. And then you can ask it to make a short summary for you, which it will surely make.

  • You get 5 summaries for free and then if you like the results and find the summaries useful, you can buy its pro plan to upgrade the account and you’ll get unlimited summaries whenever you want.


yesIts major pro point is that it doesn’t put any language barrier when summarizing YouTube summaries for you.

yesYou don’t have to copy the summaries on your own by selecting all the text and whatnot.


noIts only con is that you’ll have to purchase its pro plan to generate more summaries.

How to use:

#Step1:You just need to go to the official website of ChatGPT for YouTube. Or you can also directly visit the Google Chrome extension and download its extension there.

#Step2:Add the Chrome extension and you’re all set. Whenever you're on a video, all of its text will be converted into text and then a little summary will be generated for you.


chatgpt for youtube price

#5 YoutubeDigest

You want a video summary, but also want to export it into pdf and DOCS formats. I have got a solution for you. Consider using YoutubeDigest. It is an AI tool and works exactly the same as the above-mentioned GPT tool, but the only difference is that it will give you the benefit of easily sharing files with your team members in different formats.


Key Features:

  • You can download its extension to make things easier for you.

  • You’ll have the advantage of changing language. If you want it in Chinese, change the language settings and you’re all set.


yesIt allows you to choose the format you like. You want to export it in the PDF version? Go for it. It provides you the benefit of choosing different formats regardless of how long your text summary is.

yesUnlike other summarization tools, you’ll get the advantage of choosing the writing style if you want a paragraph version summary, you can choose that option. You want bullet points in it, you’ll get the option for it.


noAs it is a completely free summarization tool, sometimes it compromises the quality of the text summary.

How to use:

#Step1:Visit its official site and click on ‘Get in Chrome’.

#Step2:Congrats, your extension has been downloaded.

#Step3:You also need to have a ChatGPT account, and then this extension will start working whenever you open the YouTube app.


Price: It’s completely free.

#6 Youtube Summarizer

How annoying it is when you want a 200-word summary and get a 600 summary instead, right? But I have a solution to this problem. If you want to get the desired word length of your summaries, you better be using the Youtube Summarizer tool.

youtube summarizer

Key Features:

  • It is good at following your instructions and making a summary as you’ve requested.

  • Another good feature of it is its easy-to-use interface.


yesOne of the most prominent pros of this YouTube Summarizer is that it is completely free. You don't need to worry about the word count because there isn't any limit.

yesHow come you understand the text if it is too difficult, right? That's why YouTube Summarizer uses very easy-to-understand natural English to make you understand every sentence and word of the summary.


noYou can only get the transcription in English.

noIt gives the vibe of a third-party website because it takes to another website again and again which is annoying.

How to use:

#Step1: You need to go to the official site and paste the link there.

#Step2: You need to choose the size of the summary and then click on ‘Summarize’, pretty basic, no?


Price: It’s completely free of cost.

Part3: Comparison of These Video Summarizer Tools

NOTTA YouTube Summary with ChatGPT & ClaudeNoteGPTChatGPT for YouTubeYoutubeDigestYoutube Summarizer
Supports Multiple LanguagesSupports only EnglishSupports only EnglishSupports Multiple LanguagesSupports Multiple LanguagesSupports only English

Part4: FAQS

1. What is the purpose of a summarizer?

Summarizer makes things easier as it summarizes a long video into either a paragraph or its shorter meaningful version. It saves your time and also increases your focus, because sometimes we don’t get the whole point of a video even after watching it for hours, but after reading its summary we get the whole point in seconds.

2. What AI summarizes videos?

There are many AI summarizers that can help you generate concise summaries of your desired videos. Some of them are; NoteGPT, YouTube Summary with ChatGPT & Claude, NOTTA.

3. What is YouTube summarizer?

Youtube summarizer is a tool with which you can summarize videos whenever you paste a YouTube link on its interface or if you have downloaded the extension, whenever you’re on YouTube, your summary for the current video will automatically be generated.


There are many AI video summarizer out there, but all of them are not worth using as they don’t provide valuable summaries. Better for you to choose one of the above-mentioned video summarizers, because I’ve devoted many hours of research to provide you with the best of them. 

In addition, if you want to dub your video or alter the audio of a YouTube video, consider experimenting with MagicMic, an AI voice changer in real-time, or VoxBox, a voice generator.

  • 300+ Voice effects for one-click voice changing in real-time.
  • Huge library with 600+ Voice Effects and 200+ Voice Memes.
  • Sound emulator in games, live, chatting, online classes, and more.
  • Voice recording and audio voice changing is supported.
  • Voice studio lets you create any voice you like.