We understand that picking the right AI GIF generator is hard. There are dozens of AI GIF makers that claim to be the best but are below average when you use them.

Well, worry not! We’ve picked the top 8 software for you that can do wonders.

On top of this, you will also learn how you can level up your GIFs with a simple tool later in this guide. Let’s start!

ai gif generator

Part 1. Why Do You Need AI GIF Generator Tools?

We all need AI GIF generators at some point. They offer a lot of benefits which can make our lives easy. The top ones are:

benefits of ai gif generator

  • AI GIF generators can turn your thoughts into animated masterpieces with a few clicks.
  • Nobody has time to spend hours making GIFs. Luckily, you can now make fantastic AI generated GIFs with AI tools in just a few seconds.
  • You can even set AI GIF generators according to your style and preferences. It means you use them to create funny messages or memes as well.
  • If you do any creative work, then you must try AI GIF generators. The premade ones might give you an idea or spark your creativity.
  • Part 2. 4 Best AI GIF Generators from Text

    If you prefer to generate GIFs from texts, then we have the top 4 generators for you. Each of them can recognize your texts efficiently and generate the best GIF possible.

    1) Mage Space

    If you’re looking for an AI GIF generator from text that’s super easy to use, then Mage Space is for you. You can choose from 60 AI models and create GIFs easily with a few clicks.

    That’s not it. You can then use this AI generated GIF anywhere you like.

    ai gif generator from text

    Key Features:

    • Mage.Space can do automatic image upscaling. It can turn your images sharp and shiny at an impressive 2048x2048 resolution.

    • Using Mage.Space is really simple, thanks to its friendly interface.

    • You can also adjust the guidance scale to tell the AI exactly how closely to follow your instructions.

    • Don't want certain things in your GIFs? No problem! Mage.Space's Negative Prompts let you say what you don't want.

    • Your personal information is secure.

    hao Pros
    • Versatile
    • Works in seconds
    • Image-to-Image feature
    • Strong privacy system
    buhao Cons
    • You will have to pay to use advanced features

    Price: Free plan; Basic plan: $8/month; Pro plan: $15/month; Pro + plan: $30/month

    2) Picsart

    Picsart is another top-class tool if you want to create top-quality GIFs only by entering text prompts for entertainment purposes. To know more about this Free AI GIF generator, look at its features.

    picsart ai gif generator

    Key Features:

    • Picsart is perfect for many things, like GIF creation, photo editing, background removal, etc.

    • It also allows you to preview the created GIFs. With this feature, you can check whether the GIF is good enough or not.

    • If you like the GIF, you can share it with others or download it on your device with a single click.

    hao Pros
    • Over 300 million photos, templates, GIFs
    • Over a billion edits are made each month
    • Fast, saving time
    • Perfect for storytelling
    buhao Cons
    • Limited free features

    Price: Free; Picsart Plus: $5/month; Picsart Pro: $7/month

    3) Dall-E 2

    One of the best AI GIF generators today is Dall-E 2. It was developed by OpenAI (the same company behind ChatGPT). The reason it’s better than most tools out there is that this AI GIF maker is trained on billions of text-GIF pairs

    But note that you can only use these AI generated GIFs for personal purposes only.

    dall e ai gif generator

    Key Features:

    • DALL-E 2 is like a magical artist. You give it words, and it transforms them into fun and lively GIFs in a few seconds.

    • Whether you want something silly or normal, DALL-E 2 is up for it.

    • Another reason people love DALL-E 2 is because it makes sure your moving pictures look really clear and nice.

    hao Pros
    • Super clear GIFs
    • Easy to use
    • Supports customization
    • Great choice for creative people
    buhao Cons
    • Not many text options

    Price: 1024 x 1024: $0.020 per image; 512 x 512: $0.018 per image; 256 x 256: $0.016 per image

    4) Meta Make-A-Video

    Another Text to GIF AI generator we have for you is Meta Make-a-Video. It is developed with a state-of-the-art AI system that recognizes your text and generates results within seconds.

    mata make a video ai gif generator

    Key Features:

    • This tool lets you pick from three options: Surreal, Realistic, and Styled. Simply click on what kind of GIF you want.

    • If you have images, then you can also add motions to it with this tool.

    • According to Meta Make-a-Video's official website, the GIF quality is three times higher than any average tool.

    hao Pros
    • Highly accurate
    • Only a few words or lines are enough to create an image/GIF
    • Offers many stylish and whimsical options
    • 100 percent safe
    buhao Cons
    • A bit tricky to use

    Price: From $29 to $99.

    Part 3: Top 4 AI GIF Generators from Image/Video

    If you want to generate GIFs from images or videos, then good news. We’ve also shortlisted the best tools that can do this in no time.

    1. Gfycat

    Gfycat is the best AI GIF generator according to thousands of people. In fact, it’s the go-to platform for a lot of people who want to create funny GIF memes.

    gfycat ai gif generator

    Key Features:

    • It can quickly convert static images or video frames into animated GIFs using top-notch artificial intelligence algorithms.

    • You can customize your GIFs too. For example, you can adjust the speed, transitions, effects, etc.

    • Gfycat offers a range of styles and themes so that you can create perfect GIFs.

    hao Pros
    • High-resolution output
    • Gives creativity boost
    • User-friendly interface
    • More efficient than manual methods
    buhao Cons
    • Limited customization compared to other tools

    Price: $20 per month.

    2. Giphy

    Another top-notch free AI GIF maker online you can use for AI generated GIFs is Giphy, where you can turn image/video into GIF with a few clicks.

    It even supports users to upload media URLs from Giphy, YuoTube, Vimeo or others to directly turn video into GIF you want, with no need to download and upload videos.

    ai gif generator from image

    Key Features:

    • It is capable of generating GIFs from both static images and video clips because of advanced algorithms.

    • It is easy to use.

    • It has a library of GIFs ready for exploration.

    • It enables to add stickers to your image/videos to spice up the GIF output.

    • It has various filters to choose from.

    hao Pros
    • Super versatile
    • Generates ready-to-use animations
    • Lets you customize the GIFs
    • Vast collection of GIFs
    buhao Cons
    • Limited advanced features

    Price: Free to use

    3. ArtBreeder

    ArtBreeder is one of the most popular GIF AI generators right now. People are using it to create characters, artworks, and much more.

    artbreeder gif ai generator

    Key Features:

    • It allows you to create unique artwork by blending and modifying images.

    • You can share your GIFs easily with a single click.

    • Every GIF generated by ARTBreeder is of high resolution. That’s why you can use this tool for various purposes, like documentaries.

    hao Pros
    • Can easily create images by mixing two pictures or patterns.
    • Generates ready-to-use animations
    • Advanced AI enhancement
    • Has over 11 million users
    • Gives you creative freedom
    buhao Cons
    • Customization is a bit complex

    Price: Free; Starter: $8.99 per month; Advanced: $18.99 per month

    4. Imgflip

    The last AI GIF generator from image tool we have for you is Imgflip. It has a wide library of popular memes, images, or videos that you can use to create your own GIFs. If you want, you can also use your own photos and videos as well.

    ai gif generator imgflip

    Key Features:

    • Imgflip is known for its extensive collection of meme templates for easy meme creation.

    • It allows users to add captions and text to images and GIFs.

    • This image to GIF AI generator also lets you resize or reverse your GIFs with ease.

    hao Pros
    • Developed with top-tier AI technology
    • Easy GIF creation
    • Compatible with almost every old and modern device
    • Thriving online community
    buhao Cons
    • Limited artistic features

    Price: Free; Basic: $3.95 per month; Pro: $9.95 per month

    Part 4: Bonus Tip: Add Audio/Music to GIF to Make It More Vivid

    Nobody likes boring GIFs. That’s why it’s better if you do something unique with them. But what to do?

    Well, you can always add audio to GIFs by using iMyFone MagicMic.

    MagicMic is the best real-time voice changer at the moment. The reason is simple: It offers so many features to its users that are not found elsewhere.

    But most people are using it to create funny audio or music.

    magicmic add audio to gif

    Key features

    • MagicMic has over 300 voice filters and more than 600 voice effects (all of them sound real).

    • You can find voices of famous people here, including Taylor Swift and Drake.

    • If you want, you can also record your own voice in high quality with it.

    • You can use this voice changer during live streams and online gaming.

    • With a few clicks, you can create funny audio/music to add in GIFs.

    How to use MagicMic to create funny sound/music to add to your GIF

    Step 1: Download and launch MagicMic.

    Try It Free

    Step 2: Next, select your main microphone as the input device and headphone as the output device, and toggle on the "Apply Voice Changer" and "Hear Myself" buttons.

    magicmic settings

    Step 3: Go to the audio settings of any of the GIF generators discussed above. There, select “Microphone (Voice Changer Virtual Audio Device)” as your input device.

    Step 4: Pick a voice effect and start to make funny audio/music.

    magicmic make funny audio

    Step 5: After obtaining the funny audio/music, head to Kapwing to uoload GIF or audio to make it a voice meme.

    Part 5: FAQs about AI GIF Generator

    Is There an AI That Creates GIFs?

    Yes, we have now developed an AI that can create GIFs for you instantly. AI GIF generators use it to make any GIF you want.

    What Is the Best GIF Maker Website?

    There are many top AI GIF maker websites. People love Imgflip, ArtBreeder, and many others.

    Is There a Free GIF Maker App?

    Yes, there are free GIF Maker apps, like Picsart that you can use without paying any money. We suggest checking free credits first to know how many times you can create the GIFs for free.

    How To Create GIFs for Free?

    You can create GIFs for free by using any top-quality GIF generator that offers a “free plan.” Go to the pricing or simply sign up to find out whether it has any free credits for you or not.

    Final Thoughts

    Here, we explored the top 8 AI GIF generators that you can try without any hesitation. Each of them is undoubtedly fun to use, but you can always make things interesting.

    For this, we recommend trying MagicMic - a top-tier voice changer.

    With this tool, you can pick the voice of any famous person or celebrity to make your GIFs unique. You can also use hundreds of voice memes, too.

    So, try it right now and surprise others with your personalized GIFs.

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