Do you need and look for an free AI music video generator? Have you wanted to generate amazing music videos to fit your songs and make your songs more successful? If so, you have come to the right place where we will discuss 6 top AI music video generators that you can use for free.

So, let's get started.

free ai music video generator

Part 1: Tips About AI Music Video Generator

Differences between AI Music Generator and AI Music Video Generator

While they sound similar, their functions are quite distinct. An AI Music Generator is all about creating music. It uses artificial intelligence to compose tunes, often without any human input in the music creation process. On the other hand, an AI Music Video Generator is a tool designed to create visual content that accompanies a music track.

Are There Free AI Music Video Generators?

Yes, you can! There are free tools out there that let you make music videos without paying anything. They're great if you're just starting out or if you just want to play around. But remember, since they're free, they might not have all the fancy features, or they might put a small logo on your video.

Let's discuss the best free AI music video generators you can consider using this year.

Part 2: 6 Best Free AI Music Video Generators

1. Neural Frames

Neural Frames is an AI animation generator that has the ability to make music video production. It is used to transform textual inputs into dynamic, motion-based content with AI tech. This tool is particularly unique because it uses a neural network that has been extensively trained on a diverse image database, enabling it to produce highly creative and visually appealing animations.

neural frames ai music video generator


Free Trial, $19-$99 Per Month

Key Features:

  • Access to real-time video generation process.

  • Standard and custom AI models for content creation.

  • Advanced camera control features.

  • High-quality video upscaling.

  • Fast GPU processing for quicker generation.

  • AI assistant for prompt writing.

  • Various subscription options, including a free basic plan.


yesFast video generation with quick GPUs.

yesExtensive creative and camera controls.

yesVariety of AI models for customization.

yesUpscaling for high-quality videos.

yesAI assistance for prompt writing.

yesMultiple subscription options, including free.


noFree version has watermarks and limited capabilities.

noCan be complex for beginners.

noRequires significant computational power.

2. Kaiber.AI

Kaiber.AI is designed as a professional AI music video generator, well-known for its ability to create stunning visuals that complement the beat, melody, and mood of a song. This AI video generator from music is designed to be user-friendly, catering to both beginners and experts. The platform has been used in notable projects, including music videos for artists like Kid Cudi and Linkin Park. music video generator free


Free Trial, $5-$25 Per Month

Key Features:

  • Video-to-video transformation.

  • Image-to-video generation.

  • Support for up to 1090 & 4K videos.

  • A diverse gallery of songs and genres to choose from.

  • Transform feature for easy aesthetic shifts.

  • Flipbook and Motion for animation styles.


yesUser-friendly with an intuitive interface.

yesOffers a 7-day free trial.

yesSupports any aspect ratio for videos.

yesPurpose-built for generating AI music videos.

yesAudioreactivity and Transform features enhance creative possibilities.


noLimited video length based on your plan.

noPremium features and higher-quality outputs can be expensive.

3. InVideo

InVideo is recognized as a versatile AI video generator, facilitating the creation of music videos, educational content, and marketing materials. It is popular for its ease of use and comprehensive feature set, designed to cater to educators, marketers, and content creators..

invideo ai music video generator


Free Trial, $20-$48 Per Month

Key Features:

  • Streamlines script generation and video clip incorporation.

  • Composes scripts and converts them into videos.

  • Offers male and female voice narrations.

  • Provides tools for creating intros, outros, ads, and more.

  • A vast collection of templates for various video types.


yesSuitable for a wide range of video creation needs.

yesUser-friendly interface suitable for beginners.

yesOffers a variety of tools for different aspects of video creation.

yesAllows for significant personalization of videos.


noThe maximum resolution is 1080p, which might not be sufficient for all users.

4. Nova.AI

Nova.AI can create high-definition music videos by analyzing audio tracks and adding visually appealing elements. It is designed for ease of use, making it accessible to artists and content creators who want to enhance their music with wonderful videos. Nova.AI allows you to use it in your different browsers, delivering a professional-quality output. free music video generator


Free Trial, $10-55$ Per Month

Key Features:

  • Capable of analyzing beats, mood, and drops in music.

  • Offers a variety of visual effects that sync with the audio.

  • Provides a range of templates to suit different artistic visions.

  • High-quality video output for a professional look.


yesSimplifies the music video creation process.

yesDelivers videos in up to 4K resolution, suitable for professional use.

yesAllows for creative control over the final product.

yesProvides a budget-friendly option for high-quality music video production.


noAs an online tool, it requires a stable internet connection for optimal performance.

5. HeyGen

HeyGen creates music videos from audio tracks using AI, which can make polished motion graphics and animations that are synchronized with the beat. It serves various users, from independent artists to businesses, by offering a tool that simplifies the process of creating professional and fantastic music videos.

heygen free ai music video generator


Free Trial, $48-144$ Per Month

Key Features:

  • The platform analyzes audio tracks for effective synchronization with visuals.

  • Offers various animation options to enhance the visual appeal of videos.

  • Allows users to tailor the visual aspects of their videos.

  • Supports high-quality video outputs for a professional look.


yesDelivers videos in up to 4K resolution, suitable for professional use.

yesUser-friendly for those without advanced video editing skills.

yesProvides flexibility in terms of visual customization.

yesEffectively syncs audio with visual elements for a cohesive output.


noFree versions, if available, may offer limited features compared to premium plans.

6. Pictory.AI

Pictory.AI is a versatile and user-friendly AI video creation platform that offers a range of features for content marketers, educators, and individuals looking to enhance their video production capabilities. It's designed to transform various forms of content into engaging, shareable videos using the power of AI, making it a fast, scalable, and affordable option.

pictory ai music video generator


Free Trial, $19-99$ Per Month

Key Features:

  • Converts scripts and blog posts to videos with AI voices and matching footage.

  • Summarizes long videos into engaging clips for social media.

  • Auto-captions videos for increased engagement.

  • Allows video editing using text-based transcriptions.

  • Customizable brand settings for logo placement and visual elements.


yesUser-friendly interface for easy video creation.

yesFast video generation with quick rendering times.

yesAI accurately matches footage to scripts.

yesVoiceover options enhance video quality.

yesContinual improvements and new features based on user feedback.


noLimited control in text-to-speech features.

noSome learning curve for new users to familiarize with all functionalities.

Bonus: Free Add Voiceovers to Your AI-generated Music Videos

Besides the best free AI story generator tools discussed above, if you are looking to create voice stories, there is a bonus tool for you: VoxBox.

1. VoxBox

If you have picked the right AI music video generator tool from the list given above, you must need a voiceover tool to add voice to your AI generated music video. In this regards, VoxBox offers a robust solution for adding voiceovers to AI-generated music videos, which provides numerous voice options.

voxbox all voice

Key Features:

  • Accessable 3200+ voices & 77+ languages & 100+ accents.

  • Multiple formats for dubbing output.

  • Different types of voice models, including singers, actors, even film characters, etc.

  • TTS, STT, voice clone, audio edit, ai-generated rap, record, and more functions.

  • Operate on all platforms, Wins, Mac, iOs and Android.

  • Make use of VoxBox on TikTok and YouTube videos easily.

Part 3: FAQs about AI Music Video Generator Free

1. What is an AI music video generator?

An AI music video generator is a software tool that uses artificial intelligence to create music videos by analyzing audio tracks and automatically generating synchronized visual content.

2. Can I edit the AI-generated music videos?

Yes, you can edit AI-generated music videos. Most AI video generators offer tools for customization, allowing you to adjust visuals, add effects, and modify content to suit your preferences.

3. Is it possible to share the music videos on social platforms?

Yes, it's possible to share AI-generated music videos on social platforms. There's no risk of copyright claims as the AI generated music videos are copyright free.


So, these are the top 6 AI music video generator tools with free versions that you can consider using. They simplify video production, helping artists and creators to effortlessly share their music with visually compelling narratives.