Mozilla Firefox is a popular web browser. People run it on various devices or operating systems such as Android, iOS, Mac, OS, Linux, or Windows. The fascinating thing about this browser is that it lets you visit various websites, including online trending websites.

You can download videos from many streaming sites like YouTube and DailyMotion using Mozilla Forex. But the most critical aspect of this browser is its ability to download YouTube MP4 videos with the help of extensions. We have reviewed some prolific Firefox YouTube MP4 downloaders for you.

Top 6 YouTube Videos as MP4 Using Mozilla Firefox Tools

1. Video DownloadHelper

Video Downloader Helper is nothing but an extension of the Firefox browser that will allow you to convert and download videos on streaming sites, like YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion, and many more.

It'll also detect several videos on a particular website to make them downloadable for you. This tool is right there up with one of the most popular Firefox video downloaders due to its ability to support probably the oldest format like HLS.

Besides its impressive downloading functions, it can also extract embedded images and audio on a particular website.

YouTube Video


  • Video DownloaderHelper is also an MP3 converter that can convert your videos file into audio files. You can save these audio files in your music library.

  • Using this, you can merge video and audio files into one file.

  • It also enables you to save image galleries.

2. Video Downloader Professional

It is also an add-on video downloader for Firefox. You can download videos within a few clicks using this tool. Video Downloader professional possesses intuitive buttons that can help you to understand this more appropriately.

It also allows you to make a video playlist for later watch or download. The most impressive thing about it is that you can access all the videos without returning to websites. Later, you can download videos immediately on your hard drive with only one click.

Due to quality services and undeniable creativity, people liked it pretty much and are pretty much excited about it.

video downloader proffestional


  • You can save video files from several popular websites

  • It can support up to 4K videos.

  • Video Downloader Professional allows you to play videos in different window sizes.

3. Ant Video Downloader

Ant Video Downloader is also an extension of Firefox that can download videos on many streaming sites. With supporting many videos streaming websites like YouTube and DailyMotion, this downloader is undoubtedly making progress in the online world.

After installing this extension on your Firefox, you'll see a '' Download'' button appearing your way in the browser's menu. This extension will show a downloadable video for you if you click the "Download button."

In addition, you also possess the luxury to adjust the audio and video quality. You only need to click the' 'Gear' ' icon to serve your purpose. Due to its mind-blowing features and sleek interface, this video downloader is nothing short of fascinating.

ant video downloader


  • It supports RTMP, FTP,and HTTP protocols.

  • Ant Video Downloader possesses sorting options and a download list.

  • It supports several streaming websites like YouTube, DailyMotion, and many more.

4. Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express

Easy YouTube Downloader is arguably the best Firefox YouTube MP4 downloader. It allows you to download YouTube MP4 videos without any fuss.

You'll get a pretty simple UI control that will make the downloading lot easier than you would have expected. Its ability to download MP4 videos quickly makes it notch superior to all the competitors.

All you need to do is hit its '' Download '' option, and you'll be in the position to download fascinating videos even without downloading the new software.

With this tool, you'll also get the luxury to save multiple video files without any limit. This tool will help you extract audio by choosing the MP3 format.

easy youtube video download express


  • It possesses a simple and minimalistic button to download YouTube MP4 videos.

  • With this tool, you can download YouTube videos as an Mp4 add-on for Firefox.

  • It works with a new YouTube layout.

5. YouTube Download Plus

YouTube Downloader Plus is another reliable Firefox YouTube MP4 downloader. You need to activate this extension on the Mozilla browser. After its activation, you'll be able to download YouTube videos for fun.

It possesses a unique icon that lets you know about the new YouTube videos available for download. Moreover, it also allows you to download music files in audio format. You can also extract sound from a YouTube video using this extraordinary extension.

Due to its mouthwatering ability to download YouTube videos quickly, it has become one of the best YouTube MP4 downloaders Firefox extension.

youtube download plus


  • YouTube Download Plus offers a pretty user-friendly interface, and it doesn't cover much space.

  • It will download Firefox add-on YouTube MP4 videos pretty quickly.

  • It supports multiple streaming websites. You can download videos from different websites.

6. Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager comes last in our list of top six Firefox YouTube MP4 downloaders. Like downloaders mentioned above, it is also an excellent addition for Firefox users.

A huge thing about this tool is supporting video files under FTP, HTTPS, HTTP, and BitTorrent. Let alone its free availability; Free Download Management claims to be downloading the YouTube MP4 videos ten times quicker than any other downloader.

It means this tool is worth your time and attention. It can download and process large YouTube video files simultaneously. Free Download Manager is also pretty good at resuming and restoring broken downloads without even corrupting parts of the videos.

free download manager


  • It is an open-source, free Firefox YouTube MP4 downloader that can serve your purpose better than you expect

  • With supporting many types of proxy server, it makes sure you enjoy the best experience.

Download Firefox Videos on Win/ Mac Using AceThinker Video Keeper

AceThinker Video Keeper

If you're looking for a dynamic and reliable YouTube MP4 downloader Firefox, AceThinker Video Keeper isn't the wrong choice. It enables you to download multiple videos simultaneously without compromising on the video quality.

Also, AceThinker supports many popular streaming websites such as Metacafe, Vevo, YouTube, Facebook, and many more. You can visit all these websites by using Firefox Browser. Due to its multi-thread function, you can download videos quicker than you think.

In this day of age, where many tools have been introduced to the market, it is hard to maintain credibility and creativity. Still, AceThinker, with its tremendous commitment, is on its way to becoming the best extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser.


1. High Download Speed

Due to its multi-thread technology, it will download videos at a fast speed.

2. One-Click Download

You only need to click a button to download the video while using a browser.

3. Video Search Option

You can search any video by entering a video's URL on the search box.

4. Choose Video Quality

You'll get the opportunity to choose the resolution quality of a video you want.

5. Play Before Downloading

You can play the video before you decide to download it. In this way, you'll know better about the effectiveness of the video.

How to use AceThinker Video Keeper

Let's talk about step by step guide to download YouTube videos using AceThinker Video Keeper.

Step 1: Download the Firefox Video Downloader

In this step, you'll need to download the tool. After downloading it, now you'll need to install it; after doing so, launch it.

dowload the firefox video dowloader

Step 2: Download video from Firefox

Now, you'll need to open the Firefox browser. After opening, you can now go to any website. Please search for a video you want to download and play it.

Now, all you need to do is copy the URL link. Go back to AceThinker downloader and paste the link there which you copied earlier. After pasting it, click on Enter to analyze the link. After that, you can click on the'' MP4'' option to download it.

To select the video quality, you'll need to press the '' Dropdown'' menu. After it, you can now click on the ' Download' ' button to serve your purpose.

download video from firefox

Step 3: Play the video

After you finish the downloading process, move towards '' Downloaded'' to look at the video. Now, you only need to click on the video file's name and play it. You can now launch its output folder by hitting '' Open File Location''.

play the video in ace thinker

Frequently Asked Questions about Youtube Playlist to MP4

1. How do I download YouTube videos using Firefox?

If you want to know whether you can download YouTube videos using Firefox or not, then you're not alone. A lot of people want to know that.

You can download YouTube videos using the Firefox browser. In this process, you'll need to download an extension of the Firefox browser.

Many Firefox browser extensions tools are available nowadays. You can download them to your device and serve your purpose. You only need to copy the URL from any website from Firefox and paste it to the extension that you install in your system.

2. How can I download YouTube videos without any software Firefox?

You can download YouTube videos without even using any software. It looks surprising, but it isn't due to the presence of online sites like Saveclibro. Com. You can download a YouTube video from this site within few minutes.

You need to copy the link to a video, and then you'll need to search for in your browser. After finding it, you can now paste your copied link there. Now, you'll see options of different resolutions formats.

Pick your preferred format, and click on the enter option; this process will start the downloading process.

Best Video Editor to Edit Downloaded Videos(Win&Mac)

Have you seen a video editor who can make your video nothing short of mesmerizing?

Despite so many videos editors, only a few are effective as IMyFone Filme is. It is a prolific video editor who can edit a video better than you expect.

Many professional videos makers and social media stars opt to use this tool for making their videos worth watching. Due to its elegant features and some great creative ideas, iMyFone Filme has been a massive hit over the past couple of years.

YouTube Video


1. Adjust Style

You can't make a video editing process if you don't make changes to it. IMyFone Filme provides its users with the facility to make necessary changes to their videos even after editing. A user can adjust effects, transitions, and everything he wants, using iMyFone Filme.

2. Instant Preview

Sometimes, it happens that a video which you make some changes into shows a bit of flaw. Looking onto that aspect, iMyFone Filme has given a facility to preview the video before exporting it. This process will make a user's job a lot easier.

3. Text Option

Many users would like to add a title to their videos. That's why iMyFone Filme provides its users with a text option. Using that text option, you can write anything you want in your video.

4. Transitions and filters

Your video won't be perfect unless and until you add a bit of flavor to it. Attractive transitions and worthy filters can add a little flavor to your video.

Filme software provides over 165 filters and great 110 transitions for its users.

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iMyFone Filme interface

Steps of downloading a video

Step 1: Install Filme Tool

Download and install iMyFone Filme on your Mac or Windows. After doing so, open it.

Step 2: Choose a file

In this step, you'll need to select a video file you want to edit. After selecting it, import it.

Step 3: Look towards the timeline

In this phase, you'll need to drag the video file and move it to the timeline. Add effects, and make necessary changes that are needed.


Selecting appropriate tools for downloading YouTube videos using Firefox is a pretty tricky task. But we have made it easier for you to select a worthy extension of Mozilla Firefox. You can get a guide about the top six prolific Firefox tools from this piece of writing.

Now, it's your decision which tool you select for serving your purpose. In addition, we also paid over-focus towards a video editor that can make your YouTube video look brilliant. In this regard, we recommended iMyFone Filme due to its unique features and robust quality.

do basic editing in imyfone filme

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