Do you want to save the whole YouTube playlist?

To serve your purpose, you'll need to acquire the services of a reliable YouTube MP4 playlist downloader. You'll find many playlist downloaders that can allow you to download your YouTube playlists from Safari, Firefox, and Chrome browser.

Since downloading the whole playlist process is lengthy and can take lots of your effort. It would help if you analyze both free and paid downloaders who can serve your purpose. Here in this article, we'll tell you about the top 10 YouTube playlist converters to MP4.

Top 10 Youtube Playlist Downloaders

1. iTube HD Video Downloader

If you want to download a YouTube playlist, you can acquire ITube's services. It is an excellent converter that possesses a built-in YouTube converter.

That built-in converter helps this tool to convert MP4 videos and YouTube playlists. In addition, ITube supports multiple video and audio formats and can prove to be the best choice for you.

itube hd youtube playlist downloader


  • With iTube, you can download YouTube clips in bulk.

  • It can convert a video in 40 formats, including MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, and many more.

  • iTube allows you to download videos from 10,000 different sites.

  • Its supported platforms are Android and Windows.

2. VidJuice

It is an application that can convert your YouTube playlists and videos with minimal effort. Besides downloading YouTube videos, it can also download videos from TikTok, Facebook, and Vimeo.

In addition, it also possesses a built-in trimmer that can help you to cut a video clip. It offers some of the best features, and it is worth using.

vidjuice youtube play list downloader


  • VidJuice helps you to download YouTube playlist MP4 videos.

  • It is offering 10X speed to its users.

  • You can convert and download videos in batches.

  • You can download a YouTube playlist with one click.

  • It also can extract subtitles from YouTube.

  • You can automatically convert videos into preferred formats using this tool.

3. Snapdownloader

Snapdownloader is another excellent tool that has come a long way in converting YouTube videos to MP4. Besides downloading YouTube videos to MP4, Snapdownloader can also download YouTube playlists to MP4.

It allows you to watch videos offline. With the ability to download YouTube videos to 8K resolution, this tool impresses many people around the globe.

snapdownloader youtube video downloader


  • It allows you to download videos in bulk without any difficulty.

  • It is a prolific converter that supports 900 websites.

  • You can download videos parallelly.

  • There is no limitation in saving videos.

  • Another huge things about it are its ability to allow the scheduling of downloads.

4. YTD Video Downloader

YTD is a tool used to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format. But it can also download YouTube playlists to MP4 format.

In addition, a user can also download videos from several streaming sites, including Vimeo, DailyMotion, YouTube, and many more. With a YTD downloader, you can save videos and formats like Avi, MP3, and many other formats.

ytd video downloader


  • Using this tool, you can convert a YouTube playlist to MP4.

  • Its interface is sought and doesn't contain any ambiguity.

  • You save unlimited videos files from YouTube in bulk.

  • It also can extract audio files from videos.

  • Its supported system includes Windows operating system.

5. YeetDL

YeetDL enables you to download YouTube audio, videos, and playlists pretty easily. You can convert a YouTube video into 30 different formats using this magnificent tool. Moreover, it also allows you to watch interesting YouTube videos offline.

With a brilliant interface and strong quality, this tool is more than recommended for you.

YeetDL is a YouTube MP4 playlist downloader.

yeetdl video downloader


  • It supports YouTube Livestream Recording.

  • You can convert and download the YouTube playlist to MP4 format in a couple of clicks.

  • It also possesses the ability to extract subtitles from videos.

  • It possesses a built-in search engine that makes the searching process lot more accessible.

6. AllMyTube

Not many video converters match the superiority of the AllMyTube tool. It is a great application that can download YouTube videos for fun. Another great thing about it is that AllMyTube can serve you when you want to download YouTube Playlists.

With only one click, you'll be able to download multiple YouTube videos simultaneously. With supporting more than 10,000 different websites, this tool proves to be nothing less than a game-changer.

allmytube video dowloader


  • It helps you in extracting audio from videos files. After assisting in extraction, this tool allows the transferring of videos to iPhone and Android devices.

  • It is pretty fast, and you can download videos from 10,000 sites.

  • Faster service and risk-free.

7. WinX YouTube Downloader

WinX is a YouTube playlist downloader that is pretty reliable and worth using. You can download multiple videos in just one click using this extraordinary tool. You'll not see any ads coming your way during downloading process.

Besides downloading YouTube playlists to MP4 format, you can also save videos in MP, WebM, and FLV format.

winx youtube playlist downloader


  • WinX YouTube Downloader enables you to download '' Watch Later'' videos with ease.

  • You can choose a preferred resolution before downloading a video or playlist.

  • With this tool, a user can also download videos in HD resolution.

  • It also possesses the ability to download large YouTube videos in batch mode.

  • It supports Mac and Windows.

8. Airy

Airy is arguably the best YouTube playlist for MP4 Download due to its breathtaking ability to download multiple videos in one click. It works brilliantly and, you'll not feel any difficulty in downloading YouTube videos.

It is an ad-free tool that makes it worth talking about and worth appreciating. Its ability to integrate with popular browsers like Firebox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer makes it even more relevant and mightier.

airy youtube play list downloader


  • It provides you with the ability to select the resolution of a video before you download that video.

  • After downloading videos, you can share them with your friends on social media.

  • It possesses pretty user-friendly and doesn't ask you to do anything out of the ordinary to download YouTube playlists and other MP4 videos.

  • Its supported platforms are Mac and Windows.

9. TubeMate YouTube downloader

TubeMate is one YouTube video converter that is well known for downloading YouTube playlists to MP4 format effectively. TubeMate possesses so many undeniable features that make it a worth remembering tool.

Above all, you can also adjust the video's downloading speed. You may not find that kind of facility in any other video converter. Due to its reliable and trustworthy services, TubeMate is nothing less than mesmerizing and remarkable.

tubemate video downloader


  • It supports multiple languages, and you can change a language whenever you want.

  • TubeMate allows you to stop the download proceedings in the first place and also enables you to resume it again.

  • It offers a pretty easy-to-use interface.

  • Its supported platforms are Windows and Mac.

10. FastestTube

It is the fastest and most efficient YouTube playlist downloader you'll ever find. It is free and doesn't ask for any fee. Besides downloading YouTube playlist videos, this tool can download HD and Ultra HD videos for fun.

Another notable thing you'll get with this tool is that there will be no ads on this application. It offers a pretty smooth and easy-to-process interface. Due to its reliable and high-quality services, this tool has made progress unbelievably in social media.

fasttube youtube downloader


  • FastestTube video downloader will save the YouTube playlist to MP4 format in no time.

  • It is available for Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.

  • Its interface is pretty sleek.

  • Ads-free

Who is best?

All the YouTube mentioned above playlist downloaders are pretty incredible and unique in their style. But, we find the iTube playlist Downloader notch higher than others quality-wise.

Let's talk about its working and step-by-step process to download a playlist.

Step 1: Launch iTube Playlist Downloader

A Download option will appear in all YouTube playlists after downloading iTube software to your device. From there, you can download the complete playlist with one click.

launch playlist downloader

Step 2: Download all videos

In this phase, you'll need to open a YouTube playlist. After it, you need to search for the'' Download'' option button. After clicking' 'Playlist' ' option, you'll see a Dialog opening.

From there, you can select videos for downloading. After deciding all the necessary things, click on the '' Download'' button to download videos immediately.

download all videos on itube

Frequently Asked Questions about Youtube Playlist to MP4

1. How do I download an entire YouTube playlist?

Downloading a YouTube playlist is not difficult anymore. Just by clicking on a single option, you can download multiple videos simultaneously. In this regard, you'll need to download the YouTube playlist downloader application.

After installing it, you need to select a playlist you want to download, or you can copy the link of a playlist from YouTube and paste it to the YouTube playlist downloader.

You can select multiple videos simultaneously. After pasting the link, you'll be able to download the YouTube playlist to MP4 format.

2. How do I download a YouTube playlist to my phone?

Many YouTube users do ask whether they can download YouTube playlists to MP4 format on a mobile device or not.

Yes, you can download a YouTube playlist on your phone device. You only need to download a reliable playlist downloader on your device. After downloading it, you need to select the playlist videos you want to download.

After making all the selections, you can start downloading process by clicking on the Download button. For Android users, TubeMate is recommended for downloading YouTube playlists.

Best Video Editor to Edit Downloaded Videos(Win&Mac)

How many times did you edit a video using a video editor?

YouTube Video

Indeed, every time you create a video, you must have decided to edit it in a reliable tool. But the big question arises, how many times do you find an editing tool used to edit a video worthy and reliable. This is a big question that leaves anyone keeps on guessing.

The reason is apparent, not many tools provide reputable services to users. But iMyFone Filme is an exception in this case. With solid features and excellent quality graphics, this tool will make sure you enjoy the experience. Due to its quality and creativity, most people prefer Filme over any other video editor.


Brilliant Slideshow Maker

If you want to create a slideshow video by adding pictures, iMyFone Filme provides the facility to make your video superb.

Picture in Picture Effects

Filme is providing its users with Picture in Picture effects. Using this effect, you can show two videos on your computer's screen simultaneously.

Fast Audio Mode

iMyFone offers fast audio mode. With this mode, you can fast track your audio of the video. In addition, it also allows you to fast-track your videos as well.

Prolific Transitions and Stunning Filters

iMyFone Filme is not short of outstanding features. It offers over 165+ filters that can make your video nothing short of mesmerizing. On the other hand, with 110+ transitions, Filme will make your video perfect.

Try It FreeTry It Free

How edit a video using iMyFone Filme?

iMyFone Filme interface

Step 1: Download iMyFone Filme.

In the next phase, you'll need to download the Filme tool on your device. After installing it, launch it on your Mac or Windows.

Step 2: Import a File

After launching the application, now you'll need to import a file you look to edit.

Step 3: Move a file towards the timeline

Now, it's time to get on with the editing process. It would help if you pushed your video clip towards the timeline for making changes to it.

After moving that video to a timeline, you can now add effects, transitions, and everything you want.

Step 4: Export the File

After completing the editing process, and making all the relevant changes to your video, now you can download it on your device's library. You only need to press the export button to serve your purpose.

do basic editing in imyfone filme

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