The recent updates on Inside Out 2 Anxiety voice and character are the prime focus of animation lovers. Anxiety’s introduction opens the doors for exploring AI voice generators to enjoy this viral voice's new dimensions and creative expressions.

Keeping all this in mind, we created this article to let you know the artist behind Anxiety Voice and how you can generate Inside Out 2 Anxiety Voice using the best voice generators ever.

voice of anxiety inside out 2

Part 1: Who Is The Voice Of Anxiety In Inside Out 2?

Maya Ray Thurman Hawke is behind the Inside Out 2 Anxiety voice. Hawke did an amazing job of expressing the unpredicted and sudden appearance of Anxiety in Riley’s mind to shock the other five emotions. She is a well-known American singer, actress, songwriter, and model.

Maya Hawke started her career in 2017 with Little Lady as her first TV show and got high recognition from Stranger Things— a well-known Netflix science fiction series in 2019. Hawke did a list of projects, including films and TV shows, with great success, and her recent project is Inside Out 2, where she did Anxiet’s voice amazingly.

As far as her career is concerned, Hawke was welcomed for modeling on Vogue due to her mother and grandmother’s background. Besides this, she also worked with other popular names such as Calvin Klein, Allsiants, and Sofia Coppola. Maya Hawke owned a list of well-recognized acting projects like Ladyworld, Mainstream, Do Revenge, Wildcat, Stranger Things, Little Women, The Last Movie Star, and many more.

maya hawke

Hawke’s amazing acting skills allowed her to win three awards for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress in As They Sleep, Little Women, and Stranger Things. Other than this, she was also nominated two times for Best Supporting Actress and Best Duo awards in Stranger Things and Doo Revenge, respectively.

These days, Hawke has become the center of attention of all animated film lovers due to her surprisingly joint post-production project of Inside Out 2 this year.

The film has not been officially released yet, but Hawke’s character Anxiety has already set the fire.


Learn more about Maya Hawke and listen to her real voice below.
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Part 2: How To Sound Like Inside Out 2 Anxiety Voice?

iMyFone’s MagicMic is an ultimate AI-based tool with a combination of multiple elements to generate an amazing and realistic Inside Out 2 Anxiety voice in real-time.

This tool offers a strong algorithm that creates the resultant voices only through a few simple steps. Its simple and user-friendly interface allows it to be used by professionals and beginners.

Overall, iMyFone MagicMic can generate 99% realistic human-like sound on Discord, Skype, PUBG, and many more.

inside out 2 anxiety ai voice changer

Here is the guide on how to sound like Inside Out 2 Anxiety voice in real-time.

magicmic youtube video

Step 1. Download and install iMyFone MagicMic. Open the software, and you will get a pop-up on the screen to set your input and output options.

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Step 2. Select Input as Microphone and Output as Headphone. You can also use the Settings option to set the microphone and headphone options from the left panel of the screen.

Step 3. After being done with sound settings, click on the VoiceBox from the left panel and search for the Inside Out 2 Anxiety (Maya Hawke) character. Select the voice, and MagicMic will convert your voice to Maya Hawke's in real time on all platforms you use.

inside out 2 anxiety voice generator

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Part 3: How To Generate The Voice Of Anxiety Inside Out 2 For Dubbing?

iMyFone VoxBox is another incredible software that can quickly generate the voice of Anxiety Inside Out 2 for dubbing. It converts your simple text into Maya Hawke’s voice without requiring any input audio file.

VoxBox offers Text-to-Speech in multiple languages, enabling Anxiety’s dubbing in the language of your interest. The software is simple, straightforward, and fast to provide efficient desired results in a few minutes.

anxiety voice text to speech

Here is a guide on generating the voice of Anxiety Inside Out 2 for dubbing.

Step 1. Download, install, and open VoxBox on your device. A huge text box will appear in the center of the screen in the Text To Speech tab.

Step 2. Enter your input text here and click on the Change Speaker option from the right side of the screen. Search for Maya Hawke or Anxiety’s voice.

Step 3. Click on the Voice, select the language from the top of the screen, and click on the blue Use > Convert buttons.

Step 4. Once done with the conversion, click on the small arrow (Export) button. Select the file name, file type, and file location. In the end, hit the Confirm button.

Part 4: Info About Inside Out 2 New Emotions And Voice Actors

We all know the five popular and versatile emotions: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust in Inside Out (2015). Pixar Animation Studio introduced two new emotions in Inside Out 2 (2024) this year.

inside out 2 voices

One of these two new emotions is unknown, and it is announced that June Louise Squibb is the voice actor behind this unrevealed emotion. For this hidden emotion, no further information is available till now.

As far as the second emotion is concerned, this is the current viral topic these days. The new and recently introduced emotion in Inside Out 2 is Anxiety, a nervous and fourth female emotion in Riley’s mind that appears with some suitcases, which means she brings a lot. Anxiety appeared as the first emotion in Riley’s mind at the beginning of her adolescence. Personality-wise, Anxiety showed extremely concerned and anxious behavior to meet other emotions–as she desires to make her first impression good.

Physically, Anxiety appears in orange color along with a strange and weird hairstyle that represents the mysteriousness related to her character. Her eyes are jade-green and big, while her body is sleek and thin. She wears orange-white striped sleeves, brown pants with a black belt + gold buckle, and brown shoes. Overall, her complete appearance represents her tasks greatly, thus developing the viewer's interest in this emotion.

anxiety voice inside out 2

Symbolically, her anxious appearance shows her eagerness to perform the new job with her colleagues. She shows similarity with Joy because of having eyes different from her body color. Her black eyebrows are similar to Fear—representing that she is more complex than both Fear and Joy. Maya Hawke played the Anxiety voice in Inside Out 2 as she was considered the best actress for this mysterious, sudden, and energetic emotion. She joined this post-production project this year and gathered a lot of attention just through the official teaser.


Anxiety’s voice in Inside Out 2 is a hot topic nowadays, and everybody wants to generate this emerging character’s sound by Maya Hawke. Creating an Inside Out 2 Anxiety voice will require thoughtful combinations of many factors and features, for which well-suited software like iMyFone MagicMic and iMyFonne VoxBox will be perfect. Download the free version and generate the voice without any hassle.

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