Recently, people want to know if there are Apps like TikTok. The news regarding the ban of TikTok in the USA and other countries has set a difficult and problematic situation for content creators and content consumers.

If you are also worried about the TikTok ban, then read this article. We will disclose the authentic news about the TikTok ban in the USA and the best & safest alternatives to TikTok for a similar user experience.

tiktok alternatives

Part 1: Is TikTok Getting Banned? When Is TikTok Getting Banned

Yes, according to the latest news and talks, it seems like there will be solid action regarding TikTok banning in multiple countries but still no bill has been signed yet for this action. Various actions have already been taken by the US government, including the TikTok ban on government devices and the TikTok block on institutional WiFis. 

Multiple concerns like: content moderation, scrolling addiction, data privacy, security, and user rules violation bring this issue to the hot page.

Regarding the exact time, it is not clear now as the Senate does not look in a hurry regarding this action. TikTok may be banned, but it is still unbanned at the moment.

Part 2: What Apps Like TikTok? Recommend 10 TikTok Alternatives

1 Lemon8

Competing with TikTok, Likee, and Snapchat, Lemon8 is gradually gaining popularity around the globe, especially in the USA. This application is getting saturated by influencers, content creators, and business owners day by day.

Lemon8 is owned by TikTok's parent company ByteDance. It allows vertical scrolling of videos and photos at a time that TikTok does not. The application is consciously designed with an AI algorithm to reach and target the audience and creators of similar interests and searches.

lemon8 app like tiktok for adults

  • Lemon8 is a lifestyle platform focused on lifestyle and beauty content. The app is suitable for adults interested in sharing posts about fashion, hair and makeup, home design, travel, and other topics.
  • Recommendation for adult:     
hao Pros
  • Low competition compared to TikTok
  • Built-in effective tools and features
  • Smooth and fast scrolling quality
  • User-friendly and engaging interface
buhao Cons
  • May also get banned due to its connection with TikTok
  • Limited reach
  • Sponsored content does not work well

2 Likee

Likee is another social media app like TikTok as it also allows the same content-consuming experience through scrolling. It is designed to add multiple effects to enhance the content quality in a few simple steps.

Likee was launched before TikTok but did not gain that much hype because of certain reasons. Now, this application has also enhanced the user's experience through major updates and privacy policies. No doubt, Likee is a good Tiktok alternative for adults and offers a huge audience to connect with, but still, some disadvantages keep people away from this application.


  • Since the platform allows adult content, it's mainly used by adults, so it's tailored to suit them.
  • Recommendation for adult:      
hao Pros
  • Unique editing features and tools
  • Built-in effects and beauty filters
  • Incredible privacy settings
  • Interactive and engaging use-interface
  • Good speed and scrolling quality
  • Extensive music library
buhao Cons
  • No parent check
  • No age limit or restriction
  • A Lot of ads

3 Snapchat

Snapchat is also one of the most popular mobile applications in the world. It was not primarily designed for short videos, as its camera and filters were the major interests of users. But now, this application has also introduced Spotlight as a platform to share short music videos like TikTok.

Spotlight offers a very similar experience to TikTok and also has a lot of features and functions that compete with TikTok's algorithm.


  • In the United States, the largest age group using Snapchat is 15-25 years old, accounting for 48% of users. The next most common age group is 26-35, making up 30% of users. Users aged 36-45 represent 18%, those aged 46-55 are at 11%, and those 56 and older make up only 5% of the platform's users.
  • Recommendation for adult:    
hao Pros
  • Huge audience.
  • Very popular around the globe.
  • User-friendly and engaging application.
  • Rewind and playback options.
  • Fast and quick speed on different servers.
  • F3-in-1 application.
buhao Cons
  • Expensive paid version.
  • Expensive for digital marketing.
  • No direct content-sharing facility.
  • Messaging and scrolling intermingle.

4 Instagram Reels

The name describes its popularity; Instagram is a must-have application for more than 24.81% of people around the globe.

Instagram reels offer a dynamic experience of visualizing and sharing short video clips with the help of multiple tools, features, effects, and music tracks. It holds a very huge, versatile, and vibrant audience, including content creators, celebrities, and businesses, for users to experience an array of enjoyable content.

instagram reels tiktok alternative

hao Pros
  • Monetization potential.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Engaging user interface.
  • Similar experience to TikTok.
  • Quick sharing of content among users.
  • Vast user base.
  • Creative tools available.
buhao Cons
  • Content moderation issues.
  • Monetization challenges.
  • Competition for content creators.
  • Algorithm challenges.

5 Triller

Triller is a social media application similar to TikTok. This app allows users to create and share short video clips like TikTok.

Triller is a USA-based application and gaining popularity every passing day. No doubt, it does not have a huge audience as TikTok, but people, even content creators like Charli D'Amelio and Josh Richard, have moved to this application. The application uses an AI algorithm to automatically set the best music to videos through editing.

triller apps like tiktok for adults free

hao Pros
  • Available free-of-cost
  • USA-based ( no banning issue)
  • User-friendly interface
  • Video downloading issues
buhao Cons
  • Lack content creators
  • Scrolling issues
  • No direct content-sharing facility
  • Platform instability due to continuous updates

6 YouTube Shorts

Being a major social media platform, YouTube also showed advancement through the introduction of YouTube Shorts. This feature allows YouTube users to enjoy bit-sized videos of multiple creators in a very engaging manner.

YouTube's huge and vast user community offers significant benefits of community reach, impression, and monetization potential with the help of various built-in features to support good standard content. Like every social media platform, YouTube also has advantages and disadvantages.

youtube shorts app like tiktok for adults

hao Pros
  • Integrated ecosystem tools
  • Massive audience reach
  • Monetization opportunities
  • Advanced editing functions
  • Huge variety of content
  • Smooth, easy, and fast scrolling experience
buhao Cons
  • Monetization threshold
  • Content creators' saturation
  • No direct content-sharing facility
  • Platform instability due to continuous updates

7 Funimate

Funimate is an iOS and Android-based social media application that offers video creation with multiple effects and filters. This tool offers multiple built-in features to enhance the quality of video content through video and music synchronization.

Funimate is considered the best TikTok alternative because of its community-based algorithm. It allows video creation and content sharing within its community or across multiple social media platforms.

funimate app like tiktok

hao Pros
  • Multiple editing features
  • Perfect video and music synchronization
  • Add-free application
  • Cross-platform sharing feature
  • Engaging user interface
buhao Cons
  • No option for digital marketers
  • Small user base
  • Algorithm discoverability
  • Less popular

8 Lomotif

Lomotif is a video creation and sharing platform and is considered as the best TikTok alternative because of high-quality video creation and supporting tools. Some people use Lomotif only for creating videos and then sharing them on other platforms.

It offers a huge music library but there is no feature for selecting the desired part of the music. Besides this, other advantages and disadvantages also exist.

lomotif apps like tiktok

hao Pros
  • Free of cost
  • Very high-quality video editing features
  • Allows clips rearrangement
  • Time Lapse or fast motion effects
  • Offers trendy Boomerang style video editing
buhao Cons
  • Adds watermark in the free version
  • Costly in-app purchase
  • Do not allow to trim the music

9 Firework

Firework is a content-sharing social media application with some similarities and differences as compared to TikTok. It allows content sharing but in the simplest manner, as it does not allow viewers to comment or like the video they want.

Firework allows to reach the targeted person/account by sharing a video and redirecting to the account through the shared content. The video creation and editing tools are very similar to TikTok and there is no requirement of a steep learning curve to use this application. The application is safe, secure, and pleasing, with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.


hao Pros
  • Simple and interactive application
  • Comfortable Reveal Function
  • Allow brand ambassadors to earn
  • Allow targeted and interest-based collaborations
  • Good video-creating and editing tools
buhao Cons
  • No option for Like and Comment
  • Difficult account targeting
  • Imperfect discover section

10 Kuaishou

Kuaishou is a Tiktok alternative in china. This platform was primarily designed to share daily life's short moments through GIFs. It kept updating its algorithm and introduced different user-engaging things like live streaming, chat boxes, networking features, photo sharing, and digital marketing for e-commerce.

Along with all these things, Kuaishou has become the largest Chinese short video-sharing app like TikTok. Due to its smooth scrolling, server speed, and connectivity, it has achieved the target of getting 300 million daily active users.

kuaishou app like tik tok for adults

hao Pros
  • Huge audience
  • Dynamic interest-based targeting
  • Best for digital marketing
  • Effective and simple user interface
  • Safe, smooth, and user-friendly app
buhao Cons
  • China-based (Chinese language barrier)
  • Already banned in different countries

FAQs About TikTok Alternative Apps

1: What App Like TikTok for Adults?

There are multiple apps like TikTok for adults and some of the best TikTok alternatives are Snapchat, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels. We have also shared many other applications in the above portion from where you can choose the best option for yourself. The best way to choose the winning application is to consider factors like audience base, video creating and editing tools, built-in functions and features, user engagement, server speed, and a perfect discovery section.

2: What App Like TikTok to Earn?

Various social media applications are available to make money online through content creation. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are the major platforms that offer earning options to content creators. Other than these, some other applications like Kuaishou and Likee have earning potential through digital marketing or e-commerce.

3: How to Change Voice on TikTok and Other Apps?

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The uncertainty regarding TikTok's future has forced people to discover the best TikTok alternatives for earning and entertaining purposes. Keeping this in mind, we have shared the ten best apps like TikTok to share opportunities in new horizons of social media applications. After reading the comprehensive introduction and pros & cons of all ten applications, anyone can easily decide and choose the best app, like TikTok, for their future earring and entertainment purposes.