Screen recording is a great feature that helps you save your screen moments and view them later. ActivePresenter screen recorder has made screen recording even easier for you. This guide will talk about the ActivePresenter screen recorder for Windows 10 to let you know its features and use. Let us get started then.

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Part 1: Price

Free Edition: Free

Standard Edition: $199/license

Professional Edition: $399/license

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The encouraging sentiment is that certain people who may use ActivePresenter screen recorder free download will be doing it at liberty; however, the free edition of ActivePresenter screen recorder free download has restricted functionality.

Nonetheless, consumers could use the Real-Time Filming and Quick Shot capabilities to produce the formative assessment they desire. Consumers who choose not to waste their cash in several accessible data packages might use standard file formats, including shaving and accelerating.

The licensing both for ActivePresenter screen recorder free download Setup File is just $149. However, customers will upload content as Slides, Text, Adobe Flash, or Word files.

A Premium Version of the app is accessible to make questionnaires or upload data as HTML5 data. An authorization to utilize the Premium Version charges $299. It is quite cheap with the variety of opportunities it provides.

Part 2: The Analysis- Pros and Cons of ActivePresenter Screen Recorder

The pros and cons of the ActivePresenter screen recorder are as follows;

ActivePresenter Screen Recorder


yes Enables the development of sensitive content across a multitude of devices.

yes Elegant Grab is used to creating an essentially configured photo learning process.

yes Allows for the use of a Color Display

yes Tiny website, as well as Web Client, also has a variety of educational activities.

yes Has a range of different methods to facilitate progress which allows one to store those templates.

yes The voluntary choice comes with an unlimited approval ActivePresenter screen recorder download.

yes One year of extra perks in every paying edition.


no The enormous variety of tools and substitutes necessitates a strong vision of data absorption.

no One could only download video files created in ActivePresenter screen recorder download alone.

no Excessive prices as compared to other Content creation Resources and Screencasting apps.

no There is a little 4K resolution available; the highest resolution available is 1080 High Definition.

Part 3: User Interface

Despite the fact that the system's ActivePresenter free screen recorder GUI does not seem to be particularly sleek, it is technically built. Customers can immediately select the estimate they wish to build and either generate a big venture or upload Presentation slides.

In addition to the Quick Snap function, visitors could film a tech presentation, film, or display a clip with several easy clicks. Getting your head around knowing how functions are installed can take very little effort, even for those with little familiarity with video player apps.

ActivePresenter free screen recorder provides an easy-to-use GUI, which is intended to reduce the time and energy taken to produce beautiful clips and reports. Much significantly, the background in the app is readily available, and the display loop section is very wide, giving learners a clearer rundown of the video.

Part 4: Usability

When you launch the software, an 'Initial Task' screen will emerge, from which you can click 'Latest Picture,' 'Download Slides,' 'Picture Initiative,' or 'Null Task.'. To begin a live show, press the 'Current Film' icon select 'Film Code Tutorial' or 'Track Cinema Film,' based on the type of clip you would like to make. To reach the recording device, enter the home page and press OK.

The recording process will begin when you press the record icon. When the display live show is over, go to the ActivePresenter free screen recorder section and pick the Usable Increases performance to upload the document you created. Then, move it off the media files and put it on the list.

When you've finished processing, just press on a 'Submit' button in the app's cord. Pick the video source type or auditory requirements before selecting OK to begin transmitting the folder by tapping mostly on the clip button in the list box

Part 5: How to Record Screen and Edit Recorded Videos with ActivePresenter?

Here is a small ActivePresenter screen recorder tutorial on recording anything on your screen.

Step 1: Get ActivePresenter

ActivePresenter screen recorder tutorial begins by downloading the ActivePresenter app available in Windows and Mac. You can download it easily by searching for it on your device.

activepresenter interface with note

Step 2: Select your capture profile

It's when you select your capture profile during the capture session. The main option in a capture profile is the capture type and edit actively presented supports to capture full-motion recording and smart capture types.

Step 3: Set your capture

There is a captured new project dialogue box on display. You can select full screen for any other specific capture area section and adjust the audio device in the audio input section.

If all of that makes you happy, click the start capture button. Then, active presents will automatically record everything inside your selected area on the left with this dialogue box.

capture new project in activepresenter

Active presenter screen recorder tutorial on editing the recorded videos

There are three simple steps in editing your active presenter screen recorder tutorial.

Step 1: Edit video in the timeline pane

There is a timeline pane first in the active presenter screen recorder tutorial. You can cut crop copy range plate and blur from here.

Step 2: Edit the videos on canvas

You can edit the object inserted in the videos directly on the canvas. For instance, you can edit text for smart shapes and make your video more interesting.

Step 3: Edit video from the properties pane

In this option, you can add all the physical and behavioral properties of the object. You can select the object through canvas or in the timeline pane before.

Part 6: Final Take – Is It Worth Buying?

Although the ActivePresenter screen recorder is a great software when it comes to recording your screen, it is not that great when it's about editing those recordings. This is because it only offers limited editing tools and options, which does not add that complete vibe to your edited recordings. In this case, people always look for an alternative that excels both in recording and editing features.

Well, we have got one for you then. iMyFone Filme is the perfect software that allows a smooth recording experience and has a wide range of editing options to add more to your editing experience. You can use iMyFone Filme to immediately edit your recordings and make them more appealing and engaging to your audience.

Part 7: Best Alternative to ActivePresenter for Screen Recording

iMyFone Filme- All-in-One Screen Recorder & Video Editor(Win&Mac)

iMyFone film is an easy way to record your screen. You now record your screen with the help of this amazing software and edit your recording as you want. Screen recording for Youtube and screen recording for Netflix can never be so easy.

You can edit your recordings instantly after you save your recording or can save it to do it later. This software has a variety of themes and templates to make your video editing more amazing and easy. This app also features amazing advantages to give you super amazing results. Let's discuss below how it works.

    Key Features:

  • Easy to use interface. The interface of this software is super easy to make you comfortable with the acting details. This software is super recommended to beginners.
  • Double functioning. There is a double functioning option that allows you to record your screen and edit your recording as well.
  • Free to use. There are so many amazing templates with tree designs, and they are free to use without any additional charges. You can use these templates for your recording as per your choice.
  • Good backup. This software adds and has this amazing protection for your recordings with the efficient backup option if you lose them accidentally.
  • Instant preview. This software, iMyFone Filme, also helps you view your recording as soon as you finish it by having an instant preview option.
  • Audio Function. To give you better sound engagement iMyFone Filme has audio-enabled features that will give you an option to add audio to your screen recording result.
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Now let's dive into the tutorial on how to record your screen using iMyFone Filme.

Screen recording through iMyFone Filme includes a very simple process to record your screen in the best way. These steps include:

Step 1: Record your video with only 3 clicks.

The very first step to record your screen is to unlock your screen to enter iMyFone Filme. Enter to your software and tap where you want to record your screen, and tap the button to start the recording.

Now tab on the recording button; once you have recorded your data, you can stop the recording by clicking on this top button showing on the screen.

screen recording in filme

Step 2: Have this recording video in your media library.

Now head onto the file storage of your phone and enter the video folders; all the recordings you get from the software will be saved here automatically.

screen recording in filme2

Step 3: Edit the video, add filters, music, text, and themes.

Now you can cut and crop using iMyFone Filme, apply themes and filters to your recordings.

Not only that, you can apply text by and having different font styles and colors in your recordings.

convert videos in filme

Step 4: Export and share your video.

When you are done with your editing, you can save your final video and share it with other social media platforms.

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