YouTube has grown to a global platform with a potential reach of more than 2 billion monthly active users, which is 32% of the total population, and 51% of the total internet users. With 500 hours of video being uploaded per minute, there is enough content to suit the interest of almost every person.While YouTube has a download feature that allows access to videos offline, it's only limited to downloads. This post looks at three of the best platforms where you can extract audio from YouTube .


Part 1. Extract Audio from YouTube Video with Software

1) VoxBox

There are many reasons you might want to convert a video file to audio, such as device audio format compatibility, trying to upload files on a website that only accepts audio files, etc. To that end, selecting an audio converter that supports the audio format you are looking for is highly important. with VoxBox, you don't have to worry.


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  • Voxbox offers 20+ formats to convert the final audio.

  • The conversion algorithm is commendable, so your files are processed quickly.

  • 3000+ voices like rappers, YouTubers, cartoons, celebrities, etc.

  • 20+ global languages like Spanish, Japanese, British.

  • 25+ Country accents like a British accent and a Hindin accent, etc.

  • 4-in-1 software of voice record, generate, convert, and edit.

  • Accept big files (No file size limits).

  • You can export the file in different audio formats, like MP3, WAV, etc.

  • You can cut, trim, clip, and delete the audio file.

  • It has an intuitive and straightforward interface.

How it works?

  • Step 1. Download and install Voxbox on your computer. Open the tool.
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  • Step 2.You can click "add files" or drag the file directly .
  • youtube-mp3-converter-voxbox-step1
  • Step 3. Now, the user can either cut the video or choose the output audio format. Then click on “Convert”
  • youtube-mp3-converter-voxbox-step2


yes Batch download and conversion.

yes Supports more than 1000 websites

yes Supports all popular video and audio formats

yes Less loading and conversion process time

yes Normalizes audio automatically for quality


no Only available for Windows operating system, Mac coming soon.

2) iMovie

iMovie is a video editing platform offered by Apple that seeks to provide video creators with high-quality audio editing features as well as other features that support the creation of movies and videos. While it has fallen behind newer apps, iMovie is still a great tool for people with little to no knowledge of video editing, who are the biggest contributors to the current trend of user-generated content. One key benefit that gives it an edge over other converters is its seamless compatibility with its iMovie for iOS counterpart.

How it works?

  • Step 1. Fire up the iMovie app on Mac.
  • Step 2. Drag the video from which you wish to extract audio to the timeline.
  • extract-audio-from-video-imovie
  • Step 3. Click the “share” button in the upper right corner > choose “File”. Alternatively, go to the menu bar at the top of the screen, click “File” > “Share” > “File…”.
  • Step 4. From the pop-out dialog, choose “Audio Only”
  • Step 5. Click “Next…” > put a name for your audio file > select where to save the file > click “Save”.


yes Cross-platform apps for all Apple devices.

yes Easy-to-use wizard-style user interface.

yes Capture audio in high quality.

yes Wide support for almost every popular audio and video format.

yes More than 300 built-in visual and audio effects, themes, transitions, etc.


no Has not had an update in years.

no Only available for Mac operating systems.

no Does not support cross-device synchronization.

Part 2. Extract Audio From YouTube Online

1) FileZigZag

As an online video to audio converter, FileZigZag faces competition from hundreds of websites offering the same service. Like other online converters, FileZigZag is a free one-stop shop for a wide range of formats, including audio, video, documents, archive, eBooks, and images. FileZigZag is a bit faster, more secure, and completely web-based compared to other sites.



yes Free file conversion.

yes Completely web-based

yes Secure compared to other online converters

yes Platform independent.

yes Simple and direct user interface.


no Free users max out at ten conversions per day.

no Does not support detaching audio directly from videos.

no Conversion time is extremely slow.

no Only supports 15 audio and video formats.


To wrap it up, this post has provided you with three of the best free solutions that offer different features for either extract audio from YouTub . The type of tool you decide to use should be based on factors such as frequency, speed, and output quality of your audios.

iMyFone Voxbox proves to be a reliable, efficient tool capable of handling all your video to audio requirements and more. With support for all popular video and audio formats, less upload and conversion time, and batch processing, Voxbox is ideal for both beginners and experts.

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Watch this video to learn more about the Best 4-in-1 video converter Tool iMyFone VoxBox:

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