Videos are gaining popularity as a recruitment strategy. Actually, more and more companies have started created and posting them on various social media and video sharing platforms like YouTube.

Recruitment videos capture the feel, look, and authenticity of the company in a manner that intrigues the potential candidates. This guide will provide you with ideas on how to make a recruiting video easily.

Part 1: The Fastest Viral Video Making Tool

While the tool is very simple to use, it offers all the features you need to make recruitment video files compatible with Android, Windows, and Mac operating systems.

It is designed so that the users can access the top-rated editing tools and use them in a few clicks. Download it from the official iMyFone Filme website and use it to create recruitment videos through these two methods.

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Method 1: Slides to Videos

iMyFone Filme video maker allows management, conversion, and editing of PowerPoint presentations. After downloading it from the official website and installing it on your computer, you can create presentations, record them, and edit them. Its intuitive drag and drop interface makes the whole process of converting slides to videos easy. Here are the steps to follow.

YouTube Video

Step 1: Click on the "Slides to Video"

After downloading iMyFone Filme and installing it on your computer, launch it and click on the "Slides to Video" button.

choose slide to video option

Step 2: Import Your Media Files

To import your PowerPoint slides, click on the "+" button. Alternatively, you can use the drag and drop features to add all the files you want to convert. Remember to choose the frame rate, the video quality, and duration from the bottom right corner of your computer screen. Click on the "Ok" button.

import your media files

Step 3: Customize It

At this step you can have 2 options:

  • Choose an available template: You just need to choose the template for your video at the Template The designed factors and effects will be automatically applied to your video.

  • Customize your video: You can also set up your video frames and effect by yourself at Customize

choose a template

Step 4: Add Intro and Outro

Choose the Text option in the top toolbar and choose a text style. You can choose the title, subtitle, or any other style for your video and move the Playhead to where you would want the text to appear. Right-click on Apply.

enter text

Step 5: Preview and Export

After adding sound and text to your recruitment video, click on the Export button. A window displaying the desired video settings will pop up. You can import the video to your local storage at this stage. After that, share it with popular social media sites or video sharing sites.

preview and export

Method 2: Text to Video

The second method involves the addition of text to your videos and sharing them. iMyFone Filme allows you to convert recruitment blog posts, text files, articles to engaging customizable videos to fast and easy so that you can reach more audiences. After installing the iMyFone Filme on your computer, here are the steps to follow.

1. Select and Edit the Subtitles of the Videos

Open iMyFone Filme and click on the "Text to video" icon. Apply subtitles and use the tool to edit them. iMyFone Filme can split the subtitles smartly.

click on text to video icon

2. Import the Images You Want

Go to the "File" option, and in the "New Project" choose your desired aspect ratio. Go to "Import" and click on the "Import Files." Drag them from the "My Media" to the timeline.

import images

3. Choose the Template

To choose a template for your recruitment video, open the media library and hit the "Fast Video" option.

When there, choose a template and click on the "Add Your Media" option to continue. Creating a video from scratch can be a challenging task due to the many things you have to take care of.

iMyFone Filme offers many templates to allow the easier creation of videos.

choose the template

4. Customize the Video

At this step, you can add intro and outro for video based on your video theme. Then, click on Done to finish setting up.

add intro and outro

5. Further Fashioning the Video

At this stage, you should rearrange your media files and edit them to elongate or shorten them.

fashion the video

6. Preview and Export

Click on the Export button. Remember to select the file format, the encoder frame rate, the output quality, and the bitrate before you export the video.

export the video

Part 2:The Best Recruitment Videos of 2021

To create the best recruitment video for your company, you have to analyze some of the best videos on the internet today. Here are some of the best recruitment videos of 2021 and the reasons why we believe that they are great.

Notice: These video just for enjoy, do not make secondary creation !

1. Apple

Video link:

YouTube Video

Apple is among the biggest technology companies and one of the companies with the best recruitment videos. In its recruitment video, the company highlights its forward-facing and innovative workflow

2. Fiverr

Video Link:

YouTube Video

Fiverr is among the leading marketplaces for freelancers. While its recruitment video looks like a generic recruitment video, it takes the viewers through slow-motion sequences and finally, the narrator speaks about Fiverr.

3. Ikea: Career Instructions

Video link:

YouTube Video

This Ikea recruitment video is a perfect example of a compelling yet simple and effortless recruitment video. The company does not use any money in media promotions but it reaches over 4,000 applications.

4. Zendesk

Video link:

YouTube Video

Zendesk has the most unique recruitment video. The video is straight to the point and the narrative is quirky and hilarious. This video shows full footage of everything around and inside the head office. It also shows the teams, the departments, and the supporting staff.

5. HubSpot

Video link:

YouTube Video

This software developer has one of the best-recruiting videos. The recruitment video navigates the viewers through various aspects of the company and tells them about the perks, the work and the fun part, the amicable work environment of this company.

Part 3: Effective Ways of Featuring Your Recruitment Video

Every business owner should know the best way to market his/her business to attract the right job candidates. The recruitment video should provide a unique look into the company, the company values, and the work environments. Here are the effective ways of featuring your recruitment video.

1. Focus on the "What You Can Offer Them" for Candidates

Candidates will only apply for a job if they like what your company offers. So, you have to include several facts about the employee incentives, benefits, career advancement opportunities, work culture, and other beneficial components. By doing that, you will get many applications from potential candidates.

show what your company offers

2. Share It on Every Platform

After creating a good recruitment video, you will have to share it on many platforms for maximum engagement. You can share it on social media platforms, your business website, your blog, and your company account on the job listing websites. You may also need to include the video as a paid ad on social media sites or video-sharing platforms.

share on many platforms

3. Review the Recruitment Videos of Your Competitors

Apart from sales and customers, you will also be competing with other companies for the top-tier talent in the industry. So, how your competitors structure their recruitment videos may provide insights into the candidate engagement and the structuring of their videos.

4. Do Not Use Copyrighted Music or Brand-Name Items

Brand-name items include logo T-shirts, mugs, branded technologies, or car brands that do not belong to your company. Also, avoid using copyrighted music and if you must, consult with your legal team to be sure that it will not affect your company negatively.

do not use copyrighted items


Now you know how to make a recruiting video easily. If you are unsure of the qualities of your company to include in your recruitment video, you can thematize several factors, such as free meals, a good work environment, pleasant workspaces, and flat hierarchies. iMyFone Filme will help you come up with the best video at a low cost.

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