Do you want to get the Werner Herzog AI voice? In fact, it is not difficult to create or use some celebrity or your own voice, many AI voice generators now allow you to create and use different AI voices.

werner herzog ai voice

Now more and more people hope to use Werner Herzog AI sounds for various purposes with the help of advanced artificial intelligence technology. In this article, we will discuss three of the most effective text-to-speech AI voice generators - VoxBox and others to let the Werner Herzog AI voice speak what you want to say.

Listen to Werner Herzog AI Voice Generated by VoxBox


Part 1: Werner Herzog AI Voice Introduction

Werner Herzog is a prominent figure in the German film industry. Herzog directed more than sixty feature films and documentaries, including such classics as Aguirre, The Wrath of God and Fitzcarraldo. He was innovative in his filmmaking, such as not using storyboards and improvising, allowing the cast and crew to immerse themselves in the same experience as the characters in the film.

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Herzog not only has extraordinary achievements in film but is also accomplished in shaping visual and literary arts. He wrote many books, directed many operas, and often narrated. Werner Herzog's iconic voice often adds points to the works, it is a layered and artistic voice. So now many people use his voice to create content to increase the work's appeal.

Part 2: Top 3 Poplular Werner Herzog AI Voice Generators

1. iMyFone VoxBox

iMyFone VoxBox is an AI Voice Generator which creates customized, lifelike AI voices for content creators and make content creation greater with over 3,200 lifelike text-to-speech voices in 46+ languages and its AI voice cloning with 98% accuracy. It is compatible with the following platforms and devices: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

voxbox product interface


Free trial available; After 2000 free characters, there is various affordable Pricing plan for all needs.

Key Features:

  • 3,200+ voices including celebrities, actors, and YouTubers.

  • 77+ languages and 100+ national accents are available for users around the world.

  • Works with most applications, e.g. audiobooks, podcast, IVR, game, etc.

  • All-in-one: supports text-to-speech, voice cloning, recording, rap generation, conversion, and editing.

  • User Friendly: Easy to use or customize voice as you want.

  • Support exporting different audio files in multiple formats at once.

How to Use Werner Herzog AI Voice Generator - VoxBox:

    Step 1: Download and install VoxBox, then open it and head to "Voice Cloning".

    voxbox voice clone step 1

    Step 2: Upload Werner Herzog Audio files.

    voxbox voice clone step 2

    Step 3: Click "Start Cloning" and wait seconds.

    voxbox voice clone step 3

    Step 4: When the Voice is Cloned, Use it in the Text to Speech Feature.

    voxbox voice clone step 4

Bonus Tips

Watch this video to learn more about voice cloning
voxbox youtube video

2. is a platform for creating AI Song Covers. It leverages AI technology to generate AI mixes in seconds from user-uploaded AI voice models. The process includes selecting the AI model and inputting the required music or vocals, and the operation is very simple.

voicifyai website interface

In addition to AI mixing technology, it also supports Text-to-Speech or customized AI voice models. It is a platform for sharing speech models. You can use speech models uploaded by anyone. You can also upload your work to UGC for everyone to enjoy and discuss. is an open, shared platform.


Credits: $7.99/month; Creator: $24.99/month (originally $34.99); Power User: $89.99/month.

Key Features:

  • Multiple AI voice models.

  • Support AI music cover, Text to speech.

  • Generate high-quality AI cover songs in seconds.

  • Free Check of UGC content in the Community.

  • Support to customize AI model.

How to Use Werner Herzog AI Voice Generator - Voicify.AI:

    Step 1: Open Website.

    Step 2: Choose your preferred Werner Herzog AI voice model.

    Step 3: Choose Text to Speech and Enter the text to convert.

    voicifyai werner herzog ai voice


ElevenLabs is a software that provides multi-functional AI Voice Services. It lets you customize the tone of your voice and even choose usage scenarios to generate high-quality audio.

Its Voice Cloning technology allows users to clone realistic voices from one-minute audio samples. The platform also has a Text-to-Speech (TTS) model that quickly converts text into professional-grade audio.

elevenlabs website interface


Creator: $11/month (originally $22); Independent Publisher: $99/month.

Key Features:

  • Voice Generation: TTS and STT.

  • Text-to-Speech Feature is available in 29 languages.

  • Voice Cloning(English Only): Instant Voice Cloning and Professional Voice Cloning.

  • Online Tool, No need to download.

  • Many Voices can be used from the Voice Library.

How to Use Werner Herzog AI Voice Generator - ElevenLabs:

    Step 1: Open Eleven Labs Website.

    Step 2: Choose VoiceLab, then Clone Voice Tab.

    Step 3: Choose VoiceLab, then Clone Voice Tab.

    Step 4: When the Voice is Cloned, Use it in the Text to Speech Feature.

    elevenlabs voice clone feature interface

Part 3: Applications of AI Voice Generators

AI voice generators can bring help and convenience to various fields, not only providing innovative solutions but also enhancing user experience. For example, Werner Herzog AI voice is used to generate electronic audiobooks, giving the text a more attractive color.

3.1 Education Purpose:

AI Voice generators are widely used in the educational field, such as audiobooks and podcasts. Sound adds a layer of appeal to educational content, making learning more enjoyable through both visual and auditory stimulation. This also shows that artificial intelligence has huge potential to significantly improve our education system.

3.2 Entertainment Purpose:

In the entertainment industry, artificial intelligence speech generators have important uses. In this era of self-media, people use AI voices to create realistic video character dubbing or provide background narration for videos. This undoubtedly greatly reduces the time and cost of creation and brings great convenience to content creators.

3.3 Business Purpose:

AI voice generators can also be extended to the commercial field. They can provide voiceovers for chatbots, such as navigation systems, intelligent voice assistants, etc. Whether facilitating smart customer service interactions or enhancing smart home applications, this not only delivers a unique and personalized experience but also makes everyday tasks more enjoyable and efficient.

3.4 Other Purpose:

AI speech generators play a very important role, which is to improve the way visually impaired people communicate and obtain information. Adding AI voice to assistive technology can help create a more inclusive and accessible environment, thereby improving the ability of visually impaired people to access information.

Part 4: FAQ About Werner Herzog AI Voice

Who is the voice of the AI poetry collection?

The voice of the first AI poetry collection "I Am Code" is the legendary German director Werner Herzog. "I Am Code" is the world's first collection of poems generated by artificial intelligence. When three editors of the poetry collection came to invite him to record an audiobook, he replied, "They told me that I was not the best choice. I It’s the only option.

How many languages does Werner Herzog speak?

Werner Herzog's language skills are very outstanding. He can speak a total of 6 languages, namely Bavarian, German, English, Spanish, French, and Greek.

What was Herzog's first short film?

Herzog directed the German short film "Hercules" in 1962, which was his first short film.


It's very easy to create Werner Herzog AI Voice using AI voice generation tools. Artificial intelligence has received a lot of attention because it provides convenience to people and saves energy and time. Therefore, you can use the best text-to-speech artificial intelligence tool - iMyFone VoxBox, and make full use of Werner Herzog AI voice to improve the quality of your work.

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