The Japanese OCR is a technology that helps you to recognize the text and characters inside an image. It will identify and extract Japanese text from the images if you struggle to read the text.

People use OCR Japanese if they are unfamiliar with the language, so they extract the text and use any translator to understand what is written in the image. People often want to capture Japanese text from images so they can use it in the documented form to send it to someone.

In this article, we will be resolving your issue and guide you on how to copy Japanese text from any image. We will discuss the best Japanese OCR tools and their specifications in detail.

Top 10 OCR Japanese Tools To Extract Japanese Text From Image

In this part, we will discuss the top 10 OCR tools to get Japanese text from images. You will learn about the tools, mainly their working capability.

1) iMyFone VoxBox

VoxBox is a free AI voice generator with other features, including OCR Japanese. It has a user-friendly interface offering most of the features in the free version. If you are facing difficulty reading the text from an image, it will directly extract it for you.

It supports multiple audio, image, and video formats for the conversion. It has a support of 46+ languages so you can extract the text other than Japanese. It is a well-known tool because of its minimal probability of errors and accurate data extraction. You can instantly convert the extracted text to any AI voice for an audio source.

Let’s see some quick steps to extract Japanese text from the image.

Step 1:  Download iMyFone VoxBox on your PC and install it.

Step 2: Launch it and select Text-To-Speech if not selected by default. It will allow you to write the text or import any Doc, PDF, JPG, or other formats from where it will extract the text directly.

Step 3: Click Import Text on the top and select the image you want to extract. Click Open to execute the import process.

capture japanese text from image

Step 4: It will ask you to select the language of your selected image. Click the drop-down arrow and select Japanese from the list. Hit Extract and wait a few minutes to get the text in the box.

text extraction japanese


yesiMyFone VoxBox is a user-friendly tool.

yesIt has multiple language support.

yesCompatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android.


noThe free version has limited features.

2) Yomiwa

Yomiwa is a Japanese-to-English dictionary that lets you capture the picture immediately and get the extracted text. It is made to give you the English translation of written Japanese in the picture. You can also export any previously captured image.

text extraction japanese


yesConverts the Japanese extracted text to any language.

yesIt shows the accurate translations.

yesSupports Android devices.


noIt doesn’t support iOS

noIt may sometimes not detect the actual text from the image.

3) Nanonets

Nanonets is a bigger platform that is specially designed as OCR software. It can extract the text from complex documents like invoices, ID cards, passports, etc. It has support for over 120+ languages.

japanese ocr


yesou can integrate it with other apps like Gmail and others via Zapier.

yesIt has different language support.

yesThe customer service is extremely quick.


noThe pricing is not justified as per the service provided.

noIt may not extract the accurate text every time.

noYou may face some bugs while using it.

4) Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF editor is a famous PDF viewer easily accessible on your phones and desktops. It allows users to edit, sign, and convert the PDF instantly. It has a feature to OCR a PDF document. You can convert the captured JPG to PDF form and perform Japanese OCR to extract the text.

ocr japanese


yesIt offers online storage to the users.

yesYou can modify any document you want.

yesIt can compress your original file to a smaller one.


noIt is a bit difficult to use.

noWorks slowly as compared to other OCR tools.

5) Kanji Tomo

Kanji Tomo is a desktop Japanese OCR tool with many kanji letters listed. You can easily identify and extract your required ones.

japanese text from image


yesFree to use

yesNo expertise is required to use it.

yesIt has a straightforward interface.


noDoesn’t support document files.

noIt has a limit to extract a few letters from the image.

6) Parseur

Parseur is another platform for quick OCR of emails, PDFs, and images. You can extract Japanese text from images as much as you want because it supports bulk processing. It has several other features, such as data automation, to minimize human efforts.

extract japanese text from image


yesIt has different language support.

yesYou can input the data in various formats.


noIt sometimes doesn’t accept the file or extract the text.

noIt may fail to identify a few common languages.

7) Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a well-known PDF viewer compatible with all operating systems. You can directly import the pdf form image and click the Recognize Text icon to extract Japanese text. The free version of Adobe Acrobat doesn’t give you the OCR tool, so you must subscribe to their plan to use it.


yesPowerful and accurate conversions.

yesMultiple files can be managed simultaneously.

yesAutomatic conversion support.


noIt has a few languages support.

noIt has a complex interface.

8) FreeOCR

FreeOCR is developed to extract the Kanji character from an image, PDF, or scanned document. It allows the users to export Japanese text from an image to a Word document. It uses the advanced Tesseract OCR engine and supports only Windows OS.

best japanese ocr


yesYou can get the output in other forms.

yesFree to use.

yesHighly efficient for Kanji character extraction.


noYou can only manage a single file at a time.

noIt takes time to load files.

9) Easy Screen OCR

Easy Screen OCR has over a hundred languages supported. You can import the image and select the targeted language for the desired text. It is a Google-based OCR that is more accurate than others.

capture japanese text from image


yesEasy to use.

yesIt only takes 2-3 clicks to extract the text.

yesVariety of language support.


noNot integrated with other apps.

noIt has a few features available in the free version.

10) i2OCR

i2OCR is an online platform to get Japanese text from images. It has features to edit, format, and translate the text quickly. You can upload the image directly or use the URL feature.

copy japanese text from image


yesAllows you to translate the text to any other language.

yesSupports up to 60+ languages.

yesCompatible with all devices.


noIt only supports image OCR.

noIt has a less responsive webpage.

Which Tool Is The Best Japanese OCR To Get Japanese Text From Image

We have mentioned the top 10 tools, but iMyFone VoxBox is the best Japanese OCR to get the text from an image within a few clicks. VoxBox is a diverse tool, offering multiple features on a single platform. It also offers a speech-to-text feature that you can use to convert any Japanese interview or TED talk into text.

It gives you a huge variety of file formats to upload and extract. Moreover, it captures the exact Japanese text from the image without any errors.  


There is a huge list of Japanese OCR tools, but not everyone provides accurate conversions. In this chaos, iMyFone VoxBox can be the one to deliver you the desired output. You must choose a well-organized and powerful tool to save you time.