Recently, Narakeet has gained wide attention. Many people are discussing Narakeet Text to Speech. But do you know what Narakeet is? Don't worry, in this Blog I will tell you what Narakeet is and the best alternatives to it. After using and experiencing many text to speech softwares, my top choice for Narakeet replacement is iMyFone VoxBox, and let's see why!

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Click on the panel below to try VoxBox, the best alternative to narakeet text to speech, for free. You can try it to generate a more natural india voice than narakeet text to speech hindi!



Part 1: Overview Of Narakeet

1) What Is Narakeet?

Narakeet is an online text-to-speech platform that can not only convert text to speech, but also create voice-overs for video content. Narakeet provides an alternative to traditional voice recording, editing, and more. When used as a video presentation creation feature, Narakeet can convert presentations from PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote into videos with integrated voiceovers. This is the basic situation of Narakeet.


Key features of Narakeet:

  • Text to Audio, online voice generator

  • Slides to Video, text to speech video maker

  • Markdown to Video

  • Developer APIs, Command line tools, Automate Audio/Video Production

Pricing Plan:

Subscription accounts are great for large organizations, yearly budgeting, vendor onboarding, and paying for multiple users. Monthly or yearly recurring payments based on usage or number of users. And you need to request a quote for a Subscription account.

Top-up accounts are great for individuals, and small teams, and getting started easily—top-up on demand, without set-up fees, subscriptions, or recurring costs.

The Packages Plan of the Topup account:

30 minutes USD 6
300 minutes USD 45
1000 minutes USD 100
1500 minutes USD 200
10000 minutes USD 500

2) Narakeet AI Voice Review

Narakit's text-to-speech tool has a lot of features. It offers a wide variety of sounds, all of high quality and natural sound. With a wide variety of voices to choose from, including male, female and children's voices, Narakeet's tools provide high-quality and natural sounds that will bring your words to life. However, with over 30 sounds to choose from, you are sure to find one that suits your needs. You can adjust the speed, pitch, and volume of your sound to suit your needs.

Narakeet not only offers a range of sounds, but also a user-friendly experience. Enter text and select a sound to generate audio content. No complex process or technical knowledge is required. The tool is easy to use, making it suitable for writers of all skill levels.

narakeet features

Narakit's text-to-speech tool is more than just speech selection. With its custom features, you can make your own audio content. Narakeet allows you to include effects, such as background music or sound effects, to enhance your audio content.

All in all, Narakeet text-to-speech tools are a powerful and versatile resource for writers. Features a wide variety of sounds, high-quality sound, and a user-friendly interface. Whether you're making a marketing video, tutorial, or podcast, this tool can help you.

Part 2: How to Use Narakeet Text to Speech?

Narakeet Text to Speech is an online text-to-speech tool that you can use to complete text conversion very conveniently. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use it. It only takes four simple steps to complete!

How to Use Narakeet Text to Speech?

    Step 1: First, enter the Narakeet website and go to the “Audio to Speech” feature.

    Step 2: Then you can select language, voice, and customized language sounds (VOLUME, SPEED, FORMAT). Note that OUTPUT selects "single audio file" because others require payment.

    how to use narakeet guide1

    Step 3: Then enter or import your text, but note that without an account, you can upload files up to 10 MB, containing up to 1 KB of narration text.

    how to use narakeet guide2

    Step 4: Finally, click "create audio" and then click download.

Part 3: Best Narakeet Text To Speeh Alternative Software

While Narakeet Text to Speech is a powerful text to speech tool, it is not the first choice for producing high-quality audio content. It's important to note that some sounds may only be available in certain languages. Fortunately, there are many alternative TTS applications that offer comparable or even superior performance. Among them, VoxBox is the main alternative worth considering!


VoxBox contains ALL the voices and languages of Narakeet, and provides more voice and language choices for all of you.

iMyFone VoxBox - Best Narakeet Alternative

iMyFone VoxBox is an AI-powered voice generator that quickly converts your text into lifelike speech. VoxBox has a massive collection of 3,200+ AI voices, including 100+ accent types in 46+ languages, catering to a variety of applications including e-learning, podcasting, marketing, audiobooks, IVR, and more.

voxbox product interface

You can also use the convenience of VoxBox to record audio and edit audio, and it’s free for life. You can even use VoxBox’s AI script generation, multi-person dubbing, Rap song generation, voice enhancement and other functions, all of which you can get with one-click download.

Listen to the Hindi Voice & Indian English on the VoxBox.

    0:00 /0:04
    0:00 /0:02

Key Features:

  • 77+ global languages like Spanish, Japanese, German.

  • 100+ accents like a British accent and a Chile accent, Aussie accent,etc.

  • 3200+ voices including real voices of male and female models.

  • Multiple functions like voice record, generate, convert, speech-to-text, voice clone and edit.

  • You can export the file in different audio formats, like MP3, WAV, etc.

  • More Parameters like Pause, Pitch, Emphasisc, Volume, Speed, etc.

  • Provides 2000 free characters to convert indian voice text to speech.


People have reviewed this app for being user-friendly and simple to use. The variety of languages and voices helps them to bring entertainment to their lives. Moreover, VoxBox also has voice recording and editing features that no other TTS tool provides.


Pricing Plan:

Plan Price
1-month Plan: 250K characters $15.95
1-year Plan: 800K characters (1-year validly) $44.95
Lifetime Plan: 2000K characters (unlimited validly) $80.95

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Part 4: FAQs About Narakeet

1. Is Narakeet free?

Narakeet has a Free Trial, but if you want to use more features you need to get a commercial account and top-up money.

2. Which is the best Hindi text-to-speech tool?

Narakeet is a good choice because it is a web-based tool and convenient to access. But for the Indian accent and Urdu language, the vox box is the One Pick choice.


In short, Narakeet is very convenient to use as an online TTS, but if you are looking for a more professional AI Voice Generator, then my suggestion is iMyFone VoxBox. It not only has perfect TTS functions, but can also be used as an audio editor for free for life. What are you still hesitating about? Download it now!

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