A video fighting game based on the Dragon Ball franchise - Dragon Ball FighterZ has garnered positive reviews from critics for the game's combat system, character roster, visuals, story mode, and music, making it the most popular fighting game.

In this article, we'll look at how you can use Dragon Ball text-to-speech to bring even more engagement to your video game commentary, cause It's clear that video games have become an interactive storytelling medium

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Listen to Goku AI Voice Free start Dragon Ball text to speech 2000 characters.


Part 1:Info of The Dragon Ball FighterZ

The Dragon Ball Super Universe is between the "Sixth Universe" and the "Future Trunks" saga. Goku awakening beside the Bulma, who urgently beckons you to confront Earth's imminent crisis. At the heart of this narrative lies Cyborg 21, the game's central antagonist. Originally an ordinary human, her fate takes a sinister turn as the Red Ribbon Army transforms her into a powerful Cyborg, driven by her son's connection to Cyborg 16.

Upon her awakening, Cyborg 21's sinister plot unfolds. She resurrects iconic foes like Frieza, Cell, Nappa, and the Ginyu forces, sealing the power and essence of Earth's mightiest fighters using the formidable Dragon Balls. To quell these insatiable threats, she and Cyborg 16 devise a groundbreaking link system, a brainchild of Dr. Gero.

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Part 2: Top 8 Fighter Characters from Dragon Ball FighterZ

Experience a game that intrigues both newcomers and genre veterans. With accessible character controls and powerful combos, these fighters shine in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Whether you're a novice seeking a challenge or a seasoned player, these characters stand out as the pinnacle of the game's roster.

Gohan: a powerhouse in Dragon Ball FighterZ. With swift descent, extended reach in normal attacks, and an overhead cross-up, Gohan shines. Harness his potential, and you possess a top-tier character.

Frieza: a character defined by powerful normal attacks that seamlessly chain into impressive combos. Unlike Cell's grabbing tactics, Frieza excels in long-range projectile attacks, enabling strategic zoning.

Cell: race is Bio Android, Cell is hailed by the Dragon Ball FighterZ community for his all-around prowess. Resembling his anime counterpart, Cell poses a formidable challenge with far-reaching attacks. Novices find his playstyle accessible, while seasoned fighters relish his intricate combos, offering both entry and depth.

Android 16: Utilize block string canceling for punishing grabs and combos. Leverage armor-based attacks for strategic turnarounds. Approach with caution in his presence.

Kid Buu: His supportive role in the front. boasting extensive reach in normal attacks, remarkable super move combos, and substantial damage output, he's a force to be reckoned with.

Goku Black: has a full-screen command grab, and extensive combo potential. His versatile abilities, like a sizable hitbox and unmatched teleportation with Instant Transmission, make him an ideal choice for beginners and a tactical challenge for opponents.

Hit: a character shrouded in both potential and skepticism. Mastering his diagona

Beerus: With remarkable low-level super moves and strategic pressure tactics, he excels. Masterful players capitalize on his underrated prowess, catching opponents off-guard. However, his assistance skills fall short.

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Part 3: How Dragon Ball Text to Speech Get AI Voice to Video Game?

1) VoxBox

iMyFone VoxBox is the best text-to-speech for Dragon Ball AI voices, differentiate the tone and expression of an evil character from a hero or a silly character by choosing an AI voice that best fits the character’s personality, get the best voice to make a voiceover for your video game.

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How Get Dragon Ball AI Voice?

    Step 1: Download & Install VoxBox

    Step 2: Choose "Text-to-Speech", and choose the voices from DBFZ

    Step 3: Type the script for your video game

    Step 4: Click the "convert" to generate audio, then export the voiceover.

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  • 3200+ AI voices for YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch text to speech.

  • 77+ languages and 100+ accents for global overdub.

  • Not only for voice generation but also supported text transcription.

  • Popular audio formats like WAV and MP3. etc.

  • Supported PDF & DOC, etc text format

  • Custom AI voices via voice cloning.

  • For E-learning, audiobooks, podcasts, Explainer Videos


yesEasy to use interface, making the whole process very beginner friendly.

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In this article, we introduce Dragon Ball FighterZ, the video fighting game spin-off based on the anime Dragon Ball, and we also discuss the best use of characters in the game, Dragon Ball FighterZ.

If you want to do voiceovers for your game video content or want to Choose more character voices to bring attractive voiceovers to your youtube and twitch live broadcasts, then iMyFone VoxBox is your best choice.