Can you speak Japanese but cannot write it? Don't worry! Try online speech to text converter Japanese. It is a valuable tool to turn your speech into a flawless, punctuation error-free piece of Japanese text. And it can add Japanese substitle for your videos as well.

Well, in this guide, we will let you know some offline and online Japanese speech to text generators that will help solve your problem. So, let's walk through them.

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Part 1: What is Japanese Speech to Text?

Japanese speech to text is a term that refers to the process of converting any audio or video into written Japanese text. It is a speech to text software or program that can take your words in the form of speech.

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The tools are designed to convert Japanese speech to text. They take an audio or video file, analyze and transform it into the form of a transcript. It is also known as speech to text generator, voice to text translator, voice to text converter for you to make Japanese content.

Part 2: Best & Free Japanese Speech to Text Converter Software

Because online tools rely on the internet, the experience may degrade when the network connection is poor. Additionally, online tools may not offer high levels of security. Therefore, we will first introduce a free Japanese speech-to-text software. You can perform Japanese speech-to-text conversion on your device anytime, anywhere, without relying on the internet.

iMyFone VoxBox

VoxBox is the right option for you to convert speech into text in Japanese or any language anytime. It is equipped with a large number of language options, which are also compatible with PC and mobile devices, completing your voice to text conversion wherever.

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How to Use Offline Japanese Speech to Text Converter VoxBox:

#Step 1: Download VoxBox and install it. Below button can help you do that.

#Step 2: Go to "Speech to Text", add your file and upload it, choose "Japanese" into the language bar and click "Convert".

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#Step 3: After the text is generated, you can copy or export the content.

Key Features:

  • It includes more than 46+ global languages, such as Spanish, French, Japanese, etc.

  • VoxBox supports to import both audio and video files.

  • Over 100 accents for natives.

  • Accurately recognize words and pronunciations in audios.

  • A muti-funtional voice generator, including TTS, STT, voice cloning, audio editing, noise reduction, and more.

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yes3200+ voices for Japanese TTS.

yesConverts speech into text in minutes.

yesFree duration provided for STT conversion.

yesNot relying on the internet, 100% secure.


noLimited features are available in the free version. However, it still allows free conversion of Japanese speech into text.

User Review:

  • People appreciate this software for its easy installation and operation. The user-friendly interface makes it the best choice for beginners and professionals.


The best voice generator iMyFone VoxBox not only easily converts Japanese speech to text, but also supports Japanese text to speech function, download now and try it for free!

Watch this video to learn more about the Best Speech to Text Tool VoxBox:

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Part 3: 3 Best Online Japanese Speech to Text Converters

Here are some of the best online speech to text converter Japanese tools.

1. ConvertSpeech - Japanese language Voice to Text

It is one of the best online speech to text converters in Japanese. It is known for its high-quality output. Convertspeech includes a wide range of voices available in 40+ languages. All you need to do is to upload a file, select languages, and wait for a while for processing. In a while, it will offer a transcript of your audio file.

convertspeech online japanese speech to text converter

Here are some notable features of Convertspeech:

Key Features:

  • It gives you a wide range of options to upload a file. You can upload the audio file, video files, MP3, MP4, WAV, FLAC as well as M4A is supported.

  • Once you upload and select the language, your file will automatically convert to text.

  • It is a simple software without any mandatory registration, no contractual obligation, etc.

  • You get to enjoy the ads-free process.


yes It is easy to use.

yes Features a user-friendly interface.

yes You can choose from more than 40 languages.


noOnly limited features are available in the free version.

noThe free version only allows uploading files that are no larger than 15MB.

User Review:

  • According to the user, it is an ideal tool for simple or professional use. It has efficient AI technology that accurately converts speech into text without punctuation and grammatical error.

2. - Transcribe Japanese Audio to Text

It is another online Japanese speech to text converter. is easy to use and gracefully transforms speech into Japanese text. It is designed mainly to offer everything to make a professional speech. speech to text japanese

Following are some notable features of the speech to text converter.

Key Features:

  • It has highly accurate results without grammar and punctuation errors.

  • converts speech into text in more than 35 languages, such as Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, etc.

  • It is an efficient voice converter that takes the speech as input and produces the written text in a matter of 5 minutes.

  • Conveniently search and analyze all your transcripts for qualitative analysis and coding.

  • The addition of multi-user permission makes it convenient to share transcripts among the team members.

  • It is a useful online platform that plays a crucial role in generating video's subtitles and captions in minutes.


yesIt is easy to use.

yesHighly interactive interface.

yesIdeal for beginners.


noSome users find it a bit expensive.

no Registration is required before use.

User Review:

  • People consider it a good choice to get accurate text into any language. It is super accurate and makes our lives much easier.

3. - Voice to Japanese Text Converter is a legit online speech to text converter Japanese which has gained a reputable ranking since its emergence. It is a valuable tool that offers over 30 languages at an affordable price. The best thing about this service is that they are constantly improving their services.

unicode converter stt japanese

Key Features:

  • Here are considerable features of, which makes it rank among the top online speech to text converter Japanese text to speech converters.

  • You can have great control over the pitch as well as the speed of the speech.

  • It also features a volume control button that helps increase or decrease volume according to your choice.

  • This online tool also facilitates you to download written speech in different fonts.

  • You are facilitated with the option to upload files in the form of audio or video.


yesIt is an easy-to-use online speech to text converter.

yesProduces high-quality output without errors.

yesInteractive interface.


noIt requires high-speed internet for efficient response.

noThe page content is somewhat cluttered, resulting in a less-than-optimal user experience.

User Review:

  • Users consider this website one of its kind due to its wide range of options. It allows downloading the text in different languages as well as different fonts.

Part 4: FAQs about Japanese Speech to Text Converter

1. What is the best speech to text converter for Japanese?

There is many online speech to text converters Japanese always in the market, but they all require high-speed internet. Considering this fact, VoxBox is the best tool. You can download it on your PC and use it anytime you want without requiring the internet.

2. Is there any Japanese Audio to Text Converter?

Yes, there are many tools available such as VoxBox. It can detect speech in different languages and convert it into text.

3. Can I use any software to make a speech to text for the Japanese language?

No, you cannot use any software blindly because not every software does not include the Japanese language. There is special software available for the purpose, including VoxBox.


As the world has become a global village due to digitalization, it has become inevitable to produce content or text in different languages. If you are dealing with language problems, try VoxBox.

It is the best software that helps convert japanese speech to text in a matter of minutes. You can also rely on an online speech to text converter Japanese, but VoxBox is a better option as it is an all-in-one tool and have a greater ability to identify the audios.