People are choosing to learn new skills and one of the simplest ways to learn something online is through audio and video recording. Many people respond well to visual media because of their education or fun strategies. However, it's a fact that viewers will stop watching the video because of bad voice-over audio. When you are new to learn video editing, you may face difficulties to sync audio and video. Different creative ways will guide you to sync video and audio. So if you want to know how to import and sync audio as well as video files, check out the tools given below.

How to Sync Audio and Video in Premiere?

Premiere is one of the ideal software that is designed for those users who want to enhance their work. Sync audio premiere is a perfect tool as it offers a variety of features that lets users do more than basic editing. You can adjust colors, fine-tune audio and use it as a premiere pro sync audio tool. The tool is integrated with Adobe products that help users to edit and create classy videos with engaging audio. The sync audio and video premiere allow users to create a timeline of video and sync every aspect of audio as well as video.

adobe voice sync


Here are some specifications of the sync audio premiere tool for smooth video editing.

1. Responsive Interface:

Sync audio and video premiere have user-friendly and responsive interfaces that permit users to work with effectiveness, productivity, and efficiency. The developers keep updating the tool to make it more responsive.

2. Integrated Work Process:

Users can create a smooth workflow because of the integrated work process of the premiere. The team members are given a simple way to connect with sync audio premiere. So the users can share their points with the managers, and they can monitor the work effectively.

3. Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) Support:

Virtual reality has become a trend these days, and with its popularity, video editors require such tools that help them in exclusive creation. The premiere pro sync audio has backup features for users for VR editing.

4. Support Different File Formats:

Sync audio and video premiere are now improved to support multiple video formats, and users can undergo a conversion process. It means that users can add videos directly from the device without converting them to any other format.


yesManagement of colors

yesAdd animations

yesFast export

yesTrim footage professionally

Steps to Sync Audio and Video:

To learn about how to sync audio and video in the premiere, follow these simple steps.

  • Choose tracks in the project folder and right-click to select merge clips.

  • Set audio as a synchronization point and check the box that displays "remove audio from the clip". In this way, the software will use on-camera audio and line up the external audio source. Now remove on-camera audio, and only synced original video clips will be left.

  • The next step is to merge clips to make a sequence. Now, you will have a synced audio track paired with video, and you can edit it as the regular clip.

Sync Audio and Video in iMovie:

iMovie is a video editing software that is designed for macOS and iOS to create storytelling movies. Users can use studio logos and credit rolls to make creative and unique content. Moreover, users can also exercise their creative side by learning how to sync audio and video in iMovie. This video editing tool supports 4k video resolution and is easy to use. iMovie was designed for iPad and iPhone users to create quick videos. The iMovie sync audio allows users to sync their audios and videos creatively.

imovie voice sync

Key Features:

1. Custom Elements:

iMovie makes the production of movies and trailers easy. You can add cast names and studio logos to the project. There are different suitable templates for a variety of genres to create an elegant video mood.

2. Enhancements and Effects:

Users of iMovie can improve their video by using built-in effects and video enhancement features. The app includes eight themes and ten filters with sound effects and music. Moreover, it allows users to add voice overs to their videos.

3. Easy Sharing:

iMovie sync audio makes users able to showcase their skills by sharing life moments with others. You can use AirDrop, iCloud Drive, and video-sharing platforms to share videos with a wide audience.


yesAutomated video editing

yesReal-time titling

yesMusic and photo import

yesPre-built import and themes


Many of us want to know how to sync audio and video in iMovie. If you don't have an idea about its use, here we have mentioned simple steps to do this task simply:

Step 1: Tap on the application menu on your device and double-click on the iMovie application icon.

Step 2: Click on file and import movies in iMovie.

Step 3: Tap on advanced from the iMovie file and click on the extract audio button.

Step 4: Choose an audio file and tap on edit from the menu. The next step is to select and trim the audio clip to sync up the video.

Step 5: Tap on the file and save it on your device.

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How to Sync Audio and Video in VLC?

The VLC media player is the most popular software that is in use for VLC audio-video sync. It is an amazing tool that supports different formats without downloading or purchasing additional features. You can use it to optimize video, and it also supports MPEG and DivC streaming.

audio delay vlc

Key Features:

If you are about to use VLC sync audio with video, here are some features of this tool you should keep in mind.

  • You can use it to connect or create a video stream.

  • Anyone can control VLC using shortcuts on the keyboard.

  • Users can adjust sync audio video VLCaccording to their preference.

  • You don't need any kind of codec installation to read video and music files.

  • The tool supports different file formats.

  • It is compatible with iOS.


yes4k or HD video support

yesVideo speed change

yesAutomated video editing

Steps to Sync Audio and Video:

If you want to learn how to sync audio in VLC, follow these steps:

  • Make sure that the video is playing, and if audio is required to be slow down, press "k" or hotkey from your keyboard.

  • Pressing the hotkey will slow down or speed up audio by 50 milliseconds. The number of milliseconds will be incremented when you continue pressing this button. Slow down or speed up the timing of the video and adjust the audio according to your needs.

  • Add the audio that you want in your content, and after syncing, save it to the device.

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A Better Way to Sync Audio and Video - IMyFone Filme:

IMyFone Filme is the best way to sync audio and video. Whether you are a beginner or professional, Filme makes it easy to do editing in an exclusive way. This tool provides multiple presets such as overlays, filters, transitions, and effects to tell a powerful story. So you can say IMyFone Filme is the leading editor for audio and videos. You can easily edit your audio and video in no time by using this easy-to-use tool.

imyfone filme editor

Filme Features:

1. Easy to Use:

The Filme has a simple and user-friendly interface, and you can install it in your windows as it is free.

2. Instant Preview:

The best thing about this tool is you don't need to wait until the end to preview your work.

3. One-Click Fast Mode:

You can use fast video mode to create exceptional videos for your events.

4. Abundant Effects:

Filme has plentiful creative effects and resources. You can simply add animations and filters to tell your story.

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yesPlentiful effects

yesRoyalty-free music

yesAdvanced editing options

yesScreen recording feature

Steps to Sync Audio and Video with Filme:

  • Go to the menu and move the pointer to the new project. After that, select the desired aspect ratio.


  • Tap on import files and choose the video you want to edit. Drag video clip from media player to the timeline.

  • Now import the sound effects and drag them to the timeline.

filme voice changing

  • You can adjust the sound effect duration and sync the audio and video to the instant where you want to adjust it. Tap on the scissor icon in the timeline and drag the audio to make it longer or shorter.

detach and sync audio filme

  • Check the video preview and add more video effects if you want. Go to the export button and tap on the export video.

filme export audio

Final Words:

Sometimes it becomes necessary to record video and audio separately. Therefore, you have to use an external recorder to sync audio premiere or video professionally. The above-mentioned tools make it pretty easy with just a button click. However, the IMyFone Filme is one of the best choices if you are about to sync audio and video to make it more appealing. Using an exceptional video editor is the ultimate way to meet your purposes. So if you are looking to sync audio and video, you can choose these tools.

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