Do you want to use the best AI cartoon generator from text? Then don’t go anywhere, as we’re exploring the top nine tools you can use effortlessly. Each tool has thousands of fans and has received 5-star ratings on different online platforms.

ai cartoon generator from text

The best part? All of them are fun to use. That’s not it. We know you want something more, so we’ve decided to give you a bonus too. At the end, we will also discuss how you can give cute voices to cartoon characters just by using VoxBox.

Part 1: What is an AI Cartoon Generator From Text?

AI Cartoon Generator from text” is a tool/platform that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to generate cartoon images or illustrations based on textual descriptions. The advanced NLP analyzes the text input and then generates cartoon-like images according to it.

Fun, right?

Note that you can use an AI Cartoon generator for various creative purposes, such as creating illustrations for stories and comics. Some people are using it to create personalized avatars as well.

ai cartoon from text

Comparison Of AI Cartoon Generator From Text

We’ve shortlisted the top nine text to cartoon AI generators for you. Here is the comparison table first to give you an overview:

Comparison Of AI Cartoon Generator From Text

AI Cartoon Generator Best For Free Version Time Free Version Offers Price of Paid Plans Top 3 Paid Features
AnimaGenius Versatility and Dynamic Styles Limited Basic cartoon creation Basic: $9/month; Plus: $29/month; Pro: $59/month; Diverse artistic styles, Emotion recognition, Face swap.
Midjourney Narrative-Driven Cartoons Basic Storyboarding, Dynamic scene transitions Basic Plan: $10; Standard Plan: $30; Pro Plan: $60; Mega Plan: $130 AI story suggestions, Educational applications, Realistic character expressions
Fotor Ease of Use and Quick Results Limited Quick cartoon creation Pro: $3.33/month Pro Plus: $7.49/month Customizable cartoon styles, One-click animation, Social media integration
Picsart Expressive cartoons Free version available Extensive creative tools Plus: $5/month Pro Plus: $7/month Remix feature, Vibrant community, Educational resources Realistic Cartoons and AI Learning Limited High-resolution output Premium: €20.00/month AI-driven efficiency, Adaptive AI styles, Professional editing tools
Gemoo Simplicity and Expressiveness Free version available Quick cartoon generation Starting at $4.99/month Responsive animation controls, Fast processing, batch processing Versatility Free version available Broad cartoon style selection $5/month Multifunctional platform, batch processing, Educational integration Innovative AI Styles and Real-Time Collaboration Limited AI story suggestions $5.99 per month Adaptive AI styles, Quick processing, Multilingual support
MakeGirlsMoe Creating female characters Free version available Inclusive character designs Free Realistic expressions, Dynamic poses, Advanced facial features

Part 3: Top 9 AI Cartoon Generator From Text in 2024

More and more people are now using AI Cartoon Generators today. That’s why dozens of companies launched their own tools on the internet.

We’ve tried almost all the AI cartoon image generators from text and have picked the top nine for you. Let’s have a look:

1) AnimeGenius

AnimaGenius is a versatile AI anime generator that transforms text into vibrant and expressive anime instantly. People love it because of its intuitive interface that allows them to easily input text and generate personalized animated characters within seconds. When you use it, you will also praise its vast library of styles and emotions.

animagenius ai cartoon generator

Key Features:

  •  You can add text or upload your image to create anime or cartoon pictures.

  •  The Anime created by AnimeGenius is high-quality and the reason is its smart AI models.

  •  It can also convert your simple doodles into top-notch anime masterpieces in no time.

  •  AnimeGenius also lets you control the image composition (unlike many other AI cartoon generators).


yes  Includes 100+ anime art styles

yes  It supports batch processing.

yes  Can do Face Swap

yes  Easy to use


no  It takes a longer time to process complex animations.

Pricing Plan:

 Basic: $9/month

 Plus: $29/month

 Pro: $59/month

2) Midjourney

Midjourney is a prominent AI cartoon generator that specializes in translating textual descriptions into visually engaging cartoon images. In our opinion, it’s a great choice for making comic books because it generates professional quality cartoon pictures.

midjourney ai cartoon generator

Key Features:

  •  Midjourney excels in creating storyboards. You will be able to visualize and present complex narratives with ease if you use this text to AI cartoon generator.

  •  It can make suggestions, which will help you decide what kind of cartoon you want.

  •  Midjourney supports multiple languages, enabling users to create cartoons in their preferred language.

  •  You can easily export your creations in different formats.


yes Cartoon facial expressions are realistic.

yes You can share your cartoon images easily.

yes It’s ideal for comics and storytelling.

yes  Midjourney developers add new features regularly.


no  You can’t customize the generated cartoon image

Pricing Plan:

 Basic Plan: $10

 Standard Plan: $30

 Pro Plan: $60

 Mega Plan: $130

3) Fotor

If you’re looking for a free AI cartoon image generator from text, then go for Fotor. It’s a versatile cartoon/anime generator that is super easy to use. Just type what you are thinking, and Fotor will create an image for you by using its top-tier AI. That’s why both newbies and professional designers use Fotor today.

fotor ai cartoon generator

Key Features:

  •  Fotor is fast and efficient because of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology.

  •  You can choose from dozens of cartoon styles and customize them to achieve a personalized look.

  •  It allows users to enhance their cartoons with a range of background effects.

  •  Fotor lets users directly share their cartoon creations on various social media platforms.


yes  The interface is user-friendly.

yes  It includes 100+ stable anime models.

yes  It can enhance images up to 4x.

yes  You can process multiple cartoon images at once.


no  You will get limited advanced features if you choose its free plan.

Pricing Plan:


 Pro: $3.33/month

 Pro Plus: $7.49/month

4) Picsart

Picsart is a comprehensive AI cartoon image generator from text platform. It uses state-of-the-art AI models that create authentic-looking cartoon/anime pictures without any fuss.

The best part about Picsart is that the possibilities are endless. If you have any random idea about a cartoon, you can give it to Picsart, and it will create cartoons for you. You can then edit the images to have a perfect cartoon/anime.

picsart ai cartoon generator

Key Features:

  •  Picsart includes creative artistic effects. You can use them to enhance cartoons with unique styles and visual elements.

  •  It offers lots of art styles, including 90s, portrait, pop art, etc.

  •  Picsart is accessible on multiple devices.


yes  It’s simple to use.

yes  It’s an all-in-one creative platform because of its editing tools.

yes  You can also use its free plan to create cartoons.

yes  It’s perfect for both personal and professional projects.


no  Your internet speed must be stable when you use Picsart.

Pricing Plan:


 Plus: $5/month

 Pro Plus: $7/month

5) All

All is an advanced cartoon AI generator from text that focuses on facial details. The AI ensures that the cartoon face looks expressive and full of emotions. So, if you’re looking for professional-grade cartoon illustrations, then choose All

all ai cartoon generator

Key Features:

  •  All is faster than many cartoon generators available.

  •  This tool always produces aesthetic pictures. You won’t get a bad image, even if you don’t add prompts properly.

  •  It lets you customize shape, color, and many facial features.

  •  You can also use the cartoon images for your blogs and social media campaigns.


yes  It includes dynamic art styles.

yes  It offers lots of customization features.

yes  You can create cartoons suitable for professional use.

yes  It’s ideal for making comics and cartoon wallpapers.


no  You may find some features a bit tricky to use.

Pricing Plan:

 Free plan

 Premium: €20.00/month

6) Gemoo

Gemoo is an innovative AI cartoon generator that emphasizes simplicity and expressiveness. It’s designed with eye-friendly colors, which is why you will be able to use it easily (even if you haven’t used any cartoon generator before).

Note that the tool's unique features make it suitable for various purposes - from personal projects to social media content.

gemoo ai cartoon generator

Key Features:

  •  Gemoo creates cartoon characters with a wide range of emotions.

  •  It helps you write the correct prompt.

  •  It also lets you choose size, ratio, style, and many other things so that you get the image you need.

  •  You can easily edit and download the generated cartoon.


yes  It lets you add background effects.

yes  You don’t need any technical knowledge to use it.

yes  You can add text to your cartoons.

yes  Suitable for every project that involves cartoon images.


no  The processing speed is slower than other cartoon generators.

Pricing Plan:

 Free Plan


7) is an exceptional cartoon generator that creates full-body cartoon pictures (and not just the face). The reason we picked it is that it has an extensive feature set and a variety of cartoon styles. Both of these things help you create diverse cartoon pictures every time you use ai cartoon generator

Key Features:

  • leverages AI for intelligent suggestions and enhancements.

  •  It features lots of cartoon styles, allowing users to choose the one they like.

  •  The processing speed is ultra-quick and you will have cartoon pictures within seconds.

  •  Users can customize backgrounds to enhance the overall visual appeal.


yes  Offers a wide range of cartoon styles.

yes  Provides quick and intuitive animation features.

yes  Lets you customize characters, backgrounds, and other elements.

yes  Affordable pricing.


no  You can’t use without the internet.

Pricing Plan:

 Free plan

 $5.99 per month


Another top-notch AI text to cartoon generator free tool you should use is It promises users a seamless and engaging experience in transforming text into captivating visual narratives. It’s also versatile and you can use it for any creative project. ai cartoon generator

Key Features:

  •  It can create cartoon pictures from your texts and other images.

  •  You can also edit the image's background just with simple clicks.

  •  It includes dozens of models that you can choose to create cartoon/anime pictures.

  •  The platform supports multiple languages, allowing users to generate cartoons in their preferred language.


yes  Its AI styles are adaptive.

yes  The generated animations feel real and lifelike.

yes  It includes many image editing options.

yes  It’s suitable for entertainment, education, and business presentations


no  The free access is limited.

Pricing Plan:

 Free plan

 Basic: $59/month

 Pro: $199/month

9) MakeGirlsMore

MakeGirlsMoe is a creative tool that focuses on creating engaging and relatable female characters. According to its official website, it emphasizes inclusivity and diversity. You can use it to generate characters that reflect various backgrounds and styles.

makegirlsmore ai cartoon generator

Key Features:

  •  It offers five AI models, which you can use to create cartoons.

  •  You can even pick the outfit of your cartoon. It gives you options, like hats, ribbons, clothes, etc.

  •  It also lets you pick your hairstyle and skin color.

  •  You can create multiple cartoon images at once.


yes  It provides a variety of clothing and styles.

yes  It supports WebGL Acceleration.

yes  You can export cartoons in multiple formats.

yes  It’s simple to use.


no  You can’t use MakeGirlsMoe offline.

Pricing Plan:

 It’s free.

Part 4: Bonus: Adding Cute AI Voice For Your Cartoon Art

Generating cartoon art is not enough. You should try to do something unique, like creating storytelling, animation, video comics, etc. No matter what you do, you will have to add cute AI voices.

Don’t worry; it’s super easy to do if you use VoxBox. It’s a groundbreaking Text-to-Speech tool that is perfect for giving voices to your cartoon characters. Why? Well, it includes over 3,000 realistic voices, and you can choose any for your content. In fact, it also includes lots of voice options for anime characters, too!

voxbox interface shortcut

According to its reviews, users are using the voices of Taylor Swift, Eminem, 2Pac, Joe Biden, and many other celebrities to make entertaining content. Amazing, right? Let’s see some more VoxBox features.


  •  This tool includes the voices of celebrities and politicians. The popular choices are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joe Biden, Justin Bieber, Donald Trump, and Taylor Swift.

  •  VoxBox supports more than 45 languages, which means you can create voice overs in every popular language.

  • If you want, you can also adjust the voice easily. It lets you edit tone, volume, speed, and many other parameters.

  • VoxBox includes AI rap generation features. You can use it to create a rap video featuring cartoon characters.

  • It’s lightning fast, and you will be able to generate voices in no time.

So, don't wait - download VoxBox now.

Watch this Video to know more about VoxBox!

voxbox youtube video

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Part 5: FAQs About AI Cartoon Generator From Text

1. What Is the Best Free AI Cartoon Generator from Text?

If you’re looking for the best free AI cartoon generator from text, then you can use Fotor, AnimeGenius, MakeGirlsMoe, and Picsart. These tools offer a free plan, but note that you won’t be able to enjoy some advanced features.

2. How Can I Generate Cartoons from Text?

You can easily generate cartoons from texts. First, select an “AI cartoon generator from text” platform/tool, then add a prompt/text, and click on “Generate.”


We explored the top nine AI Anime generators from text in this ultimate guide. All of them are top-notch, and you can use any to create your own cartoon/anime characters.

But don’t limit the fun. You should also give the characters voices and create entertaining animations/videos. For this, use VoxBox.

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