Are you looking for the best AI music generator from text? If yes, then we’ve got you covered. In this detailed guide, we’re exploring the top AI Music Generators that are full of features. All of them are also super easy to use, and you will have a fun time making music.

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But wait.

If you also want to create rap, then stick to the end, as we’re discussing VoxBox - a top-notch AI Rap Generation tool. Keep reading!

Part 1: What Is AI Music Generator From Text?

As the name suggests, “AI Music Generator from Text” is a tool that creates music based on textual input. You can just type how you want your music, and it will use natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to analyze your description and generate top-quality audio tracks for you.

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Let’s now look at which are the best text to music AI generators.

Part 2: Top 7 AI Music Generators From Text [Online & Software]

There are the top seven AI Music Generators that you can try without hassle. They all use top-tier AI and NP models to create the best possible music/songs.

1) VoxBox

VoxBox is an innovative AI Text-to-Speech tool that you can also use to create music, songs, and rap. It uses state-of-the-art AI models that focus on vocal elements. That’s why the audio feels emotional and expressive.

Furthermore, it is faster than many AI Music Generators. So this is the one-pick AI Music Generator From Text.

So, if you want to create top-quality music and save time, then go for VoxBox. According to its reviews, users are using the voices of Taylor Swift, Eminem, 2Pac, Joe Biden, and many other celebrities to make entertaining content.

voxbox ai music generator


  • You can customize the music easily. You can edit speed, tone, volume, etc.

  • It supports 46+ languages.

  • VoxBox offers more than 3,200+ realistic text-to-speech voices, including famous singers (such as Taylor Swift).

  • It includes dynamic vocal effects, which you can use to add depth and emotion to the generated vocal performances.

  • It is compatible with various studio-quality audio formats.


yesOffers 4-terminal support

yesIt’s user-friendly

yes100 percent safe for everyone

yesIdeal for audio editing

yesIt’s lightning-fast


noYou will have to download VoxBox to use it.

Pricing Plan:

Monthly: $19.95

Yearly: $69.95

LifeTime: $129.95

2) TopMediai

TopMediai is a prominent Online AI music generator that uses advanced natural language processing algorithms to transform textual input into captivating musical compositions. The best part about it is its intuitive interface. It means you can seamlessly translate your ideas into diverse musical genres and styles.

topmediai ai music generator


  • TopMediai can create a wide range of musical genres from your texts.

  • You can dynamically adjust tempo settings. This feature will help you personalize pacing in the generated compositions.

  • The AI system can also capture and translate emotional nuances. That’s why the AI generated music from text feels passionate.

  • You can instantly preview generated musical segments to fine-tune. After this, you can also edit the audio as well.


yesSuitable for everyone (newbies and experienced music creators).

yesSupports multiple export formats.

yesIncludes voices of famous people.

yesEasy to use.


noLimited customization options.

Pricing Plan:

Basic Plan: $0.20/Day

Premium Plan: $0.27/Day

Plus Plan: $0.33/Day

3) MusicAI

MusicAI is emerging as a powerful AI music generator Software today. It utilizes cutting-edge algorithms to translate textual input into expressive musical compositions within seconds. Its controls are also intuitive, and you will see instructions side-by-side. That’s why it’s a great choice for both musicians and enthusiasts alike.

musicai ai music generator


  • MusicAI includes 10+ artist AI voice models, which you can use to create different types of songs.

  • It’s a perfect app for creating song covers because it can isolate vocals from specific instrument tracks.

  • You can also use MusicAI to enhance your already recorded songs.

  • It’s 100 percent safe for musicians.


yesIt uses advanced AI to create content.

yesIt’s great for singing practice.

yesYou can use it for live events.

yesSuitable for different genres and styles.

yesSupports various input and output formats.


noLimited free features.

Pricing Plan:

Monthly: $9.99/month

Quarterly: $24.99

Yearly: $89.99


If you want a free AI music generator from text, then try It uses deep neural networks and extensive music datasets to create royalty-free music tracks and songs for you. The audio quality is also top-notch.

That’s why this AI music generator from text free tool is perfect for: Podcasts, Advertisements, Presentations ai music generator


  • covers a wide spectrum of musical genres, as it gives users three options: mood, genre, and theme. You can use any to generate compositions you want.

  • It lets you preview generated music before you download or export the audio.

  • You can use its music controls to choose your style, mood, and duration.

  • The generated audio is copyright-free.


yesCan create engaging audio clips in high-fidelity

yesIt’s simple to use

yesLets you download music/songs.

yesIdeal for creating background music


noCustomization options are limited (as compared to other tools)

Pricing Plan:

Offers Free trial

Monthly Plan: $19.99 /month

Yearly Plan: $95.99

5) GravityWrite

GravityWrite is a top-notch tool that you can use to write songs. Just give it random ideas, and it will generate rap/song lyrics instantly. The reason why GravityWrite can do all of this is its smart AI models. Let’s see its features.

gravitywrite ai music generator


  • You can create songs for every type of audience.

  • It supports multiple languages, which means it is a great choice for non-English audiences.

  • You will get high-quality output every time you use Gravity Write.


yesIt’s easy to use

yesSupports multiple languages

yesPerfect for songwriters and content creators.

yesIt’s ultra-fast.


noThis tool is a little expensive

Pricing Plan:

Offers Free trial

ro: $79/mo

Starter: $19/mo

6) Songr

Songr is an exceptional AI music generator that is suitable for professional musicians. With it, you can create Pop, Cafe, Hip Hop, Piano Rock, and a lot more.

songr ai music generator


  • You can simply type the lyrics, and it will generate a song for you within 30 seconds.

  • It lets you download your songs.

  • If you haven’t written song lyrics yet, you can use its “Keywords for Ay lyrics” feature to get ideas.

  • You can also export the song to email, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, and many other applications.

  • It includes only three voices.


yesIt has a beginner-friendly interface.

yesLets you preview songs in real time.

yesIt also creates a video along with a song.

yesIdeal for both lyricists and composers.


noIt includes only three voices.

Pricing Plan:

Free trial is avalible.


7) VoiceMod

The last text to music AI generator we have for you is VoiceMod. Thousands of people are using it to create music for funny memes. You can also use its features to create background effects. But the best part about Voicemod is that you can use it on both desktops and mobile.

voicemod ai music generator


  • VoiceMod allows users to experiment with various vocal styles and effects.

  • It incorporates AI-driven harmony synthesis, which ultimately enriches vocal performances.

  • It also lets you select moods and listen to examples.

  • You can edit and preview modulated vocals in real-time.


yesIt can “songify” any text.

yesWorks on any device

yesIncludes seven singers

yesAllows you to share your music.

yesDevelopers have been adding new features regularly.


noYou must have stable internet to use Voicemod.

Pricing Plan:

Free trial is avalible.

Pro: $99.99 for lifetime

Part 3: More Posibility About AI Rap Generation - VoxBox

Out of all the AI music generators we’ve discussed above, the best one is VoxBox. The reason is that this Voice Generator can also create rap for you (in addition to music and songs). It uses powerful AI models that can free-flow rap within seconds.

voxbox interface shortcut

On top of it, you can also select the voices of famous rappers if you use VoxBox. The popular choices are Eminem and 2Pac. That’s why people have found VoxBox’s AI rap generation fun.


  • All VoxBox voices sound real and natural. You can pick any to create your own rap song.

  • This tool lets you adjust the speed and tone of the rap.

  • It’s super fast. Just add rap lyrics, and it will create a song in no time.

  • You can even record a rap in your own voice using VoxBox.

  • It’s secure, and you won’t have to worry about privacy or data theft issues.

So, don't wait - download VoxBox now.

Watch this Video to know more about VoxBox!

voxbox youtube video

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Part 4: FAQ About AI Music Generator From Text

How Can I Make an AI-Generated Music and Song?

You can use AI Music generator apps/tools to make AI music and songs. The top ones are VoxBox, Songr, and TopMediai.

Is There Any AI text to music generator free?

You can use the free trial/version of the AI Music Generators. Tools like VoxBox, Songr,, etc., offer a free plan.


All-inclusive, we explored the seven top AI Music generators in this ultimate guide. All of them are good, but if you want to use only the best one out of them, then we recommend VoxBox.

It’s an advanced TTS AI Voice Generator that can create music, songs, and rap for you just from your texts. It also lets you edit the audio so that you get the music track you need.

That’s not it. If you have written lyrics, you can even select the voices of popular singers and rappers to create AI songs and raps. The popular choices are Taylor Swift, Eminem, Drake, 2Pac, etc. So, don’t think twice. Download VoxBox now and start making music, songs, and raps!

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