There are so many tools and software out there to remove a Date stamp from a photo, and they are even free! Here, some of the easiest ways to remove a Date stamp from a photo are explained in detail. These 3 easiest ways to remove date stamps from photo 2021 are free to use and are also online tools. All these ways will help you to remove them in just some steps without any hustle. Let's get to them:

How to Remove Date Stamp of Images and Videos Using iMyFone MarkGo [Desktop]

iMyFone MarkGo is a relatively new tool, but it is such an easy-to-use and amazing way to remove date stamps from a photo that it has taken over the editing tools and software. Within just some minutes, you can remove the Date stamp from the image and get a professional-looking image as a result. iMyFone MarkGo also has some built-in features that have made editing even more easier and less time taking.

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If you want to remove the date stamp from a photo by using iMyFone MarkGo, then the below-given steps will help you to do just that within minutes and get a professional-looking photo.

Watch this video to see how to use MarkGo to remove date stamp

Video Images

Step 1: Import Photo

Import the file after opening the software. To upload the file in iMyFone MarkGo, select 'Files' in the top left side of the software. From the panel below, click on 'Upload File'. Once the file is opened in the canvas of the interface, you can now start to remove the Date Stamp by editing tools.

Many tools can help you with the removal of the date stamp. You can use the Stamp Clone tool to clone the background of the date stamp and click on the date to get it fixed.

using markgo to remove watermark and caption1

Step 3: Remove

Once the area is selected with the tool, you can now easily remove it by pressing on 'Delete'. This will remove the date stamp.

Step 4: Export Photo

Now that you successfully remove the date stamp, you can export the image to save the changes.

using markgo to remove watermark and caption2

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There are so many more amazing features of iMyFone MarkGo that you should click on the link below to check them all out and confirm for yourself!

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How to Remove Date Stamp Using WebinPaint [Online]


There is a version for desktop that you can download from the link below. But let's get to the online interface first! The online WebinPaint helps you to easily remove the date stamp by using simple tools within minutes.

use webinpaint to remove watermark

Let's start with the steps to remove the date stamp with just four simple steps.

Step 1: Upload Photo

Open your browser and navigate to WebinPaint. Once you have it opened, you will have to import the image/photo you want to edit to remove the date stamp. Click on the 'Files' on the top left side of the WebinPaint interface and select 'Open'. Select the file from your PC, and it will be imported on the canvas of the interface.

Step 2: Select the Date Stamp

After uploading the file, select the marker tool and decrease its size till it is smaller than the date stamp on the photo. This will help in selecting the date with more precision. After that, start to mark the date stamp area with a marker.

use webinpaint to remove watermark2

Step 3: Remove the Date Stamp

Once you have marked the area, you just have to press 'Erase' to remove the date stamp. And that's it!

Step 4: Save the Photo

If you are satisfied with your removal, you can now save the file in the format of JPEG or JPG. You can even save it in PNG format.

Why do we like it?

We like it so much because it has a very simple interface and is very easy to use for small editing. This is not for high-end editing but small changes or editing in a photo; this tool can help us achieve that within minutes.

How to Remove Date Stamp Using Pixlr[Online]


Pixlr is a powerful tool to remove the date stamp that you can understand in minutes as the instructions are given for every step. The interface is so vibrant with powerful editing tools. With the online Pixlr, you can edit your image without downloading it and installing it before using it.

The steps to easily edit your image and remove the unwanted date stamp from it are:

Step 1: Upload Photo

To start up with the editing process, go to your internet browser and open the Pixlr online. Once the site is opened, you can see its interface with a canvas in the centre and tools on the left side. Click on the 'Open Image'.Once the image is opened, you can now start the editing process.

Step 2: Blur the Date Stamp

The best way to remove the date stamp in Pixlr is to start up with blurring of the date. There are other methods to remove date stamps in pixlr, too, but this is the easiest and most effective of them all. So, to blur the date stamp, select the 'Heal' tool from the left side of the interface where the tools are. After selecting the tool, click on the date that you want to remove. Once you click on it, you will see that the area of date has started to blur. Click on the whole date stamp area.

how to use pixlr to remove watermark

Step 3: Clone the Blurred Date Stamp

Once you are done with the blurring of the date area and are satisfied with it, you can now select the 'Clone' tool and clone the area nearest to the blurred date and click on the blurred area to blend it more nicely with the background and make it seem more natural.

use pixlr to remove watermark

Step 4: Save the Photo

After you are done with the cloning, now you will have to save the photo, and to do that, click on the 'Files' and select save. A window box will open to ask you where to save the image and in which format. Select JPG or JPEG to save the photo anywhere you want on your PC.

Why do we like it?

Pixlr has a very vibrant interface that it is hard to not enjoy while using it. The online editing with this tool is also great with all the professional tools and very simple ones. All these tools help us to easily get high-end editings too that are all very professional looking.

Now that we know some ways to remove date stamps from a photo, it is up to you to choose whatever you think suits you the best. Aside from all that, I would recommend opting for iMyFone MarkGo as it has a vast array of tools and a very professional and strong interface. With iMyFone MarkGo, you can not only edit images and photos, but you can also do editings to videos and make professional social media-worthy files.

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