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Remove Watermark from Image

Step 1. Launch iMyFone MarkGo

Install and launch iMyFone MarkGo, click on Remove Image Watermark button and upload the image where you would like to remove watermark.

click on remove image watermark button

Step 2. Import Image

Click on Add Image to import images to MarkGo, you can simply drag the images to the software interface.

add image markgo to remove watermark

Method 1. AI Removal

Click on AI Removal Method on the right panel of the screen.

click on ai removal method

Click on Remove button to preview the result.

click on ai removal method

Method 2. Manual Removal

After you have imported the image with watermark, choose Manual Removal, click on Selection Tool button and a box for watermark removing will appear. Drag it to where the watermark is that you would like to remove.

watermark remove selection

Besides, you can use Lasso Tool and Brush in the Selection Tool to remove watermark.

watermark remove selection

Choose a suitable remove mode. The remove modes include Texture Repair, Edge Filling and Smooth Filling to best ensure the texture of the marking area is restored as smooth and delicate as the original image.

choose remove mode for image watermark removal

Then click Remove button to remove the watermark. You can add more selection tool box as you like. You can also undo or redo the watermark removing.

If you would like to remove watermarks from more than 1 image the watermark in the same place for each image, click on Apply to all button.

Step 4. Export Image

Once you are satisfied with your adjustment, click Export button to save all the images after the watermark is removing.

export image without watermark

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