April Fools' Day, celebrated on April 1st each year, is a time-honored tradition where people worldwide engage in playful and harmless pranks on their friends and loved ones. It's a day filled with laughter, surprises, and good-natured trickery. In this article, we'll explore unique and hilarious best April Fools prank for friends, ensuring a day of fun and unforgettable memories.

april fools day pranks for friends

22 Best April Fools Pranks For Friends in 2024

Toothpaste Oreos

Replace the cream filling of Oreos with toothpaste. Just make sure they don't eat it!

toothpaste oreos

Alarm Clock Forwarding

Sneak into your friend's room and set their alarm clock ahead by a few hours. Watch them panic when they think they've overslept.

alarm clock forwarding

Voice Changer Prank Call

Use a voice changer app to prank call them pretending to be a famous celebrity, an alien from another planet, or their favorite cartoon character.

magicmic april fools day voice changer prank call

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AI Face Swap Prank

Use a deepfake AI tool to swap faces in a funny or bizarre way in photos or videos of your friend. Share the results with them and watch their reaction as they see themselves with someone else's face.

ai face swap

Edible Soap

Make "chocolate" soap bars using chocolate molds and serve them to your friends. Just make sure they know it's edible!

Fake Spill

Place a realistic-looking fake spill on your friend's desk or favorite chair. Watch their reaction when they think something has been spilled.

fake spill

Fake Bug

Place a realistic-looking fake bug in a place where your friend will least expect it, like under their keyboard or inside their coffee mug.

fake bug

Create Fake Wedding Photos

Generate a set of fake wedding photos using the AI portrait generator. You can choose the appearance of the "bride" and "groom" by adjusting various parameters in the generator.

fake wedding photo

Computer Desktop Prank

Take a screenshot of your friend's desktop, set it as their wallpaper, and hide all the desktop icons. Watch them try to click on non-existent icons.

Colorful Water

Add a few drops of food coloring to the faucet aerator. When your friend turns on the tap, colored water will come out.

colorful water

Switched Signs

Swap the signs on bathroom doors or office rooms. Just make sure it's safe and won't cause any confusion.

switched signs

Fake Lottery Ticket

Give your friend a fake scratch-off lottery ticket with a big fake prize. Enjoy their excitement before revealing it's a prank.

Sneaky Selfies

Change the wallpaper on their phone to a collage of your silly selfies. They'll be surprised every time they unlock their phone.

DIY "Haunted" Photos

Print out a series of photos of your friend in various settings, but strategically place a ghost or monster in the background of each one. Leave them lying around for your friend to find.

Desk Drawer Surprise

Fill their desk drawer with unexpected items like balloons, plastic balls, or packing peanuts. When they go to grab something, they'll be greeted by a drawer full of surprises.

desk drawer surprise

Mystery Box

Wrap an empty box in multiple layers of gift wrap, tape, and packing materials. Watch as they eagerly unwrap it, only to find...nothing. Bonus points if you can keep a straight face.

DIY "Broken" Phone Screen

Take a screenshot of your friend's phone's home screen and set it as their wallpaper. Then, crack their phone screen (using a screen protector or other safe methods) to make it look like their screen is shattered. Watch as they panic before realizing it's just a prank.

diy broken phone screen

Fake Delivery Surprise

Arrange for a fake delivery to your friend's house—a large box labeled "fragile" filled with packing peanuts and a note that says, "Sorry, wrong address!"

Keyboard Letter Shuffle

Rearrange the keys on your friend's keyboard in a random order. Watch as they try to type and become increasingly frustrated by the nonsensical output.

Unexpected Doorbell Response

Record a funny or unexpected message and set it as the doorbell chime. When someone rings the doorbell, they'll be surprised by the unusual response.

Fruit Bowl Mix-Up

Swap the contents of your fruit bowl with fake fruit made of foam or plastic. Watch as family members try to take a bite out of a solid apple or orange.

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Surprise

Unroll a bit of toilet paper from the roll and draw a spider or funny face on the innermost layer. Roll it back up and leave it for the next person to use. They'll get a surprise when they unroll it.

diy toilet paper roll surprise

Final Words

In summary, April Fools' Day offers a chance to ignite laughter and camaraderie within our families through outrageous and imaginative pranks. So, let's unleash our inner pranksters, concocting schemes that leave everyone in stitches and ensure that this is the best April Fool's prank for friends in the family history books!