Sound  effects make the video more interesting and engaging. They also help to convey  the message in a humorous way. Nowadays, you will find sound effects in almost  every video. You can use them in any type of video to make it more appealing.


If you  are looking for ways to add sound effects to your videos, you are in the right  place. Today, we will explore how you can add sound effects using various  desktop video editors, mobile applications, and online tools. We will also  share some free sound effect sources to download the sound effect you need.  Let's start.  

Part 1: How to Add Sound Effect to Video with Desktop Software

1 iMyFone Filme

iMyFone Filme is a  simple and user-friendly desktop video editor that can help you edit your  videos like a professional. You can easily edit a video in no time because all  tools are easy-to-use.


  • Filme is an all-in-one video editor that has basic to advanced video editing features. You can crop, trim, adjust speed, add effects, and use transitions. It supports every type of editing.

  • You can add text to videos and create cinematic titles. There is a wide range of fonts, colors, and styles available.

  • It has a fast-video mode that is especially for creating slideshows and capturing your lovely movements in videos.

  • In Filme, you can add sound effects with ease. Moreover, you can add multiple tracks at the same time. You can merge different sound effects and create something new.

iMyFone Filme

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How to Add Sound Effects in Filme

YouTube Video

Step 1: Open Filme. Go to the File menu, move your pointer to the New Project,  and select the desired aspect ratio.

Filme New Project

Step 2: Click on Import and click on Import Files.  Select the video you want to edit and open it. Drag the video clip from My Media to  the timeline.

Step 3: Go to Import and Import Files again.  Now, import the sound effects you like. After adding the sound effects to My  Media, drag them to the timeline.

Filme Timeline

Step 4: You can  also adjust the duration of sound effects in Filme. You need to split the sound  into two parts. Select the audio and move the playhead to the instant where you  want to split the audio. Click on the scissor icon in the toolbar above the  timeline. You can also drag the ends of the audio to make it shorter or longer,  but it will affect the sound effect.

Filme Sound Split

Step 5: See the  preview of the video. You can similarly add more audio effects. Go to the Export menu  and click on Export Video.

2 Sony Vegas Pro

Sony  Vegas Pro is an amazing video editor that professionals love. It is perfect for  any type of basic to advanced video editing, including VFX, color grading, and  audio editing. You can easily add sound effects to your videos using Sony Vegas  Pro.

How to Add Sound Effects in Sony Vegas Pro

Step 1: Open  VEGAS Pro. Go to the File menu and click on New. Check all settings and click on OK.

Vegas New

Step 2: Go to  the File menu. Hover over to the Import and  click on Media. Select the video file and click on Open.  Similarly, import the audio effect file.

Vegas Media

Step 3: The video  and audio will be added to the Project Media. Drag the  video and audio to the timeline. Place the video wherever you want in the  timeline, but make sure you place it over the audio layer of the video. If you  are placing the audio effect under the original audio layer of the video, you  need to click on the ‘S’ button over the volume bar to eliminate the  solo mode of the sound. Otherwise, you will not hear the sound effect with the  video. Moreover, you can easily adjust the volume of the audio from the  timeline.

Vegas Timeline

Step 4: See the  preview. After satisfaction, go to the File menu and click  on Render As. Select the destination and format. Click  on Render.

3 DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci  Resolve is an advanced video editing application. It is ideal for color  correction and advanced editing.

How to Add Sound Effects in DaVinci Resolve

Step 1: Open  DaVinci Resolve on your computer. Click on Untitled Project.

Step 2: In  the File menu, click on Import Media.  Choose the video clip you want to edit. Import the audio effect file in the  same way. Once you are done, drag the video file to the timeline.

Step 3: If there  is already sound in the video, you can mute it from the timeline. In the sound  layer, move the volume line from top to bottom. This will mute the sound.

Step 4: It's time  to drag the audio effect file to the timeline. You can place it wherever you  want in the timeline. If the sound effect is too large, you can cut it. Select  it, click on the blade icon on the toolbar above the timeline.  Then you need to click where you want to split the audio.

Step 5: You can  add as many audio effects as you want. When you are done, see the preview. Go  to the File menu and click on Quick Export.  Select the setting and click on Export.

DaVinci Resolve

4 Viva Video

Viva  Video is an amazing Android video editing application. It allows you to do  basic editing with ease.

How to Add Sound Effects in Viva Video

How to Add Sound Effects in Viva Video

Step 1: Open Viva  Video. You will see the Edit option; tap on it. Select the  video you want to edit. Tap on Next.

Step 2: The  video will open in an editor. You can also turn off/mute the original sound;  you will see the option on the left of the timeline. Move the playhead to the  instant where you want to add the sound effect.

Step 3: Tap on  the Music tab. You will see different options; tap on Sound Effects.  Viva video has a built-in library of sound effects; you can download anyone.  Select any of the sound effects and tap on Add.

Step 4: You can  adjust the time of the sound effect by dragging the ends of the sound effect.

Step 5: See the  preview. When everything is ready, tap on the back button. On the top right  corner, tap on Save. Select the video format, and the rendering  will start.

Viva Video

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Part 2: How to Add Sound Effect to Video Online


VEED is a  paid online video editing tool. It also has a free plan that can help you add  sound effects to the video.

How to Add Sound Effects in VEED

Step 1: Sign in  to Veed. Click on New Project.

Step 2: Upload  the video file you want to edit.

Step 3: The video  will open in the video editor. You will see a menu on the left side of the  window. Click on Upload. Now move the playhead to the instant where  you want to add the sound effect. Click on Upload Audio.  Select the sound effect file and click on Open.

Veed Upload Audio

Step 4: The sound  effect will be added to the video. You will see it in the timeline. You can  also split the sound. Move the playhead from where you want to split and click  on Split.

Veed Timeline

Step 5: You can  also move the sound effect on the timeline. You can drag its ends to make it  longer or shorter.

Step 6: See the  preview of the video. Click on the Export button on the top  right corner.


WoFox is  an online tool that is excellent for creating intros, outros, and other types  of videos. You can also use its tools for trimming, resizing, adding sound, and  many other purposes.

How to Add Sound Effects in WoFox

Step 1: Open the  WoFox sound effect tool in your browser.

Step 2: Click  on Upload. Select the video and click on Open.

Step 3: The video  will open in the sound effects tool. It will play automatically. Stop the video  where you want to add the sound effects. Click on the sound effect on the left;  there are many sound effects available. You can also add the sound effect when  the video is being played.


Step 4: If you  scroll down in the sound effects menu, you will see the added sound effects in  the video. For precise control, you can set the time here and adjust the  volume. You can also upload an external sound effect by clicking on Upload  Your Own Sound File. You can also delete the sound effects if you have  added any accidentally.

WoFox Sound Effects Timeline

Step 5: See the  preview. Click on the Download button at the top right corner.  It will render the output video file.

Part 3: Where can I download sound effects for free?


FreeSound  is a huge library of free sound effects. You can find almost every sound you  need; type in the search, and you will get various related sound effects. All  sounds will have a short description, and you can directly play them from the  list without opening them. The best thing is that all sound effects have a  rating, which helps you to short-list the effects. You can also read the  comments of the users. The sound effects are available for free; however, you  need to log in to download the file. Some sounds are in MP3 while  some are in WAV.


FreeSFX  is also a free sound effect library. The sound effects are categorized so that  you can easily find the desired sound effects. Open any category or use the  search bar. You will see the duration, bitrate, and sample rate. You can play  the sound directly and download it in MP3 format.


AudioMicro  has over 2000 free sound effects. It also has a huge library of paid  soundtracks and effects that is more than 500,000. You can download the free  effects after signing in using your social account. The unique thing about it  is its auto-play features, which plays the sound effects automatically if you  play one.

Part 4: FAQs About Adding Sound Effect to Video

Does sound effect affect the sound?

If the  video already has a sound, then the sound effect will affect it. You will hear both  sounds together. However, you can mute the original video sound while editing  the video.

Is free sound safe?

Yes, the  free sound is safe. However, you must read the terms and conditions of the  website from where you are downloading. Make sure to check the  license as well.

Are sound effects copyrighted?

Most of  the sound effects are copyrighted, but you can find free sound effects as well.  There is a huge collection of free sound effects on different websites. Read  their terms and conditions. Some websites need credits for their sound.

How do you make simple sound effects?

Making  sound effects is not easy. You need expertise for it. If you need to make  simple sound, you need to have a high-quality microphone and a noise-free  environment. Then you need to create the sound and record it.

How do I add sound to an iPhone video?

Adding  sound in an iPhone video is quite simple, but you need an application. You can  use Filme Lite for this purpose. Install Filme Lite and import your video. Go  to the Audio tab and import your sound effect. After that, you can export the  file.

Final Words

Indeed,  it is good to add sound effects to videos because the video becomes more  engaging. We have discussed the step-by-step methods to add sound effects to  your videos using different video editors and online tools. We recommend  iMyFone Filme because it is a very simple video editor that can save you a lot  of time. It is ideal for beginners.

We have  explained everything in detail, and we hope you can easily add sound effects like  a professional.

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