IGTV is a type of video application. It is one of the standalone applications introduced by Instagram. As compared to the feeds, its period is longer. Within Instagram and the website, you can easily have access to its fundamental functionality. If you want to create IGTV, you have to log in with your Instagram account. It is also known as Instagram TV.

One of the most interesting things is that you can buy IGTV views. Several websites help you to buy views for IGTV. You can buy IGTV views at quite affordable rates. You can even buy Instagram real views.

Part 1: 5 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Reels Views, IGTV Views, Story Views, and Video Views

Everyone is in search of a platform to show their talents. Instagram is one of the most emerging platforms for this purpose. You can become famous by showing your talents in the form of dance art and music. As the competition has increased, you can buy views for IGTV. Many people assume that it is illegal. But the reality is that it is not illegal if you are purchasing them from a properly registered site. There are different kinds of sites that help you to buy IGTV views. The top 5 of them are as following:


get viral website

It is considered the best site to buy IGTV views. If you want real engagement for social media then you should try GetViral.io. After choosing the kit, it helps you out in buying views, comments, and likes for your Instagram post. This site also lets you buy views for your other social media accounts such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. For specific events, this site gives different interesting offers. If you want to get absolutely real views then go to this site. It is one of the prime consulting markets for different kinds of celebrities and influencers. The quality of the views is high. If you like to increase your presence on social media then you should get in contact with the website.


SocialPackage.net is One of the best sites to buy Instagram TV views. It gives the best offer that ensures you the best drop cover. The security offered by SocialPackages is for about a month. Because of their security period, you can check out its authenticity. This site of SocialPackages.net offers you affordable rates. It is considered that they have one of the best services for clientswhichpeople love. SocialPackages.net is in this field for many years. They provide you with genuine IGTV views and reels views. . if you are in serach for zero decrease in your views then SocialPackages.net is the most versatile site as claimed by them.

This site offers Drop Protection for about 30 days. This offer promises you that it will refill your views if there is any drop in them. If you have less money for your premium plans then try this website.


viralyft website logo

If you are in search of the best website to buy views for IGTV, then Viralyft is the finest. It is considered the leading site of all for this purpose. It helps you to buy followers for Instagram. Not only followers but also views and comments! It is guaranteed by the site that the quality of views is high. As you know that your growth greatly depends on social media engagements.

It is also very affordable. For 100 views, you have to pay only $2.89. It is one of the best sites used by many influencers and celebrities. On Instagram, it helps you to raise your impression. One of the best key factors about Viralyft is that it does not ask for your personal information and passwords. If you are unsatisfied with the services, then it provides you with a refund policy. You can access it 24/7.


likes io website

If you love to preserve your image on Instagram then you are at the right place. Like.io is one of the best places for IGTV buy views. It is very easy for everyone to use this site. To buy packages according to your budget, you just have to inform them. They will help you out in this matter. They are considered as one of the most versatile and all-rounded sites to buy views. Every customer has different types of requirements and they know it very well. The rates are very economical. If you are looking for a site that helps you to boost up your social media impression, then Likes.io is the best choice. The authenticity of the views provided by this site is guaranteed. the service for the clients offered by them is the best.


snaphappen website

If you want to buy the most reasonable and cheapest views for IGTV then Snaphappen is the best choice. It not only helps you to get views but also comments and shares for your Instagram posts and Instagram TV.

Part 2: 6 Tips for Getting 10K IGTV Views without Buying Them

There is no doubt that IGTV is one of the best standalone applications for videos. If you need to improve your presence for Instagram then there are some tips to follow. These tips are very basic but important. Some of the tips are as follows:

The use of Hashtags

Many people do not know that they can apply hashtags on the videos and links of IGTV. Just like other posts for Instagram, you can use several hashtags for your IGTV. You can add about 30 hashtags. The best part of using hashtags for IGTV is that everyone can see your IGTV videos according to the hashtags. They will be able to see them in their search feeds.

Set your target audience

First of all, set your target audience. This will help you to promote your ideas in a better way. Not only the idea of content should be clear but also your target audience should be clear.

Never sacrifice quality

One of the most important tips for getting more views without buying them is to promote the best quality. You should never sacrifice the quality. In maintaining your appearance on social media platforms, quality plays an important role.

Increase usage of Instagram stories and lives

Your engagement with your audience and followers is very important. For this purpose, you can use the stories and lives of Instagram. This will help you to get several views without buying them. You can show the trailers for your IGTV video just as any other professional.

Promotion outside the app

One of the best tips is to promote yourself. Not only on Instagram but also other social media platforms. The possibility of your success increases. Other social media apps include Facebook, Twitter, forums, and Pinterest.

Post regularly

Post in a regular interval of time. Post about your IGTV in the form of posts. Don't forget to put the impressive caption on the picture promoting your IGTV video.


To promote yourself in a better manner, collaborate with other artists. If you want to make your content more interesting then collaboration is one of the eBay and important tips for this purpose.

Get shout-outs

Get shout-outs from different kinds of accounts with real followers. It will help you to boost up your presence. You can get views without buying them.

Engage with your followers and viewers

If you want to increase your impression on Instagram then always engage with your viewers. Appreciate your viewers for their time and appreciation. You should reply even to negative comments. If the new one, sees that you are communicating with your followers, they will like to be a part of your community.

Part 3:Pro Tip: Provide Quality IGTV Videos and Get 10K Views with Best Video Editor

iMyFone Filme

One of the best software to edit your Instagram videos is iMyFone Filme. You can use this all in one application very easily and smoothly. This not only allows you to edit your videos but also helps you to create your videos just like any other professional person. . By following some simple and easy steps, you can customize your movie trailers, music videos, and many other types of videos for your IGTV and Instagram posts. iMyFone is one the best and friendly video editors as they are used by several different kinds of users of Instagram to edit their videos.Imyfone filme can blur video background easily. It is considered compatible and accessible for both windows and mac as it has many best and incredible features.

imyfone filme add audio

    Key Features:

  • For every type of beginner, it is very simple to edit the video for Instagram.
  • The video for your Instagram TV is edited and saved in the best quality.
  • By using some basic and easy steps, you can customize your video into amazing form by editing and can post it on your account.
  • There are many different types of incredible features for editing.
  • Several transitions can be used for editing your Instagram videos.
  • You can set the speed of the video according to your choice and music.

This video editor of iMyFone can be used in different kinds of computers including windows and mac. There is no doubt that it is considered very simple and easy to operate. It is considered a cup of tea by gen-z as they can easily use all of its amazing features to edit the video for your Instagram account. You can post them on IGTV or on stories.

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How to edit your Instagram before posting using iMyFone Filme:

To edit your videos for Instagram, you should give go to iMyFone. It is very easy and has all the important and basic modes. As it has simply built features, gen-z faces no problems to use this editor. As it has one of the best amazing features, you can perfectly edit your video. it has no complications and confusion because of its simple built-in. You can create different types of videos for different kinds of platforms especially Instagram by using this all-in-one video editor. By following some simple steps, you can record your screen of mobile phones or computers.

Step # 1: Open Filme

Turn on your computer, firstly, open it, you can see the icon of editing.

Step #2: Start collecting your material from your gallery

After opening, you will collect the material that you want to edit for your Instagram IGTV and posts. After collecting them, you have to arrange them before editing.

Step #3: Customize your video

imyfone filme add audio

By using different kinds of texts and transitions, you can edit the best video. You can use your videos created in this software for different purposes such as for your Instagram stories, IGTV, or reels.

Step #4: Export and share

You can export and share your video directly to the Instagram stories and IGTV.

Part 4: FAQs of Buying IGTV Views

Is it okay to buy IGTV video views?

It is okay and normal to buy views to increase your presence. When your audience is increased, your impression gets better. Getting your audience increased naturally requires a lot of patience and time. Buying IGTV video views help you to solve this problem.

Is it safe to buy IGTV views?

To buy IGTV views for the website with an SSL certificate is safe and sound. Many people think that it is illegal but that is not the truth. It is legal to buy your views and even comments.

How long will it take to get my IGTV views after the purchase?

It depends on the websites. But no website takes a longer time. After your transactions, it is only a matter of minutes.

Can you see who views your IGTV videos?

Just like other videos on Instagram, you cannot see who viewed your IGTV videos. You can only see the number of viewers that have watched your IGTV video.

Is IGTV better than a normal video?

It is considered better than a normal video on Instagram because you don't have to divide your video into parts. Even if it is longer than 60 seconds, you can post it on your IGTV.

These were some of the most frequently asked questions and things that people want to know! I hope this article was of some help to you.

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