Video marketing is one of the most used promotional strategies today, you see it in practically everything, and that is why it has made its transition from traditional media to social networks. Many companies have already incorporated audiovisual resources and allocated part of their budget to the purchase of promo video templates for their Digital Marketing strategy. This is because the videos immediately grab the user's attention.

Part 1: Advantages of using promo video templates

Saving of time and money

This is one of the great advantages without a doubt and that is that if you want to record your own promotional videos you will have to spend a lot of money, buy or rent the cameras, hire a camera, an editor. All this is saved by a video template platform since they provide you with the editor and the videos.

High-quality videos

High-level cameras are worth $ 1000 up for a promotional video of a business, this is not profitable, so you will have to settle for a low-quality video, the video templates offer you videos of the highest quality since they have the best cameras on the market.

Part 2: 10 Promo Video Templates For Your Business

1 Filme

Top 1 in this list is Filme, a complete software specialized in editing promo video templates. Its own editor it’s the greatest advantage it has since there is not such a complete technology on the market. You can download it for free. When you download it, the best current promo video templates will be included with the software. It is a platform with an impressive technology, it allows you to edit the fashion promo video template in unconventional ways. It also gives you the option to learn on the platform about professional video editing above all.

Filme promo video templates

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2 Biteable

Biteable is liked by us since it is a very complete and very intuitive website. It offers you a very large variety of promo template videos which you can edit on the website. One of my favorite promo video templates is Leadership Skills Tips.

Biteable promo video templates

3 Promo

The promo platform stands out for its professionalism when it comes to offering video template services, works by subscription. They are very focused on marketing since they offer you video templates focused on Facebook ads and that is a very positive point for business. One of the video templates that stands out the most is Business Women's Day

promo video templates

4 Placeit

Fourth, one of my favorite promo video template platforms that has an impeccable design and interactive website. One of the promo video templates that most caught my attention due to its image quality was this one.

Placeit video templates

5 Fast Promo Opener Premiere Pro

Unlike the previous ones, this is a promo video template that has me in love. Fast Promo Opener is our top choice for Premiere Pro. It provides a spectacular introduction to anything you're seeking to promote: flashy colors and bold, edgy graphics capture audience attention instantly. Who it's for: Anyone promoting products or content with video.

Fast Promo Opener Premiere Pro

6 Vimeo

In sixth place, another of my favorite platform promo video templates is Vimeo founded in November 2004. Is a very reliable platform that offers a wide variety of videos from many different areas.

Vimeo promo video templates

7 Motionden

Motionden is also a video editor that includes video templates and the best of all is that it is free (although the free plan has many limitations) and the paid plan is 30$

Motionden promo video templates

8 Renderforest

Renderforest brings you a great online branding tool with its brand promo video template to create high-quality videos, logos, graphics, mockups, and websites with minimal time and effort. It is one of the best on the market. One of the promo video templates what stands out the most is Business Presentation Pack.

Motionden promo video templates

9 Videohive

Videohive is a complete platform, not so professional but with a wide variety of promo video templates. It has 2,758,912 Video effects and stock footage. It has many free options of templates for those who are not looking for something so professional, it gives you the option to edit with various editors, especially Premiere and After Effects.

Videohive promo video templates

10Motion Array

This video template platform is undoubtedly one of my favorites and one of the best options to edit with Premiere, it has a free trial month and then you pay 30$ / month. I love this platform although I think it is more focused on music videos.

Motion Array promo video templates

Part 3: How to Create A Promo Video with Promo Video Templates in Filme

Step 1 : Free Download Filme Video Editor

Once the video editor is installed, we can start working with our video templates.

Filme promo video template

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Step 2 : Click on the "Fast Video" button

This button is in the top editor bar to the right of the “Audio” button. Click on the colored button that says “Fast Video”.

Filme promo video template

Step 3 : Choose a landscape or portrait video format

To use this function you will first have to choose a landscape or portrait video format. “16:9”(Horizontal) or “9:16”(Vertical).

Filme promo video template

Step 4: Select one template for your promo video

You must choose a template according to the theme of your video. Example : If it is a video promoting a shirt, you must choose a promo video template about fashion.

Step 5 : Then, click “next” and import your media

Filme promo video template

Step 6 : Apply animations and elements that make your video unique

Once all your media and sequences have been added, you should know that "Fast video" offers you a long list of animations and elements with which to improve your video and make it unique.

Filme promo video template

Step 7 : Press “Export”

After this you just have to click on "export" and you will have a unique and perfectly edited video in just a few steps.

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