YouTube is filled with unique content and is still coming up with more unique and fun content that people can't seem to get enough of. Here in this article, there are about 50 popular YouTube challenges shown, that I'm sure you would have heard of some of them too, if not all.

Top 10 Challenges Video Ideas Popular on YouTube

The most popular challenges on YouTube are:

Eat it or wear it

In this challenge, as the name states, you will be given different things from mayonnaise to even raw eggs, and a card will be there. You have to turn it up and see whether you are given to eat it or wear it. Whatever is on the card, you have to do it. If you eat it, then you have to eat the given thing, or if it's "wear it," you have to pour that thing all over your head. Simple, but it can get quite messy, to be honest. And a piece of advice! If you have a gag reflex, then don't play this game!

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Accent challenge

In this challenge, two or more people sit together who have different accents or come from different countries, then a few words are given to them, and they say that in their accent, like the American and British accent. This is a fun challenge to pass the time.

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Bottle flip

As for the name, all you have to do is flip the bottle and see whose bottle stands after the flip. There should be at least two people playing this, and they are given a few turns; whoever has the most flips wins. To make it more fun, you can make the loser do a dare! It will be more fun to play with the punishment for the loser and a reward for the winner.

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Touch my body

In this challenge, there should be at least two partners, one should be blindfolded who has to guess, and the other will drag the blindfolded person's hand or tongue and touch a part of their body they want him to guess. If you guess all of them right, you win. It may even get a bit hot for the couples! It can tell how much your partner knows about your body!

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In this game, one person will be wearing headphones with music at its maximum voice, and the other person has to say a word or line. The player has to guess what the other is saying by the movement of their lips. There are so many words that sound different, but the lip movement is the same. So, it gets funny when you guess the wrong word. Some guesses are just downright hilarious!

Speed drawing

Well, you can already tell this one. There should be two or more players, and they are given a pen and a paper, on which they have to draw whatever they are given as a dare within the time limit, such as 10 seconds. The time limit is so less than in haste to complete the task; the drawing gets messy and results in funny drawings that may make you double over in laughter.

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Try not to laugh

In this game, two or more players are made to sit together, and both of them have to try not to laugh when they are shown something funny or a dirty joke played with them, such as putting ice in their trousers. It is inhuman psychology that when they are told not to laugh, they just can't control their laughter, even for a small thing as watching their friend looking serious. You can add a reward and punishment for the winner and loser, respectively, to make it more fun!

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Ghost pepper

In this game, there should be at least two players. All they have to do is eat the spiciest red pepper in the world, that is, the Indian chili, and see who has the most tolerance of spice. Don't try this challenge if you are not good with spices, as this can make you tear up real soon! You will easily get sour through and lips by the end of the challenge.

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Well, this challenge should be easy for all those yoga lovers, but for others, it can be a little tricky but fun at the same time. All you have to do is try some yoga poses with your partners and see for how long all of you can keep up. The last to keep standing wins, and whatever bet you have put will be granted. Just make sure no one gets harmed, as this is sure to get hard with time, and you might or might not sprain your ankle.

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Chubby Bunny Challenge

In this game, there are at least two players who are made to compete with each other. One by one, all of them have to put one marshmallow in their mouth and say chubby bunny without biting down on the marshmallow. The more the people gain points, the messier it gets with the number of marshmallows in one's mouth with saliva leaking out of it.

Smoothie Challenge

In this game, two people play the game. There should be a bowl with chits inside having names of the ingredients present in the house, and one of the players has to open a few chits, and whatever the result, all those ingredients will be added to make a smoothie, and they have to drink it. It gets so gross by the end of the challenge that you may even throw up with just the look of the smoothie. But, a challenge is a challenge! You have to do it no matter how gross it gets!

100 Layer Challenge

In this game, you choose whatever you want, like nail polish, and put it on your nail and proceed to do it 100 times, and share the result. It can also be clothes or facemasks or whatever else you seem fit. With clothing for the 100 layer challenge, this is funny as you will look like a sack of potatoes by the end of this challenge. You may even end up tearing some of your clothes as they won't fit.

Guess the Song Challenge

This game is simple. All you have to do is gather some friends and play the first few seconds of a song, and whoever guesses wins a point, and at the end, whoever with the most points wins. By giving punishment to the loser and a reward to the winner, it will make it more interesting!

The Dress-Up Challenge

This challenge revolves around couples. All they have to do is make a video and dress up as each other like the wife wears her husband's clothes and vice versa. This gets quite hilarious as male in female's clothing is funny!

Tin Can Challenge

In this challenge, a person who is not playing fills the tin can with different tasty or gross food and numbers them. The players have to pick a number from the bowl and eat that particular canned food. You never know when you will end up eating gross tin canned food! The reaction of eating gross food is just simply worth trying this challenge.

7 Seconds Challenge

This challenge may sound easy, but it gets tricky soon enough. The player has to do a task given to them within 7 seconds, or they are out of the game. You may have to draw in 7 seconds, or you may have to apply make-up! It gets very hasty and challenging too!

Innuendo Bingo

This challenge is for adults. In this game, the players are made to sit in front of each other, and they have water in their mouths. A funny sound is played in the background containing adultery meanings; whoever has water in their mouths in the end wins. If you have an innocent friend, then it's a waste to play with them as they will never be able to understand the innuendos!

The Disney Challenge

In this challenge, the players are made to listen to a few seconds of a Disney song, and they have to guess its title and also the movie name. You will only be given 7-10 seconds to give your answer. This sounds easy, but it gets very tough as 10 seconds is barely enough time for us to process the song in our heads.

Say Anything

In this challenge, all you need is another person, then you start saying random things, like a tree, and the other has to say something else, but the catchy part is that you can't repeat the words any of you have said or else you lose. In no time, you will have little to no vocabulary left, and it will get challenging! A fun way to sharpen your brain and storm through it!

30 Creative YouTube Challenges Video Ideas to Do

Rolex Challenge

This challenge is all about dancing, so if you are a great dancer, you bet you are going to win. This challenge became popular recently, and all you have to do is dance to the song played, and if you fail to do so, you lose. Ending punishment and reward for the loser and winner is a must to add a bit of thrill to the game!

Bubble Gum Challenge

In this challenge, you need another person at least. All you have to do is stuff your mouth with as much bubble gum as you can, and see what the results will be. Try speaking with all these gums, and the fun part starts! Make sure not to choke on them!

Bean Boozled Challenge

challenge bean boozled

In this challenge, there is a pack of candies, and the players have to eat them. They have to guess the flavors of the candies they are eating, either a good or a gross one.

Baby Food Challenge

In this challenge, the player has to be blindfolded and eat a portion of particular baby food. All they have to do is guess the name and flavor of the food. Baby food is just so yum, but it gets hard to guess the flavors as not many adults enjoy the baby food. The smell of the food is also helpful in guessing, but if you have a child or a baby sibling, then this challenge will be a breeze for you!

Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge

This challenge has become popular recently. All you have to do is eat the spicy Korean noodles and see if you will be able to handle its spiciness. The Korean noodles have levels of spices, so you can start the challenge by eating the lowest level of spicy Korean noodles. If you are a noodle lover and have spice tolerance, then this challenge is for you!

Oreo Challenge

Oreos are just so yum that you can never get enough of them, and this challenge revolves around Oreos. One of the players is blindfolded, and he has to eat an Oreo flavor and guess it. It can get gross, too, especially if it's the kettle corn flavor.

Chapstick/Kissing Challenge

This challenge is for couples. In this challenge, all you have to do is put chapstick on your lips, and the other player has to be blindfolded and kiss you to know the flavor of the chapstick.

Balloon Animal Challenge

In this challenge, at least two players are needed. All you have to do is blow a balloon and tie it up; after that, you have to create the given animal like an elephant, and you have to be creative and complete it in the given time; whoever makes it within time and correctly wins. It is not very easy as you must have the creativity and the talent of making animals out of balloons.

Juggling Challenge

In this challenge, you have to juggle as many things as you can; they can either be balls, or keys, or whatever. But you have to be prepared for the intrusion as people will try to distract you. Juggling is quite hard as you have to look at the objects while you are juggling, and looking up at your friends who are trying to distract you will be the downfall for you!

One Bite Challenge

In this challenge, the player has to eat as much of a big portion of food in a single bite. Any type of food can be used, like noodles or pizza, whatever you have. You can fit a big bite of food, but the hard part is when you have to chew it!

Stink Smell Challenge

This is a gross challenge, only if you are playing. All you have to do is blindfold the player and have him smell rotten or stinky things, from unwashed socks to even rotten milk, and he has to identify it. Be prepared to even puke after smelling stinky things!

24 Hours Challenge

This challenge is kinda challenging. All you have to do is do that task given to you for 24 hours. Like if you have to sit in a car for 24 hours or lay on your bed for 24 hours without a phone or lights on. Now that's challenging! Isn't it?

Dizzy Challenge

In this challenge, you need another partner. Then both of you spin with the help of the other partner, and once you start feeling dizzy, you need to do a particular task like tying your shoelaces. It gets pretty risky, so make sure nothing breakable is around you.

Nintendo Switch Challenge

In this challenge, all you have to do is get another person and start playing video games for your videos. Both of you have selected and recorded yourself. Play it with a Nintendo or an Xbox, whatever you like.

Boyfriend Does My Make-Up

In this challenge, all you have to do is let your boyfriend do your makeup and record him. Let's see what the results are and if you are still the same you. You may even get to see how your boyfriend doesn't even know what brush to use for what purpose! You may even result in looking like a clown! So, be prepared!

You Won't Do It Challenge.

In this challenge, you are given a task at any time anywhere, and you have to do it while someone is saying you won't do it.

Cook a Meal Challenge

In this challenge, you need a fellow chef to make the same dish with the same recipe, and whoever cooks better wins. If you look at cooking and some experience, then this is definitely a win-win situation for you!

$20 Meal Challenge

In this challenge, the player gets 20$, and he has to make something within 20$ with the ingredients expenses. The food should also be good or else you are out. It's not that hard if you know how to do grocery shopping! But if you don't, then good luck, I guess!

KiKi Challenge

In this challenge, all you have to do is get out of your car when this song is playing, start dancing to the rhythm. Make sure the road is clear! Would not want an accident, now, would we?

Backward Challenge

In this challenge, you have to do the task in a rather unusual way, backward, like eating a pizza backward or walking. It sounds simple and easy, but it is NOT!

Bonus Challenges

The Candy Kissing Challenge

This challenge is for couples. One of the people is blindfolded while the other eats candy. The blindfolded one has to kiss the other and tell the flavor of the candy. If you are a sweet lover, then it would be easy for you, and it can get some action between the couple too!

Hot Sauce Challenge

In this challenge, the players have to eat 15 different hot sauces, and since they are very spicy, the reaction gets funny. The tearing up of eyes, stuffy nose, red face, sniffles! These are some of the common reactions, but some people are just so intolerant to spices that they start to jump or stuff like that! These reactions are funny for the viewers but a pain for the person doing this challenge!

Here is a clip to this challenge:

YouTube Video

Spin the Mystery Wheel Challenge

In this challenge, you have to spin a wheel containing various fun dares, and whichever one the pointer lands on, you have to do it. The dares can range from eating something easy to eating something extremely gross!

No Thumb Challenge

In this challenge, the players have to eat the things given to them, but the catch is that their thumbs would be wrapped in plastic, so try your best. Time is limited to about 10 seconds.

Cotton Ball Challenge

In this challenge, there should be two players. One has to be blindfolded, and the other has to hold a bowl filled with cotton in one hand while another bowl should be on his head. The blindfolded player has to put cotton into the empty bowl with the help of a spoon.

What's in My Mouth Challenge

In this challenge, one of the players is blindfolded, and someone feeds him something that he has to guess the name and flavor of. Like if it's chocolate, then what type, dark or white chocolate. Now that's a hard thing to do!

The Escape Challenge

In this challenge, you need a partner. After that, both of you are tied to something and have to escape. Whoever first escapes win, and the loser will be taped further, and he has to try again to escape.

The Floor is Lava Challenge

In this game, whenever someone says that the floor is lava, the player has to pretend that the floor is indeed lava and try not to touch it at all. You may even have to jump in the lake if you are outside, or you may even have to stand on a table or a chair if you are at home!

The Brain Freeze Challenge

In this challenge, the players are made to sit inside an ice-y water tub one by one and asked questions which they have to answer truthfully. The faster you answer them, the quicker you can get out. To make it more challenging, play this game during winter! Ouch!

Cinnamon challenge

In this challenge, you need to get a partner and eat a spoonful of cinnamon each and see who can tolerate it for the longest. Whoever has the most tolerance wins. To be honest, it's not an easy feat!

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