There are many instances where you would require putting in the music track. If you like a song and want to extract the music only, you will need to use a vocal remover tool. The internet is full of vocal remover tools, including both online and offline applications. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best online and offline tools that you can use to isolate vocals on different devices easily.

Part 1: Best Vocal Removers Online


The first tool that we are going to discuss is an online tool. You don't need to download this tool; however, you require an internet connection to use the tool. It is a multi-functional tool as it not only removes vocals from a song but also allows you to edit the music, merge it, record audio, and also cut it. With this tool, whenever you upload a song, you will get two outputs. One will contain the karaoke version of the song, while the other will contain vocals as an acapella.


  • This online tool uses AI to separate voice from music.

  • It can help you to adjust the audio speed and pitch with musical keys and bpm sliders.

  • It also includes a feature where you can trim and cut the audio file.

  • It can also record voice, including karaoke tracks.


yesYou can adjust the vocals and volume of the song.

yesIt doesn't take long to separate the vocals from the song.

yesIt is a free online tool.

yesEasy to use.


noIt does not support video.

noIf the size of the audio is large, it might take some to process it.

User Rating:

Whenever people talk about online remover tools, there is no possibility that this tool is not involved in the conversation. It is a free tool that can separate the vocals from the song in no time. People love this tool because it's free, easy to use, and effective. It has a user rating of 4/5.

2) PhonicMind

Another online tool that you can use to remove the vocals from any song is PhonicMind. It is a popular tool as it supports multiple audio formats. The reason for its popularity is that it has a dedicated mobile application. There is no duration limit for audio and video. However, you can only upload 100MB of file size.



  • After the removal of the vocals, you get four different tracks, including vocals, drums, bass, and others.

  • It supports different audio formats.

  • This tool can be used as a karaoke maker, acapella maker, instrumental maker, and more.

  • It can also separate the stem.

  • Moreover, this tool has mobile apps for iOS and android.


yesDeep learning is incorporated into the tool to make it faster.

yesIt is easy and fast, as it can remove the vocals in almost 20 seconds.

yesYou can sync the web version to the mobile app.

yesIt contains no ads.

yesIt supports video format as well.

yesThis online tool supports up to 100MB of audio files.


noIt is not a free tool.

noSometimes it misreads the highly-pitched music as vocals and removes it from the audio.

User Rating:

People love this tool because it saves their time and supports multiple audio formats. The AI technology processes the audio track faster and removes vocals in seconds. However, people are not ready to pay for such a service as there are free tools available. Users have rated this tool 4/5.

Part 2: Best Vocal Removers Software

1) Adobe Audition

Adobe is a big name when it comes to software and applications. Mostly, Adobe creates professional tools so that they can be used at every level. Adobe Audition is a professional audio tool that can also be used to get rid of vocals. It also has plug-ins that will help you to get the presets for vocal remover and karaoke.



  • Adobe Audition has default presets that can be used to remove vocals and reduce strength.

  • It can help you to adjust the strength of parameters in real-time.

  • You can use the advanced tool to target vocals.


yesIt has a comprehensive toolset that can be used to edit audio tracks.

yesThe speed and processing of Adobe Audition are lightning fast.

yesThis tool is recommended for professional use.

yesAlthough it is an online tool, it requires frequent updates.

yesSupported on both Windows and macOS.


noIt is quite an expensive tool which is why it is recommended for professional use.

noIf you are new to audio editing, the interface might be complex for you.

noIt produces large file sizes, which can be problematic for you.

no Beginners are not all suitable to use this tool.

User Rating:

It is one of the best offline audio editing tools based on statistics and reviews. It has numerous tools that no other audio editing tool can compete with. Adobe Audition is quite expensive, but for most users, it is worth the money after looking at what it brings to the table. It has a user rating of 4.5/5.

2.iMyFone Voxbox

If you are looking for a simple and effective tool that can remove vocals with just a few clicks, then iMyFone VoxBox is the best tool that you can find. It is a multi-functional tool as it can edit, record voice, and convert text to speech. You can download the tool once, and then you don't require an internet connection for this tool to work.



  • With more than 22 languages, a text-to-speech feature of VoxBox is distinctive.

  • You can find the voice of your choice among 3200 expressive and realistic voices.

  • It can help you edit the track; you can trim, cut or merge audio files.

  • Vocal remover is a new feature of this tool and works like a charm as it can get rid of vocals with just one 1-click.


yesiMyFone VoxBox has an intuitive user interface.

yesThis tool is completely safe and reliable to download and use.

yesIt supports multiple audio formats, including MP4 and WAV.

yesVoxBox has different price plans for users, plus it has a free trial version.


noThe trial version of VoxBox has limited features.

no It is only available on Windows at the moment.

User Rating:

Users have rated this tool 4.5/5 because of its simplicity and effectiveness. You can remove the vocals with this tool easily. There is nothing complex about this tool. Just download it, and the user-friendly interface will guide you to every feature.


This article holds information regarding removing vocals from songs and audio files. There are different online and offline tools available in the market. However, you can only use the effective and famous ones because the internet is full of scams. You can use the above-mentioned online and offline tools. But if you want to use the easiest tool, then VoxBox is the best. You can download the trial version and check the credibility of the tool.