In this comprehensive review, we delve into the latest offering from iMyFone VoxBox, exploring its features, use cases, pros and cons, and how to use this AI tool.

Discover what sets VoxBox apart, whether it's free or paid, its legitimacy, compatibility, and the differences between the free and paid versions. Plus, we'll explore alternative text-to-speech solutions to help you make an informed choice.

Let's begin!

What Is VoxBox?

VoxBox is an AI voice generator. Beyond text-to-speech, it offers rap or song generation, voice cloning, audio voice change, speech-to-text, image-to-text extraction, and more. With 3200 AI voice models available in 150 languages and accents, there's a plethora of options to explore.

It is currently the most versatile TTS software on the market, offering a wide range of voices including cartoon, celebrity, and standard human voices. Additionally, it supports various detailed adjustments such as emotion, sound effects, pauses, volume, and background music insertion. It serves as an excellent tool for creating audiobooks, video voice-overs, podcasts, and more.

Official source:

imyfone voxbox

Operate System: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

User Rate: 4.8/5

Price: Free and paid version for choice

Key Features:

  • Free to access 3200+ voices with 2000 characters.

  • 150+ languages and accents for text to speech.

  • Allow user custom voice clone for anybody.

  • The interface is friendly and easy to operate,even you can choose voice by emotions and scenes.

  • Provides sample listening and custom settings like speech, pitch, music input, exaggeratin, etc.

  • More than text to speech, also comes with STT, voice changer, AI cloning, etc.

Part 2: Use Cases of VoxBox

voxbox ai voice generator introduce

1 Audio Book Creation

Use different voices to quickly narrate audio books to save time and energy. You can read books anytime! Moreover, bedtime storytelling for kids with cute cartoon voices is supported too.

2 Podcast

Generate realistic & expressive voices with 3200+ AI voices and 150+ languages to reach global audience for your podcast to save you valuable time, money, and resources.

3 Video Creation

While voiceover for videos, you can make rich & funny voice via advanced TTS tech and get customized voice via AI voice cloning to gain the viewer of social video content attention.

4 Audio Custom

You can customize the voices of your game characters, voicemail, voice messages with any voice you like. Spicing up the ordinary with a dash of fun!.

Part 3: Pros and Cons of VoxBox

Now that we've introduced VoxBox TTS software, let's dive into a comprehensive review of this product by examining its pros and cons:


yesDiverse Voice Options: It offers a wide range of voices, including cartoon, celebrity, and standard human voices, catering to various preferences and needs.

yesDetailed Customization: Users can adjust various aspects of the voice, such as emotion, sound effects, pauses, volume, and background music insertion, etc.

yesAll-in-One Software: text-to-speech, rap generation, voice cloning, audio modulation, speech-to-text, image-to-text extraction, recording and audio editing, as well as video-to-audio conversion.

yesHigh compatibility: supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms, allowing seamless synchronization of projects, enabling you to create anytime, anywhere.

yesNoise Reduction: Supports noise reduction during voice cloning to ensure clarity of the audio human voice and achieve better cloning results.


noIt's a software that requires installation.

noIt isn't entirely free for all features.

noThe desktop experience offers better usability compared to the app version.

Part 4: How to Use VoxBox

Text to Speech with VoxBox

Step 1.Download and Launch VoxBox by click "Try it Free" to download VoxBox official version.

Step 2.Choose "Text-to-Speech", Type, paste or import your script or text.

Step 3.Select voices & adjust the parameters like pitch, volume, pause as you like.

rapper singers on-voxbox voice generator

Step 4.Click convert button and export the audio with the formats you need.

Voice Clone with VoxBox

Step 1.Open VoxBox, choose Voice Cloning.

Step 2.Upload audio or record the voice that you need to voice cloning.

upload audio or recording to clone

Step 3.Click "start clone" and waiting for voice training.

start voice cloning

Step 4.When voice cloning finished, you can find the cloned voice on voice library.

Part 5: Faqs about VoxBox AI Voice Generator

1. Is VoxBox Free?

Yes, you can access all free voices with a limit of 2000 characters. Additionally, there are paid versions available with monthly, yearly, and lifetime subscription options. Here are the pricing for Text to Speech plans:

voxbox price


The TTS pricing plan does not include cloning functionality. If you've already purchased the TTS plan, you can upgrade to the cloning package by paying the price difference, or you can directly purchase the cloning package.

voxbox clone price

Need more info, you can check VoxBox pricing here.

Coupon for VoxBox: VOXBOXYT

2. What is the Different Between iMyFone VoxBox Free and Paid?

The difference is that you can enjoy 3200+ AI voices and 150+ human voice languages not limited. For free version, you have 2000 characters for TTS with free AI voice models.

3. Is VoxBox AI Legit?

Yes, VoxBox AI is a legitimate software. However, it's important to note that the celebrity voices and other cloning tools included may potentially raise copyright issues. They are intended for personal entertainment use only.

4. Is VoxBox Safe?

Yes, VoxBox is designed to be safe for use, provided users adhere to its terms of service and guidelines. However, as with any software, it's essential to download it from reputable sources and exercise caution when using it.

5. Is VoxBox on Android?

Yes, Yes, VoxBox is available on Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS devices.

6. What Are the Alternatives of VoxBox Text to Speech?

Some alternatives to VoxBox Text-to-Speech software include:

  • Speechify
  • It offers iOS, Android, Mac version for Text to speech. You can access 30 voices in 20 languages, text extraction from images, 5x reading speed, and other features with $139 per year for the paid version costs; For free plan, you can use it for three days with only 10 standard voices that come in the basic text-to-speech quality and can read at 1.1x speed (250 WPM).

  • ElevenLabs
  • For free plan, you can only export audio less than 10min; For free and starter plan, you can't add additional characters. so if you need to use over 30,000 characters/month, you can choose creator plan. (0.3$/1000 additional characters)

    Final Words

    In summary, iMyFone VoxBox is a good choice for text-to-speech. It offers diverse audio displays, serves various use cases, from audiobook creation to podcast production, with its versatile features. Despite its advantages, VoxBox is not free; however, its pricing is competitive. Try it Now