Have you ever played the awesome game Elden Ring? Have you encountered the character Ranni? Have you heard her voice? Don't worry, in this blog I will introduce you to Ranni and her How to Use Ranni AI Voice In AI Voice Generator VoxBox To Narrate For You.

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Part 1: Who Is Ranni?

Ranni the Witch is a character in the video game Elden Ring. She is one of the demigods and the focus of one of the most complex quest lines in the game. The character is voiced by Aimee-Ffion Edwards.

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Ranni, also known as "Renna", is a powerful witch who appears as a human-sized doll, but in reality she desires to overthrow the Great Will, the Outer God who created and replaced the eponymous Ring of Elden. She specializes in frost-based magic and is also able to create powerful magical projections, one of which the player will fight after injuring her mother, Queen Lunara.

Ranni has a cold, dark, and condescending character. Her character has always been shrouded in mystery, but she is always there to help players. Ranni grew up with the half-wolf Bradley, who was often accompanied by Iggy, a troll blacksmith who served the royal family of Caria. She also has feelings for her protector Bradley, keeping him by her side despite the dangers she faces. The two are considered fan-favorite characters.

Part 2: Why Is Ranni AI Voice So Famous?

The reason why Ranni AI Voice is so successful is inseparable from the contribution of Aimee-Ffion Edwards, an excellent voice actor. The lovely Welsh voice actor brings a certain tenderness to the reclusive witch.

She shows herself to be just as beautiful and talented as Lanny in life. Not only is she outstanding in the field of dubbing, she also has many works in film and television performances, such as playing Esme Shelby in "Peaky Blinders" and Jenny Jones in "Luther", etc.

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So many people are looking for her AI language, Ranni AI Voice, to add color to their content. I think you are the same, so let's read on!

Part3: How To Use Ranni AI Voice Generator - VoxBox?

Here I will introduce to you the best Ranni AI Voice generator VoxBox! It is a professional and multi-functional AI voice generator that you can use to process any audio with a simple click of the mouse. It has Over 3200+ realistic text-to-speech voices in 46+ languages. And VoxBox supports all devices, such as computers and mobile phones. No payment required, download and try for free!

Next, I will show you how to use voxbox to obtain Ranni AI Voice. It is very simple, please see the detailed steps below!

Steps Of Making Ranni AI Voice:

    Step 1: Download and install Voxbox, then open it and head to "Voice Cloning", and Click "Create new clone".

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    Step 2:Then chose upload or record directly.

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    Step 3:Select Models and Gendar, then upload file. Finally Click "Start Cloning" and wait seconds.

    ranni ai voice cloning

    Step 4:When the cloning process is done, Name the Cloned voice and Click "Use" to use it generate audio.

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Listen to Ranni AI Voice Generated by VoxBox


In fact, VoxBox can not only clone, it is also a multi-functional realistic speech generator that can solve all audio processing problems. The following are the main functions of VoxBox.


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  • Free audio editing features, recording, audio conversion, audio editing.

  • VoxBox has multiple output formats such as MP3, WAV, and AAC.

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  • The interface is simple, easy to use, and 100% safe.

Bonus Tips: Watch this video to learn more about Voice Cloning!

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Part 4: FAQ About Ranni AI Voice

1. Who voiced Ranni the witch?

Aimee-Ffion Edwards is the voice actor for Ranni and she is not only a voice actor but also a film actor. Her professional work makes her and Ranni AI Voice popular.

2. How can i get Ranni AI Voice?

The answer is VoxBox AI Voice Generator, you can use it to generate the voices of all the people in the world. It supports 46+ languages and you can use the 3200+ voices in VoxBox directly.


All in all, if you add Ranni AI Voice to your work, your work will be loved by many people. If you don't believe me, try it! Just click to download iMyFone VoxBox for free. In addition to Ranni, there are many other sounds. Such as celebrities, animation, more game characters and more. What are you waiting for? Click to download now!

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