Jack Carr books are the military thriller series that is based upon the experience of former Navy Seal James Reece. It portrays the effects on the soldiers after a war, action, weaponry, and authenticity. The main idea behind the book is to make the people pay attention to realistic military operations and tactics.

If you are a fan of political and thrilling stories, this will attract readers. We will discuss Jack Carr terminal books in order and provide an overview of each.

Do You Need To Read Jack Carr Books In Order?

Yes, you must read the Jack Carr books in chronological order. Each book is connected to the previous one through characters and relationships. The series includes James Reece's struggles, growth, and connections while he was in the military.

jack carr books in order

If you are short of time and can’t read the whole series, you must read The Terminal List book, which was the first book. It consists of all the descriptions of the characters and a brief overview of the whole story. After reading the first one, you will get eager to read the follow-up books.

Everything About Jack Carr: A Author Of Thrilling Fiction

Jack Carr is an American writer known for his thrilling publications. He joined the US Navy in 1996 under seal training in Base Coronado.

Jack Carr has served in the US Navy SEAL for about 20 years. He served as Sniper leader, Assault leader, troop commander, and platoon commander. Jack started to read thriller novels that later gave him the courage to start book writing after retiring in 2016 from the military.

Jack Carr James Reece Books In Order

In this part, we will discuss Jack Carr James Reece Books in order and see the story behind each book. After we unveil some of the parts for you, you will have a clear summary of the book that develops your interest in it.

The Terminal List-Jack Carr Book 1

The Terminal List book was written in 2013 and published in 2018. It is the first Jack Carr book in order, which was based upon a serious mission of James Reece, a lieutenant commander of the US Navy SEAL and the protagonist. In this book, James Reece's whole team was killed due to the ambush of enemies.

jack carr terminal list books in order

Reece is the only survivor of his team and struggles every moment by thinking of what turns the mission disastrous. When he came home, he was totally out of his mind and terrified by the memories that kept pinching him of the loss. He was accused of betraying his team and being sent off to the US Navy under undesirable circumstances.

Reece remained determined to show the truth to the whole world and remove the betrayal charge from himself. He embarks on a dangerous journey to the US and beyond.

True Believer-Jack Carr Book 2

True Believer is the 2nd terminal list of books in order, published in 2019. The book’s story starts with the brutal attack by Iraqi commandos, which was one of the biggest attacks. The whole country’s economy fell due to the attack. The US government knows that there is only one individual who could help them to reach the Iraqi commandos.

true believer a thriller

Only James Reece had a critical key to unlock the information for the CIA. Reece himself was targeted as a dangerous domestic terrorist. Still, they kept him in check because he was the only person who had the knowledge and clues about the terrorists globally. The CIA recruits him to take missions to target the terrorist leaders and unveil the political conspiracies to bring out the faces of corrupt individuals.

Savage Son-Jack Carr Book 3

Savage Son is in the 3rd order of Jack Carr books, and it continues the political thriller and unveils the rest of the story. It was published in 2020, and the story starts with the betrayer CIA officer who was taking residence under the Russian mafia. He was involved with them completely and prepared a plan to assassinate the former Navy Seal Sniper, James Reece.

savage son a thriller

On the other hand, James Reece has recently suffered from brain surgery. He was not fully recovered while trying to return to his journey where he left. His fellow SEAL member, Raife Hastings, and a journalist, Katie Buranek, have pushed and given him the support to bring him back to life.

His enemies were waiting for their prey and Reece must recover at his earliest to confront them. The exciting thriller continues in the upcoming books.

The Devil’s Hand-Jack Carr Book 4

The Devil’s Hand-Book is the 4th edition of Jack Carr books, published in 2021. A new president, Alec Christensen, was elected as the new US president after almost 20 years of the 9/11 terrorist attack. He was hoping for peace and betterment of the nation after the disastrous attack. Meanwhile, the terrorists were planning for some other powerful attack.

the devil hand jack carr

During this span, a Ph.D. student recognized as a second-generation agent had made an extra powerful bioweapon to confront the enemies. He has sufficient information on how to use it and in the government's ordinance.

In The Blood-Jack Carr Book 5

In the Blood is one of the finest books by Jack Carr in order which was published in 2022. This book is based on Alyia Galin, one of the finest Assassins. She was taking his flight from Burkina Faso after completing the assassination mission given by Israel. After a few minutes of taking off, a missile attacked her plane, and the plane was shattered to pieces.

in the blood jack carr

Meanwhile, James Reece was shocked after watching the name of Alyia on the news. She has worked with the CIA and in Iraq, where Reece met him. Reece has decided to take revenge on her assassinator, but he is unaware of the spikes in this path.

Only The Dead-Jack Carr Book 6

Only The Dead is one of the most political suspense and adventurous Jack Carr books in order. In this book, a story from more than 40 years ago is discussed in which a congressman was shot in Rhode Island.

only the dead a thriller jack carr

The whole of Washington was astonished to hear about the murder, and it has become very common due to the political disputes.

Red Sky Mourning-Jack Carr Book 7

Jack Carr book 7, “Red Sky Mourning,” isn’t launched yet. According to the sources, it will be published till May 2024. Only its official book cover is unveiled, while the rest of the story is hidden.

red sky mourning jack carr

Jack Carr Books Reviews

Jack Carr has always been a wonderful book writer, and his publications are loved by those who love thriller and action genres. Most books have 4.5/5 ratings, and “The Terminal List” is considered its best publication. It was nominated in 2018 and was a multiple awards finalist in 2019.

Although the reviews will be a spoiler for you, it has suspense in every series. If you read the reviews of Jack Carr books, you will find people full of excitement. It is a must-read for enthusiasts who love to see gripping plot twists and complex characters.


Jack Carr is a new author compared to others, but his fictional stories are always excellent at catching the audience. People are eager to read the second book after completing the second one because of the immense suspense, weaponry, and action. The readers are still waiting for Red Sky Mourning because it is pending from the Jack Carr terminal list books in order.