You've probably heard about AI doing everything from driving cars to playing chess, but did you know it's now stepping into the world of ebook creation? That's right, we're talking about AI ebook Generators.

These top-notch tools can create an ebook for you within seconds.

However, the problem is that many people don’t know which AI ebook creator to use. Let us also tell you that some are just not good.

But worry not; we’re here with the best AI ebook generators that are full of features.

So, keep reading if you want to create ebooks with simple clicks!

best ai ebook generator

Part 1. What is an AI Ebook Generator?

In simple words, the AI ebook Generator is a tool that you can use to create ebooks effortlessly. We call it “a super-smart assistant” because it can write, format, and even research content.

ai ebook generator

Now, you might be wondering, "How do these AI ebook creators work?" It's pretty simple: They use AI algorithms. These algorithms can:

  • Understand your requirements
  • Organize content into chapters
  • Suggest images.
  • Part 2. The Whole Process of Creating Ebooks (Every Phase Explained)

    We were also curious about how an ebook creator works. After doing weeks of research on the whole process, we have now finally outlined the four phases for you:

    ai note taking app

    Phase One: The process of creating ebooks begins with choosing a topic and creating an outline. In this phase, you organize your thoughts.

    Phase Two: Next, you will provide the ideas and directions. The ebook generator will analyze them and produce content for you.

    Phase Three: In this phase, you can edit and proofread the ebook. Here, you can also decide on the layout and choose images to make your ebook visually appealing.

    Phase Four: Lastly, you save your ebook in your preferred format. The popular ones are ePub or PDF, as well as the cover design and inllustrations in the ebook.

    That’s it. Your ebook is now ready to get published!

    Part 3. [Table] Comparison of the Best AI Ebook Generators

    If you find all the product details a bit confusing, then check out this table of comparisons we have made for you that will definitely help you decide which tool is right for you.

    Tool Name Best for Special Feature Price
    VoxBox Content creator, book writers, etc. AI story creation with text polishing and text to speech $15.95/Month Versatile content creation, including ebooks, blog posts, etc. Over 50 content templates and supports 25+ languages Starts at $39/month
    Ebookmaker Quick ebook creation with minimal effort AI-powered creation with an intuitive interface and customization One credit: $2.99 Diverse digital content creation including ebooks Specialty in presentations and infographics Pro: $19/month
    AI Book Generator Simplifying the book writing process Natural language processing for coherent content 10 books: $8.99
    Visme Small businesses needing presentations, infographics, and documents User-friendly tool kit and brand kit feature Starter: $12.25 per month Pro: $24.75 per month
    Appy Pie Ebook cover generation No graphic design skills are needed. From $16/month

    Part 4. 6 Best AI Ebook Generators (Use These Tools)

    A lot of people have contacted us about which is the best ebook generator in 2024. So, we decided to use all the ebook creators a few weeks ago.

    During this time, we didn’t like most of the tools as they were either slow or simply lacked features.

    Fortunately, we did find some that were just “too good.” Which ones are they?

    Here are the top six AI ebook generators that you can try without hesitation:

    1. VoxBox

    VoxBox is a one-stop software with multiple features for generating ebooks with AI, where you only need to describe your requirements about the book you are going to create. With a single click on "Generate", you can get a wonderful e-book.

    What tells it apart with other ebook generator is that it also enables users to make audiobooks with powerful text to speech function. No matter whose voice you want to use to read book for you, you can find there.

    voxbox ai ebook generator

    Key Features

    • Its AI story generator ensures high-quality ebook generation.

    • It has text polishing feature to make your ebook creation perfect.

    • All the VoxBox voices sound natural and real, as the tool uses cutting-edge AI algorithms.

    • It can generate audio in over 46 languages.

    • It is ultra-quick, and you will have your audio within a minute.

    How to use VoxBox to create ebook?

    Step 1: Download VoxBox on your PC and launch it.

    Step 2: Click on "AI story generator".

    voxbox generate story ai

    Step 3: Describe the story you want and click "generate" to get the stunning results.

    voxbox taking notes

    Step 4: If you want to further make your ebook an audiobook, click "change speaker" to tap one voice to make AI voiceovers.

    2. is the best free AI ebook generator. We know it’s paid, but you can sign up for its free trial. You will surely love the features it offers to you during this time without charging any money. So, try it now.

    In fact, it's a “must-use” for you if you’re looking to speed up content generation.

    Key Features:

    • has over 50 content templates for every purpose.

    • It provides content recipes that can assist you in creating well-optimized ebooks.

    • This tool also supports Grammarly basic and Surfer SEO integration (many tools don’t allow this).

    • If you ever feel stuck, you can use to get suggestions for ideas.

    How to generate ebooks with

    Step 1: Start by brainstorming. You can also ask Jasper for help here.

    jasper ai generate ebooks

    Step 2: Next, outline and organize your content. It’s a super important step if you want to create an engaging ebook.

    jasper ai generate ebooks step2

    Step 3: Then, you can draft the ebook.

    jasper ai generate ebooks step3

    Step 4: After this, you will have a copy. You can finally design, format, and publish your ebook.

    3. Ebookmaker

    Ebook maker can make your life easy. How? Well, this AI ebook creator is super simple to use and can generate content with a single click.

    ebookmaker ai ebook creator

    Key Features

    • Ebookmaker uses top-tier AI technology to create high-quality content in no time.

    • It has an eye-friendly interface, which is why you can use this software without facing any difficulty.

    • It also gives you the flexibility to edit your ebooks.

    • You can also use it to optimize your content for better reach.

    How to create ebooks with Ebook Maker?

    Step 1: Open Ebook Maker and add the title, subject, etc.

    ebook maker

    Step 2: Choose “Generate e-book” after you fill in the details.

    how to make ebooks

    Step 3: Then, simply download your ebook. That’s it!

    4. is famous for producing content at an unbelievably quick speed. We used it to create almost every content and it performed the best every time.

    Here’s what you can generate with

  • Content forms
  • Social media captions
  • Ad copy
  • Blog posts
  • YouTube scripts
  • Ebooks, and much more.
  • So, it’s safe to say that is perfect for modern marketers and content creators.

    storylab ai story generator

    Key Features

    • StoryLab supports 13 writing styles (which is more than what others offer).

    • It ensures grammatical accuracy, as it can fix errors.

    • If you’re a writer, you can use it to overcome writer's block by using StoryLab to get content ideas.

    • It supports over 10 languages, which means it is a great choice for you if you’re targeting a non-English audience.

    How to use

    Step 1: Sign up with an email or Google account on You can now select from the available plans based on your needs.

    Step 2: Add your ebook idea or guidelines.

    storylab ai create ebook

    Step 3: Choose the type of content you want to create, and let the AI generate the content.

    5. AI Book Generator

    AI Book Generator is for professional authors and content creators. It uses GPT AI models to create dynamic books for you instantly. According to its user reviews, it can easily create 10 chapters for you.

    ai book generator

    Key Features

    • It uses world #01 AI models to produce high-quality written material.

    • The tool focuses on a smooth and natural flow of text.

    • You can customize the structure and plan books effectively.

    • You won’t have to worry about plagiarism, as it always writes unique content.

    How to Use It?

    Step 1: First, add a title and select the genre.

    ai generate book step1

    Step 2: The AI will then suggest the chapters. You can also enter your own in this step.

    ai generate book step2

    Step 3: Lastly, download your book.

    6. Visme

    Visme is a versatile design platform which was founded in 2012. It now also offers an ebook generator that produces eye-catching content. We recommend it to those who own small businesses. Furthermore, it’s also a great choice for educators as well.

    visme ebook generator

    Key Features:

    • Visme offers dozens of pre-design ebook templates for you.

    • It includes many fonts (unlike others that offer one or two).

    • You will also get access to millions of stock photos to make your ebooks top-notch.

    • This tool offers real-time editing and commenting, which we think is suitable for effective team collaboration.

    • All projects are saved in the cloud, so you can access them easily.

    How to Use Visme to Create Ebooks?

    Step 1: Select a plan and create an account.

    Step 2: Click on “Create your ebook” and pick a template.

    visme generate ebook

    Step 3: Then, adjust and customize the settings (according to your preference).

    Step 4: Finally, download the ebook or share it with other platforms.

    7. Appy Pie

    Appy Pie, as an ai ebook cover generator, is a little different from other tools we have discussed above. You can use it to make attracting and stunning ebook cover for your story, making it more popular.

    Key Features

    • A large number templates for customizing personalized and unique ebook cover.

    • Meet all your graphic design needs.

    • A library of trending features ranging from image generator to music generator.

    How to generate an ebook cover with Appy Pie?

    Step 1: Go to its ai book cover maker website.

    Step 2: Choose a template to make customization, or create a blank book cover from scratch.

    ai ebook cover generator

    Step 3: Download the results.

    Part 5. Bonus Tip: Make Celebrities Read Ebooks for You

    Writing ebooks is indeed frustrating, but you can make everything fun just by using a voice generator. It can read the whole ebook to you in the voice of popular celebrities.

    In fact, thousands of people are already doing it to check whether their content is even good or not. They don’t want to sit for hours and read their ebooks; they just download a voice generator and listen to their content.

    But which voice generator can you use? Well, you will definitely need a top-quality one.

    Out of all, we recommend MagicMic. It’s an advanced voice generator & changer that can read your ebook in over 300 voices. But the best part is that it includes hundreds of celebrity voices as well. Here are our favorite ones:

  • Taylor Swift
  • David Schwimmer
  • Drake
  • 2Pac
  • Eminem
  • ai voice changer

    Key Features

    • All the MagicMic voices sound natural and real, as the tool uses cutting-edge AI algorithms.

    • It can change your audio files voice to any voices you like.

    • It has noise reducer to improve your listening experience.

    Try It Free

    Part 6. FAQs about AI Ebook Generator

    Is There an AI That Helps Write an Ebook?

    Yes, there are AI tools that can help you in writing ebooks. These AI ebook generators can create content, suggest ideas, format text, and even help with research.

    Which AI Can Generate a Book?

    Various AI tools like AI Book Generator, ebookmaker, and can generate books. They offer features like content generation, customizable outlines, and natural language processing.

    Can I Sell AI Generated ebooks?

    Yes, you can sell ebooks generated by AI. However, it's important to ensure the content is original, adheres to copyright laws, and maintains a high quality to be marketable.

    What AI Can Create an ebook for Free?

    Some AI tools offer free versions or trials that can create ebooks. For example, Visme provides a free plan with basic features for ebook creation.


    In this ultimate guide, we explored the best AI ebook generators that can create ebooks within a few minutes. You will only have to add some details, choose a few options, and let these tools do the rest.

    But all of this is boring. If you want to have some real fun, then use MagicMic. This tool will make celebrities read your ebook for you.

    So, download MagicMic now to make interesting auidobooks!

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