Ivona text to speech by NextUp Technologies is a TTS engine launched in 2001. From then till now, this amazing text to speech converter has gained immense popularity for its outstanding functionality and pleasant voice output. It works the same as other text to speech programs, reading text and transforming it into human speech.

In this article, we will describe everything from facts about the Ivona text-to-speech program that you should know to the best alternatives to the Ivona text to speech and more. Read on below to explore!

Part 1: Facts about Ivona Text to Speech

Ivona Text to Speech

The award-winning Ivona Text to Speech program by NextUp Technologies enables Windows PC and Tablet PC to speak up like human voices, providing greater functionality and accessibility without the assistance of additional third-party software.

Keep in mind the Ivona voices NextUp Technologies sell are only usable on TextAloud 4.

ivona text to speech

Brief introduction about Ivona Text to Speech:

Ivona text to speech program by NextUp Technologies supports over 20 different languages and can generate voices in as many as six different voices. Not only it's easy to use for beginners, but it also saves much time by performing swift conversions.

Key Features:

  • Ivona text to speech program by NextUp Technologies supports over 20 different languages.

  • It can generate voices in as many as six different voices.

  • Not only it's easy to use for beginners, but it also saves much time by performing swift conversions.

  • You can use this platform for listening to your computer and creating audio files for portable devices.

  • Its excessive technology is helpful for users with visual or sight impairment or reading disabilities.

How to Use Ivona Text to Speech?

Step #1:Download and install Ivona text to speech by NextUp Technologies.

Step #2:Once done with the installation, launch it.

Step #3:The popping window contains a box on which you have to type the text.

Step #4:Then, click on the Speak option in the toolbar to listen to your text in a human voice.

Another way is to copy the text into any other document; the TextAloud Clipboard prompt will appear. Select Add new article from the drop-down menu and hit Perform. The elected text will appear in the TextAloud window. Select Speak and listen to your text.


yesHas user-friendly interface.

yesIdeal for people with visual impairments.

yesPerform conversions in a matter of minutes.


noOnly available for Windows.


You can use this platform for listening to your computer and creating audio files for portable devices. Its accessive technology is helpful for users with visual or sight impairment or reading disabilities.


  • A bundle of 5 Ivona voices will cost $159.

  • A bundle of 3 will cost $119.

  • Only one Ivona voice will cost $59.

  • Get a user license for TextAloud 4 for just $34.95 and enjoy using this tool without any monthly or yearly subscription fee.

OS & Supported File Formats:

  • It’s only available on Windows PC or laptop and supports various file formats, from Word documents and PDF files to Rich Text files.

Part 2: Best Alternatives to Ivona Text to Speech You Cannot Miss!

Here are some of the best alternatives to Ivona text-to-speech that you should not miss. Let’s have a look at them!

1. VoxBox – Best Choice Other than Ivana Text to Speech

iMyFone VoxBox can be the best choice as an alternative to theIvana Text-to-Speech. Using it, you can convert your text into different languages, from English, Spanish, and German to Japanese, French, and more.

This text to speech platform serves millions of users and is 100% safe. Just copy and paste your script, choose your preferred language, and generate the best-of-the-best voice output.

VoxBox introduce

Key Features:

  • This is one of the best alternatives to the Ivona text to speech can generate voiceovers in over 22 languages.

  • It can give realistic voice output in over 3,200 voices.

  • It’s an all-in-one solution for editing, recording, and converting text to speech.

  • It’s compatible with multiple output and input formats, including MP3.

  • You can trim and cut your voiceovers to make them best synchronize with your social media content.

voxbox tts voice generator and recorder


No voice artists are needed, and no recording equipment is needed. You can easily convert your text to speech and voice using iMyFone VoxBox. the best Ivona Text to Speech Alternative! Download it and try it out for free now!


yes Has easy to use user-friendly interface.

yesAd-free and doesn’t breach your privacy, thus safe to use.

yesCan be widely used for educational, conversational, and broadcasting purposes.


noCompatible with Windows only.

User Reviews:

  • Maybe the software is not famous in the text to speech market, but it's the most useful.

  • VoxBox positions the user for those who need the requirements of text to speech, voice recording, and audio editing. It's time to download and install it!

  • It's amazing software. First, I just used to prank my friends, but it was updated to contain more country accents, and I use it to make professional voiceovers.

Watch this video to learn more about the Best Ivona Text to Speech Alternative:

voxbox youtube video

2. synthesys.io

Next on the list issynthesys.io! This fantastic alternative for the Ivano text to speech enables swift conversion of TTS. You can enjoy access to around 254 voices and over 60 languages to generate realistic output by paying a minimal subscription fee.

With this powerful AI voice generator, you can hop from plain and somehow boring text to lively and appealing digital content.


Key Features:

  • It's a cloud-based application on which you can work from anywhere worldwide.

  • Using this one of the best alternatives to Ivona text to speech, you can create and sell infinite voiceovers.

  • It gives the privilege to choose from 30 men and 35 female voices.

  • It can be used for social media, animations, sales videos, podcasts, letters, explainers, and more!

  • It offers an extensive library of AI voices with unique tones and different languages.


yes Help generate next-level voiceovers in just a few clicks.

yes No special experience is required; almost everyone can use it.

yesEnables customizing the speed and pitch of the voice.


noOnly cloud-based.

User Reviews:

  • The synthesys.io voices are exceptionally lifelike and way better than the voices found in other renowned text to speech programs.

  • It gives us an excellent tool to generate professional voiceovers without incurring the considerable expense of hiring voiceover professionals.

  • All previous "text to speech" apps are suddenly outdated. The natural-feeling voice output of synthesys.io is so good that I feel like my days as a voiceover artist are numbered.

3. NaturalReader

Lastly, we have NaturalReader as another best alternative to the Ivona text to speech program. It's your best bet if you don't want to hook yourself into downloading and installing TTS software and prefer working online.

Its toolbar is easier to use and visually appealing. You can use its WebReader feature to let your website talk!

natural reader tts online

Key Features:

  • It helps you take your listening experience to the next level with background music and other effects.

  • It can read scanned images or PDF files using its advanced OCR technology.

  • It's indeed one of the best chrome extensions for online text to speech conversions.

  • Its amazing features make it the best to use for dyslexic sufferers.

  • It’s recently updated for the addition of natural voiceovers that are worth reading along.


yes Generates natural-sounding voices.

yesUses OCR technology to read from a scanned document.

yesEnables listening to previous uploads and converting them to MP3.


noComes with pricy payment options.

User Reviews:

  • The best of the best, but not perfect - a perfect explanation for the NaturalReader. This is undoubtedly the best voice reader I have ever used, and believe me, I've searched a lot.

  • The voices featured in the premium version are far better than any other company products, certainly better than what comes standard on my laptop.

  • A pretty helpful app. The different voices and the speed levels are also a plus. With it, it's much easier to post the oral text to your blog, site, pallet, etc.

Part 3: FAQs about Ivana Text to Speech

1. Is Ivona Text to Speech Available on Android?

The Ivona-Text-to-Speech program by NextUp Technologies is currently available for Windows PC and tablet PC only.

2. How Many Languages and Voices are in Ivana Text to Speech?

Ivona text to speech by NextUp Technologies can generate voices in over twenty different languages and six voices.

3. Is There Any Software Alternative to Ivona text to speech?

Though there are several software alternatives to the Ivona text to speech, the most reliable and outstanding one is the VoxBox because of its endless key features. Give it a try; you will surely fund it worth using!


Ivona text to speech is your best buddy for quick conversion of written text to natural, human-like voices. You can generate output in your preferred voice from the six options available.

Though Ivona text to speech is best in every aspect, if you are still looking for an alternative, there can be no better option than the VoxBox. Its outstanding features listed above will surely convince you why. Have a free try downbelow.