Want the rude Bender AI voice to add his element to your content and make it more interesting and dramatic? That's a very simple thing! This article will tell you in detail how to achieve his highly natural sound and also give you some facts about Bender and his voice actor. Now read on!

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Part 1: Who Is Bender in Futurama?

Bender is a fictional character in the animated television series "Futurama." He is a robot and one of the main characters in the show. Bender is known for his sarcastic and rebellious personality, often displaying a disregard for rules and authority. He works as a bending unit at Planet Express, a delivery company in the futuristic world of "Futurama." Despite his tough exterior, Bender has a complex personality and goes through various comedic and dramatic situations throughout the series.

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Part 2: Bender Voice Actor

The voice actor for Bender in "Futurama" is John DiMaggio. John DiMaggio is an American voice actor and comedian known for his work in various animated television shows and films. Apart from Bender, he has lent his voice to many other notable characters, including Jake the Dog in "Adventure Time," Marcus Fenix in the "Gears of War" video game series, and many others.

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Part 3: Make Bender AI Voice with TTS[Full Guide]

In this section, you will learn how to generate Bender's voice with his gruff and robotic tone. Let's start now!

1. iMyFone VoxBox - Bender AI Voice Generator

VoxBox is a leading voice generator, adept at creating realistic AI voices including Bender's through its voice cloning and text-to-speech features. Moreover, you have the freedom to custom the resulting voiceovers to match your preferences. With its user-friendly interface, it is easy to generate voices of your favorite characters, which just requires just a few simple steps!

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How To Generate Bender AI Voice:

#Step 1: Download and installation.

#Step 2: Navigate to the "Voice Cloning" section, create a new clone and upload Bender audio files.

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#Step 3: Go to "Text to Speech", next head to "Change Speaker," and you should click "My Voice," then find and use the voice you have cloned.

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#Step 4: Input your text, or use the AI text assistant to generate text, and click "Convert" to preview the voiceover.

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  • 2000 character counts for free to make available dubbings.

  • Accessable 3200+ voice models to get creative content.

  • More than 77 languages and 100 accents you can choose.

  • All-in-one, also providing STT, noise reduction, Ai text assistant, video conversion, recording, etc.

  • Allows generation of Futurama voices with voice cloning.

  • All systems supported(Wins/Mac/iOS/Android).


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Part 4: Bonus: Popular Futurama Characters & Voice Actors

"Futurama" features a talented cast of voice actors who bring the characters to life. Here are some popular characters and their respective voice actors:

  • Philip J. Fry - Voiced by Billy West

  • Turanga Leela - Voiced by Katey Sagal

  • Bender Bending Rodríguez - Voiced by John DiMaggio

  • Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth - Voiced by Billy West

  • Amy Wong - Voiced by Lauren Tom

  • Hermes Conrad - Voiced by Phil LaMarr

  • Zapp Brannigan - Voiced by Billy West

  • Nibbler - Voiced by Frank Welker

  • Scruffy - Voiced by David Herman

  • Mom (Carolyn) - Voiced by Tress MacNeille


All in all, the Bender AI voice generator gives Futurama enthusiasts a way to create the voice of Bender, the character in Futurama - VoxBox. Whether it's a prank or a dubbing, With a rich library of 3200 sounds and the ability to quickly get the sounds you want, VoxBox is one of the top sound generators. Don’t hesitate to try VoxBox now!