Writing great music is a very creative, but also-time consuming process. It can be a great idea to use an AI melody generator that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to create engaging and enjoyable music! Finding the best free melody generator can take a bit, since there are so many different products. That’s why we made a comprehensive list featuring top tier tools that can be used as precise or random melody generator.

ai melody generator

Part 1. What is an AI Melody Generator?

The role of an AI melody generator is to help you create lyrics for songs. Normally, you can take days or weeks, even months to create the best songs. Using an AI melody maker, you can speed up this process. It becomes easier to start making songs. Plus, you can also use AI as a starting point and then adjust every song the way you want.

Part 2. Top 6 AI Melody Generators

1) Dopeloop Melody Generator

The Dopeloop Melody Generator allows you to create simple and engaging melodies. You can choose the notes, length, but also scale and root note. The app also allows you to access certain instruments. With some being behind a paywall. However, Dopeloop Melody Generator does an excellent job at keeping the entire tool very easy to use, and it’s a solid midi melody generator. It does have limitations, but you can circumvent those with a subscription.

dopeloop melody generator

Key Features:

  • Generate unlimited melodies

  • Royalty free use for MIDI and loops

  • No private data is collected

  • Great privacy


yesFast melody creation

yesNo trackers or ads on the site

yesIt’s possible to download songs

yesRoyalty free features

yesLots of great features for free


noWAV and MP3 downloads are behind a paywall

noSome instruments are not available unless you pay

How to use:

#Step1:Enter the website, then pick the melody length and root node

#Step2:Choose the scale for your melody

#Step3:Pick between a vast number of instruments

#Step4:Add a length for your melody

#Step5:Press generate and check the results


Price: It costs $7 a month

2) Melody Maker

The Melody Maker experiment from Music Lab is widely seen as a solid melody generator. It’s a great melody generator from chords, where you get to choose your chords and also the tempo. You can also stop the song and change chords on the go. It’s a fully free tool to use, and one that delivers exceptional versatility and ease of use.

melody maker

Key Features:

  • A creating MIDI melody generator

  • It allows you to create songs and experiment

  • Change the tempo and speed

  • Listen to the song and modify on the fly


yesA solid melody generator free

yesIt’s easy to customize and modify

yesTempo and speed modification


noIt doesn’t have that much guidance

How to use:

#Step1: The time is moving left to right, and pitches are from up to down.

#Step2: What you need to do is to click on a rectangle to add notes

#Step3:Use the buttons at the bottom to either play or change the song accordingly.


Price: free to use

3) Melody Studio AI Melody Generator

Melody Studio is maybe the best AI melody generator on the market. It’s a solid melody generator from chords. It also generates lyrics and allows you to modify rhymes as well. You always want to focus on making your songs creative and fun, and that’s a place where this AI melody generator is very good. It gives you exceptional quality and results, along with an exceptional music quality.

melody studio

Key Features:

  • A very complex melody generator

  • You can change anything from the lyrics to rhymes and chords

  • Complete music thesaurus

  • Every generated song can be customized


yesA dependable melody maker for beginners and experts

yesVery good assistance and guidance

yesThe ability to modify every song

yesYou can also generate and create lyrics


noDue to its complexity, it can take a little while to learn

How to use:

#Step1:Start by entering the online app and writing your lyrics

#Step2:You can add chords, or leave the AI to generate them

#Step3:The AI will generate your melody and also offer guidance on how to sing

#Step4:Now you can start making edits and saving your song.

#Step5:The final step involves downloading everything to your computer.



$7.99 a month

4) Soundgrail Melody Generator

The Melody Generator from Soundgrail might not be fancy or complex, but it works great. You can choose to create a variety of songs. You can choose the chord progression, melody, rhythm, mode and meter, etc. That gives you a very powerful way to create your music, while also enhancing the way you access these features. If you are passionate about music generation and want a melody generator free, this is a good one for you.

In addition to all of the above, it gives you some interesting ideas for chord progression and rhythm. When you get stuck and don’t know what ideas to go for, this tool will bring you on the right path.

soundgrail melody generator

Key Features:

  • Efficient and simple melody generator

  • It’s easy to generate the rhythm and melody

  • Chord progression, mode and meter tools

  • Create as many melodies as you want


yesAn efficient tool for music generation

yesYou can fully customize generated chord progression

yesMeter and mode generation and alteration available

yesYou can have access to different options from the AI


noA lack of documentation

How to use:

#Step1:Select the type of melody option you want to generate

#Step2:You can pick from mode and meter, rhythm, melody or chord progression

#Step3:Customize the options provided

#Step4:Press Generate and start using the melodies


Price: Free to use, $6 a month for extra features like Midi Export.

5) Rhythm Render

Finding the ideal melody inspiration is very important if you want to create great music. The Rhythm Render tool is great for those that want a solid, fast and efficient AI melody generator. This tool allows you to write a prompt and it will generate a melody based on that. Or it can generate a melody based on specific inputs you choose from manually. You can listen to the melody and even download if it you liked it.

rhythm render

Key Features:

  • Both simple and advanced modes for different levels

  • Choose between tame or wild songs

  • Customize the genre, drumkit and groove or sequence

  • Multiple samples available to use


yesStart with samples and learn how to use it

yesExport your files to MIDI

yesNumerous ways to customize what you want to generate

yesWorks with multiple musical genres


noIt can be quite expensive

How to use:

#Step1:You enter your text prompt into the app to describe the type of melody you want

#Step2:The melody generator free will generate the melody for you

#Step3:Then you can listen to the melody, adjust it and then download it to be used.


Price: it costs $4.99 for a 24 hour pass, $19.99 a month.

6) Loudly AI Music Generator

The main focus for this Loudly AI melody generator is that it helps you create entire songs in just a few seconds. While the free version is limited to 30 seconds, that can still give you a good idea of what kind of music you can get and how immersive it really is. They do an excellent job at keeping the music generation process cohesive and engaging too.

loudly ai music generator

Key Features:

  • Generate music for a variety of genres

  • You can choose the song key and duration

  • Add instruments, create a tempo and a song structure

  • Customize every generated song at your own pace


yesA very professional, cohesive interface

yesCohesive, complex melody maker

yesSongs can be long or short, how you want

yesEvery generated track can be downloaded and saved


noIt can get quite expensive

How to use:

#Step1: You enter the app, choose the genre of the song and its duration

#Step2: After that, you can add the instruments you want, along with energy and structure

#Step3: Pick the desired tempo and key

#Step4: You can now press Generate, and then listen to each song that was generated.

#Step5: Download the song afterward


Free version is limited to 25 songs per month, 30 seconds each. You can pay $5.99 or $14.99 a month for more and longer songs.

Bonus: AI Music Generator for Melodies

1. MusicAI

MusicAI – the premier music generator blending state-of-the-art AI technology with expert musical acumen. With the MusicAI software, crafting top-tier music tracks for any project becomes attainable. Regardless of your musical expertise or familiarity with music theory, MusicAI enables you to compose your own unique melodies and songs.

music ai


  • With an extensive collection of famous artist models, AI cover songs can be effortlessly crafted.

  • For each function, there's a free trial and download feature.

  • In various formats like MP3, WAV, OGG, your created songs can be exported.

  • Coming capabilities include vocal removal, AI composition, text-to-song, and audio enhancement.

  • Delight in the experience of unique and dynamic compositions.

  • Across genres such as pop, hip-hop, jazz, and more, various singer voices are available.

Part4: Faqs About AI Melody Generator

1. Does an AI melody generator create an entire song or just parts of it?

Naturally, it always depends on the type of melody generator you use. Some tools that are free will just generate the melodic line. Others will generate lyrics and entire songs ready to download. It’s very important to study each free melody generator and see what kind of musical content it can generate for you.

2. Are the generated melodies copyrighted?

What makes the use of an AI melody generator great is that all these songs/melodies are unique. That means you can file a copyright for them if you want. Or you can modify the generated melody and then copyright it accordingly.

3. Who is the melody generator for?

A melody generator is ideal for singers and producers that want to create new music. It’s just as good for people that want to create their own songs, even if they lack experience. Moreover, an AI melody generator can be suitable for songwriters that have writer’s block.


A good AI melody generator can help make the difference between spending hours or months to create a song. Not only will the AI melody maker come up with very good ideas, it can help speed up the melody creation process. You get to create outstanding songs that will enhance your portfolio and bring you tons of fans. That’s why it’s imperative to start using a random melody generator like the ones above!

Furthermore, for those interested in exploring alternative AI voice tools, consider experimenting with MagicMic, an AI voice changer in real-time, or VoxBox, a voice generator.

  • 300+ Voice effects for one-click voice changing in real-time.
  • Huge library with 600+ Voice Effects and 200+ Voice Memes.
  • Sound emulator in games, live, chatting, online classes, and more.
  • Voice recording and audio voice changing is supported.
  • Voice studio lets you create any voice you like.