Halloween is the most awaited event of the year after Christmas. People love it because it allows them to dress up and meet and greet people. Moreover, it develops a sense of affection as well.

Creating a Halloween photo is important for everyone. To edit a photo, we will discuss the best Halloween photo editors that you can find on the internet. Excellent Halloween Photo Booth ideas are also introduced!

spooky halloween image

Part 1: 3 Best Halloween Photo Editor Apps to Get Spooky Effects or Filters

1. Photo Editor by BeFunky

BeFunky is a popular photo editing tool for Halloween. It has different effects and filters that represent Halloween. It also has presets that turn the image ghostly and scary. 

BeFunky allows you to add haunting texture backgrounds along with themes. It has multiple layouts, including texts, elements, and effects.

befunky photo editor

2. Spooky Booth: Halloween 2022

Spooky Booth, as the name suggests, is specially developed for Halloween. It has a scary face filter and effects that can turn your normal image spooky.

You can add different gruesome graphics to any photo and turn it into horror images. It also contains spooky stickers that you can add, rotate, and resize to fit in your photo.

spooky booth halloween

3. Halloween Photo Editor

If you are looking for scary Halloween filters along with cute effects for children, then this tool is best for you. You can choose from different Halloween effects. Add styles and templates to the picture.

Moreover, this tool works offline as well. So, you don’t require a stable internet connection to work with this editing tool.

halloween photo editor

Part 2: 3 Spooky Halloween Photo Booth Ideas

Idea#1: chatbooks

If you are looking to create a seriously spooky photobooth for Halloween, then you can visit this website. It has over ten different ideas for you to create your photo booth. It includes all the easily available materials, and you can make it yourself.

chatterbox halloween photo booth

Idea#2: onebooth

There are also Halloween party photo booths. So, if you are looking to give your guests a surprise this Halloween by creating your own DIY Halloween photo booth, then this website will give you great ideas.

You can also see how the photobooths turned out to be, so you can follow its instructions and make them yourself.

diy photo booth

Idea#3: kidsplayandcreate

If you are on a budget but want to make your Halloween memorable by creating a spooky Halloween photo booth, then this website is perfect for you.

It will teach you how to make photo booths for under $20. Halloween is all about pictures, and when you have a professional Halloween photo booth, it will impress your guests.


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Part 3: Best Halloween Photo Editor to Edit Halloween Pictures

iMyFone MarkGo – Remove/Add Watermark for Halloween Photo

If you want to add or remove any type of sticker or text to a Halloween image, then you can use iMyFone MarkGo. This tool works with Windows and is a desktop application.

Although the main objective of this tool is to add and remove watermarks from any image, we can also use these features to add effects and edit Halloween videos or image.

Step 1: Download and install MarkGo.

Based on what you want to do, add or remove the watermark. Click on the options on the home screen.

markgo interface remove video watermarks

Step 2: Upload the Image which you want to edit.

It will open up a new window, and you will see an option in the center of the screen, “Add Image”.

imyfone markgo add halloween image

Step 3: Now, if you choose the option to add a watermark.

You will see two options on the right, namely “Add Text” and “Add Image”.

markgo remove halloween watermarks

Step 4: Export Now.

Once you are done, you can click on “Export Now” to save the image to the computer.

Watch the video tutorial to learn more about How to Create Halloween Photos

iMyFone MarkGo Video

Key Features:

  • iMyFone MarkGo can add/remove a watermark with just a click.

  • It uses an AI algorithm to detect and remove the watermark.

  • It can add and remove watermarks from videos as well.

  • You can also remove different types of objects from photos and videos.

  • It has a free trial version that you can download.

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In this article, we have talked about how to make Halloween images spooky and scary. There are different phone applications for Android and iOS that allow you to edit images with Halloween stickers and filters.

Moreover, if you want to edit your images for Halloween on your PC, then you can go for iMyFone MarkGo. It is a simple tool through which you can easily add or remove any type of sticker or filter.

Download the tool for free and try it now!