If you are a Moonbase Alpha player, then you would know its Text-to-Speech power to rank high in the game. This article is all about Moonbase alpha and its Text-to-speech related features. We will also see 3 top Text-to-Speech generators with their pros & cons, features, and pricing details. So let's start.

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Part 1: Do you Know Moonbase Alpha?

Moonbase Alpha is a real-time video game launched by NASA with multiple goals and purposes. It gives players a 3-D simulation of the lunar land with the aims of colonization, exploration, and research-related tasks taking place on the moon. This game is named Moonbase after NASA launched an outpost (Moonbase Alpha) on the moon at the southern pole that is becoming self-sufficient using regolith processing and solar energy.

While playing Moonbase Alpha, users experience the thrilling characters of astronauts as deep space researchers. In this game, teams are given limited time, and players have to complete life-saving tasks like; preparing and settling oxygen-containing equipment, repair tools, player-controlled robots, and rovers on Moonbase Alpha to score high.

Moonbase Alpha was designed and launched with the vision to spread lunar knowledge and awareness among people. There are leaderboards in which players are graded according to their decision-making power, life-saving effort, and team coordination. People try to be on the top of the leaderboards and hence learn a lot. This game is full of exciting and interesting features. Let's have a look at them.


  • Experience in an expiring lunar environment.

  • Team-ups with friends and different people.

  • High-end space technology.

  • Free flow of information.

  • Competition between players.

  • Understanding NASA rules and regulations.

  • Available on Steam.

Part 2: How to Get Moonbase Alpha Text-to-Speech ?

Moonbase Alpha also has a portion for the Text-to-Speech function through which people create humorous content while playing this game. Some of the funny video clips of players on YouTube gave a boost to the popularity of this game. Here is a list of some effective and efficient Text-to-Speech tools that can help you to grab the top position on the Moonbase Alpha leaderboard.

1) VoxBox

iMyFone Voxbox is is at the top of our list because it is one of the best text-to-speech voice generators and recorders on the market. This software has 9 languages and more than 3000+ voice that supports various output audio file formats. Easy import and export of files can be done quickly through VoxBox. It has very effortless editing features on the interface that a new user can use accurately and freely.

As far as VoxBox's Text-to-Speech feature is concerned, it has a huge library of different voices and sounds based on various characters. All your linked and provided data will be saved and secured because iMyFone VoxBox offers its services with a 100% security and safety guarantee.



  • Supported more kinds of voices like celebrities, cartoon characters, languages, etc.

  • Cut, trim, select, and delete audio files accurately.

  • Edit previously recorded audio file.

  • Works effectively for songs, meetings, notes, documents, and lectures.


yes Easy to use.

yes Simple user interface.

yes A free version is available.

yes Secure and safe tool.

yes Fast and quick.

yes Lightweight software.

yes Do not harm any device/PC.


noOnly for Windows users.

noThe free version has limited features.

noOnly for desktop users.

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2) Voicemaker

Voicemaker is a TTS voice generator tool, that has a lot of customization options in a very clean user interface. you can set the pauses, volume, speed, and other tasks through simple clicks. It has a huge collection of different voices related to different areas/countries with their particular accent.

Besides this, Voicemaker also has an AI Voices section through which you can search and play the available voices of any particular region, language, and gender. You will just need to provide instructions; the software will search and display the available voice automatically with a single click because of its AI technology.

Voicemaker also offers customer support that responds to users' issues, questions, bug reports, and technical inquiries within 2 to 12 hours. Some of its worth mentioning features are listed below.



  • Various customization options.

  • AI voices feature.

  • Downloads files quickly.

  • Different voice effects for particular voices.

  • Offers voices from different locations


yes Simple and easy to use.

yes Very clear and straightforward user interface.

yes Easy customization.

yes Available for both mobile and desktop users.

yes Allow further audio and voice settings.

yes Redo and Undo options.


noA little bit old-fashioned interface.

noOnly export MP3 file.

noLimited features in the free version.

3) ResponsiveVoice

ResponsiveVoice is also an online tool specially designed to convert text into speech quickly and clearly. The online tool has a very simple text box in the center of the screen in which users are required to enter their text. Under the text box, there are various options to select male and female voices from different regions of the world. ResponsiveVoice generates speech using real and natural human digital voices with 100% clear and accurate quality. 

Provide your text and then generate speeches with a single button. You can also play the speech before using it on other platforms for professional purposes. It offers two unique options that allow users to share the generated speech directly to any website and video. Besides Text-to-Speech, you can also use ResponsiveVoice to voiceover your videos with good quality. Let's see some of its more exciting features.



  • Creates voiceovers.

  • Can make a website speak in 3 minutes.

  • Supports 51 different languages.

  • Available as WordPress and E-Learning plugins.

  • Offers voice API for non-commercial uses.


yes Multiple languages supported.

yes A clear and simple tool.

yes A free version is available.

yes Customers support.

yes Safe payments methods.

yes Secure tool.


noVery limited audio editing options.


Moonbase Alpha is a real-time simulation of lunar land for spreading awareness about the technical knowledge and operations happening on the moon's the South Pole at Moonbase Alpha. This game has gained popularity because of its Text-to-Speech feature. Through TTS, players enjoy creating funny content while playing and learning with the game.

For those who want to be on the top of the Moonbase Alpha leaderboard, we have shared three effective Moonbase Alpha Text-to-Speech tools. These tools can help to create funny, informative, and helpful speeches in different languages and accents. iMyFone VoxBoxis one of them. It is a safe, easy-to-use, simple, and effective software for text-to-speech conversions extraordinarily. You can use any of them to reach your goals using Text-to-Speech Moonbase Alpha.

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