If you are looking for interesting interactive methods such as funny TTS, voice chat, etc. to exchange messages with friends or strangers on Discord, then through this blog you can know how to use Discord and its alternative to create the most funny TTS , and we will popularize the 10 most commonly used funny text to speech voices for you.

funny text to speech

Part 1: Top 10 Funny Text-to-Speech(TTS) Voices

1) Lurl

Lurl is a very famous spamming sound. which make your voice humorous and funny.

    /tts lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl

2) Bois Bois Bois

This is among the funniest TTS that you can find on Discord. The pronunciation and voice of Bois Bois Bois make it sound hilarious.

    /tts Bois Bois Bois Bois Bois Bois Bois Bois Bois Bois Bois Bois Bois Bois Bois Bois


If you like to sing, then this is the best funny TTS you can go for. It is not only entertaining but also makes you sound like a beatboxer.

    /tts @@@@@@@@@@dddd@@@@dddd@@@@dddd@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@


If you are looking for a hilarious TTS, then bananananana is the best.which you need to felt it by yourself.

    /tts bananananananabanabanabananabanannana

5) Motor Bike Starting

It is one of the most annoying Discord TTS. It sounds like buk buk buk buk buk and continues to go on unless you make it stop.

    /tts Motor Bike Started bukbukbukbukbukbukbukbuk buk buk buk bukbukbukbukbukbukbukbuk buk buk buk

    0:00 /0:04

6) auanuanaunauanaunauanuanaunaua

It is used to chat with friends over Discord, which makes you laugh with your friends.

    /tts anununununununununa unauanuanaunauananuanaunauanaun

7) The sprinkler goes like pispspsps!

I think sound like a sprinkler, many users said play sounds aloud might get a cat to come over to you.

    /tts Sprinklers go pissssspspspspspspspspspspspspspspspspspspspspspspspspspspspspspspspse


Hahaha, sound like a boat sailing.


9) dododobobobobgjubgjubgjub

A weird voice with Discord TTS, which would make you catches everyone's attention.

    /tts dododobobobobgjubgjubgjubdododobobobobgjubgjubgjub

10) A button Blood Type A

It is another interesting Discord TTS noise, you can revision and repeat it as long as you want.

    /tts :a: :a: :a: :a: :a: :a: :a: :a: :a: :a: :a: :a: :a: :a: :a: :a: :a: :a: :a: :a: :a: :a:

Part 2: How Directly to Use Discord to Get Funny TTS Voices?

First, you need to install Discord, and then open it. open the TTS feature has two methods: You can simply type "/tts" or use the Discord chat /tts command immediately followed by your message.

    Note: Do not forget to leave a space between the /tts command and your message.

funny tts on discord type1

funny tts on discord type2

Part 3: Download Funny Text-to-Speech(TTS) Voice Generator Here

iMyFone VoxBox

We have discussed one of the best funny TTS tools is Discord but now we will talk about an even better alternative which is iMyFone VoxBox.

VoxBox is another funny tts tool for generating all kinds of funny text to speech voices. You can use this feature and convert your voice into any voice/sound that you want. The funny voice quality of VoxBox text to speech generator is amazing, which does not sound like a robotic voice.

voxbox text to speech introduce

How To Use Funny TTS Voice Generator:

#Step 1: Download and install the software.

#Step 2: Choose funny voice you like and enter the text, next convert it into speech.

voxbox all voice

#Step 3: After listening the voiceover, you can export the file on your device.


  • Over 3200 voices and 77 laugueges for global users to meet everyone's need.

  • Plenty funny tts voices provided, ranging from celebrities to virtual characters.

  • Mutiple capablities: TTS, STT, voice cloning, editing, recording and conversion.

  • Adjustable options to customize the interesting voice intonation for your funny tts dubbing.

  • Supported voice record even from platforms like Twitch, YouTube.

  • High audio processing speed.


yesSafe and reliable to use.

yesVarious types of funny text-to-speech voices.

yesNot occupy much space in the computer storage.


noFeatures are restricted for trial version users.

Part 4: FAQs about Funny TTS

1. Can you use VoxBox funny TTS generator on Discord?

Yes, you can use the AI voice generated by the VoxBox funny TTS generator on Discord. Discord supports Text-to-Speech (TTS) functionality, allowing you to use generated voices in your chats and interactions. You can input the generated text into Discord's TTS feature, and it will convert the text into speech using the selected voice. This can add a humorous and unique element to your Discord conversations and interactions.

2. Are there any free funny TTS tools available?

Yes,some funny TTS platforms offer free versions with basic features. However, more advanced customization and premium voices may be available through paid plans.


Although Discord allows you to transform or get your funny voices with TTS commands, but which also could not care full needs, Diretctly download text-to-speech voice generators like iMyFone VoxBox. It provides more realistic and funny AI voices to make high-quality audio for each user with free text-to-speech conversion, so don't hesitate to try it now!