Why do you want to take notes? A single click is sufficient to capture the required texts and videos for future reference. Had you ever heard about the Nimbus Screen recorder tool? In this article, you will get some insights into this program. You will learn how to use this software optimally to carry out the screen recording activity. It is high time to explore an alternative to the Nimbus screen recorder to overcome the cons of this program. Use the alternative app effectively to acquire the desired results without any issues. Quickly surf the below content and get some glimpses on the screen recording tools. Grab the perfect program that meets your expectations promptly.

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Part 1: What is Nimbus Screen Recorder?

The Nimbus Screen Recorder is available for Windows and Chrome environment. You can use this application to take screenshots, screencasts, annotate and share the files instantly with your friends and team quickly. It permits you to perform multiple activities. You can collaborate with the workplace optimally using this tool. Record the desktop activities and use the annotate panel to edit the recorded screenshots as per your needs. Optimize the coverage area while taking the screenshots and capture the desired space on the screen. You can record the entire screen just with a single click. You can effortlessly upload and share the edited recordings with your team in no time. The Nimbus Screen Recorder assist in the online meeting, classes and during crucial discussions.


  • Quickly record the screens using this tool.
  • With the help of annotate panel, you can edit the captured screenshots.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • You can easily manage the screen recordings and customize them as per your needs.
  • There are options to set keyboard shortcuts to fasten the screen recording process.

These are the functionalities of the Nimbus capture tool. You can export the captured screens to any desired storage location as per your needs. You can carry out the recording activity on various screens like Desktop, Webcam, Web Browser. Choose according to your needs to carry out the desired screen recording action.


Part 2: How to Use Nimbus Screenshot?

You must download the Nimbus Screen Recorder tool from its official webpage and add it as a Chrome extension for optimum use. After a successful download, an ‘N’ symbol will cling to the Chrome browser for comfortable use. You can tap this symbol to take the screenshot of the desired screen amidst your surfing activity. When you click the ‘N’ icon, you can choose any one option from the following items in the expanded panel. The ‘Visible Part of the page’ captures the visible image on the screen. A new tab opens with the editing tools carrying the captured image for further actions. You can optimize the coverage area while taking the screenshot on a specific part of the screen. There is an option to click the entire page for further editing options. In the dropdown list, you can find a ‘Record Video’ option to record the desktop activities without any issues.


In the editing screen, you can find a wide range of tools to customize the captured image. You can add texts, highlight, add shadows to the inserted images, change colour. After completing the editing procedures, you can save the changes and store them in your local drive for quick access.

Part 3: How to Use a Nimbus Screen Video Recorder?

To use the Nimbus Screen Video recorder, you must try out the below guidelines. Carefully follow the below instructions to record the screen successfully. Make the right clicks to acquire the desired outcomes.

Step 1:  Download the Chrome extension from its official webpage and install it by following the instruction wizard.


Step 2: Soon after the installation procedure, the app sticks to your web browser to carry out desired activities. To record the screen, tap the Nimbus screen recorder icon displayed at the top right corner of the screen. From the expanded list, enable the options like ‘Record Tab Sound’, and ‘Record Webcam’ etc to record the desktop activities.


Step 3: In the ‘Video Settings’ option, you can modify parameters like ‘Video Bitrate’, ‘Audio Bitrate’,’ Frame Frequency’, ’Audio Quality as per your needs. Make necessary changes in the settings to acquire the desired outcomes.


Step 4: After setting the attributes, tap the ‘Start Record’ option to trigger the recording process. The recording begins quickly within a wink of an eye. Click the stop option to end the recording activity on the screen.


The recorded video files will be available in the system drive for future reference. You can access the files and send them to any required platform flawlessly.

Part 4: The Best Alternative for Nimbus Screen Recorder

The iMyFone Filme serves as the best alternative to the Nimbus Screen Recorder tool. You can perform high-quality screen recording activity in no time. It is the perfect program to record the desired video on the screen for future reference. The iMyFone Filme app is the optimized software to work with video files precisely. Quickly look at its features in detail below.


  • A single tap is sufficient to record the video on the screen. Edit the videos beyond your imaginations using the built-in toolbox.
  • The simple user interface assists you to reach out for the desired controls effectively.
  • There are options to edit the videos and add special effects as per your needs.
  • Compatible with all types of video files. You will not face any issues while handling large-sized files.
  • This app has excellent customizing attributes to enhance your videos.
  • Informative tutorials are available on its official web page to guide the newbie users.
  • The built-in features meet the expectations of the professionals optimally.

You can discover a lot about the iMyFone Filme tool by surfing the below content. The iMyFone Filme tool is an effective program to work with video files. You can perform miraculous changes on the files without affecting the quality factors. It is the perfect program that suits both professionals and beginners.

You can step into its official webpage to explore further editing options using this incredible tool. The interactive interface assists you to edit the videos professionally, and you can export the edited files effortlessly on any platform in no time.


Part 5: How to Record the Screen with Filme?

It is high time to learn how to use the iMyFone Filme app to record the screens optimally. Follow the below instructions carefully to complete the recording activity successfully.

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Step 1: Install the app

Go to its official webpage and download the app according to your system OS. You can select Windows or Mac-based on your requirements and download the tool according to your system OS needs. Install the software and launch the tool by double-tapping the tool icon.

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Step 2: Import the video

You can access the video files from the local drive by navigating the ‘My Media’ option or you can drag and drop the video files into the Filme timeline. Add the desired video to the working area to carry out the desired action.


Step 3: Record the video

Now, tap the ‘Record’ icon to start the recording activity on the imported video files. You can use the pause and stop option to control the recording action. The recorded video files will be available on the ‘My Media’ folder to access in future.


You can edit the recorded video files using the crop, trim, add effects to make it a little more interactive. The iMyFone Filme app allows you to perform the editing action without compromising its quality factors. Finally, you can tap the ‘Export’ button to move the recorded video on the desired platform effortlessly.


Thus, it is the right time to conclude the discussion on the Nimbus Screen Recorder tool. You had an informative trip on this topic, and now you would have understood the pros and cons of using this program. The best alternative iMyFone Filme tool replaces the Nimbus recorder by overcoming its flaws. It acts as the best recorder tool to work with videos precisely. The iMyFone Filme app will help you to edit the videos beyond imagination, and you can record the edited videos optimally. Stay tuned to this article to explore the mind-blowing functionalities of the iMyFone Filme tool in detail.

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