Facebook video ads gives marketers more creative freedom to connect with their audience emotionally and give their brand personality. It has become one of the most effective formats available to marketers. Every month, 1.25 billion of them watch videos on Facebook Watch alone, Facebook's streaming video service. Facebook video ads allow marketers to use this trend to their advantage. Knowing how to create engaging, scrolling video ads on Facebook will help any marketer become more competitive on the platform.

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Part 1: Why Facebook Video Ads?

●Video motion rules on Facebook: Your Facebook video ad will play in the newsfeed automatically, this is a huge advantage to stand out as with so much noise on Facebook, it is important to make sure your ads stand out. Motion in your video will help with this.

●Versatility: No matter what your target is or where someone is in the funnel, rest assured that they can create a Facebook video ad for it. Video ads are great for cold traffic campaigns.

●Excellent for developing a relationship over time(Retargeting): Facebook video ads are a great way to develop a long-term retargeting audience.

●Huge user number : Video ads have gone from being just another piece of the overall digital advertising plan to playing a key role in engaging potential customers.

●You can create videos in thousands of ways: There are a lot of free (like Filme) or low-cost ways to create engaging videos. Facebook even makes it easy for you by offering the ability to create a video slideshow directly in Ads Manager. Although it is recommended to use professional programs like Filme

As Facebook's platform has matured, it's clear that for most businesses, video ads deliver better results. In an increasingly video-based digital world, be assured that this trend will continue. The world's top marketing experts recommend the use of video in Facebook ads. Statistics show time and time again disproportionately good results with Facebook video ads.

Part 2: Starting Your Video Marketing with Facebook Video Ads

When creating Facebook video ads you have a wide variety of options to create your promotional videos . From short videos that are shown in the news section and can be viewed anywhere, to longer videos. Try creating videos of different sizes and styles to detect which ones get more interaction and better results for your audience.

1News sections or native ads

News sections or native ads

Native ads will appear in the Facebook News Feed. You will have to choose the right format for our audience or potential customers. It is especially important to adapt the video to the mobile format since most of the views come from mobiles, so it will be essential. Video ads in native format are the most used and appear in the feed of publications or news on Facebook, Audience Network or Instagram.

It is important to know that in Facebook most of the reproductions are made with the sound off, so it is vital that the message you want to convey has meaning with and without sound.

Native video ads are designed specifically for mobile, they fit the way people like to watch content and give you more flexibility and choice in your content.

News sections or native ads



These ads appear while someone is watching or playing a video. This has an important limitation as our ad will not appear on short videos. The ads will last between 5 and 15 seconds and will appear in Facebook videos and in Audience Network, they will only appear in videos from publishers and creators that meet strict requirements. It is important for you to know that, unlike native ads, these videos do play with sound.

You will have to take special care in the quality of the audio and the message you are going to transmit. This does not mean that we detract from the quality of the video, we simply take into account that we must take into account the audio variable when planning an In-stream video. In-stream ads can display targeted brand messages to specific audiences in content from publishers and creators on Facebook. This drives advertising recall, brand recognition and purchase intent.

These types of ads play wherever the content is being viewed, such as the News Feed or Facebook Watch. They are primarily displayed as in-video ads within the content itself.



These are videos in vertical format of a maximum of 15 seconds that will appear while users view the Stories. It is an interactive video format that will take users to a landing page, profile or product you want to promote. It is especially important to capture attention quickly or we will provoke a quick slide that will pass our ad without any kind of interaction or result.

Videos work much better than static images or a transition of photographs, because we provide in that short space of time, much more information to the user. Thus, we will increase the possibilities of interaction.

Part 3: How to Set Up Your Facebook Video Ads ?

Step 1: click on the “create ad” option: The first thing you must do to create an ad on Facebook is to click on the "create ad" option that appears on the left bar of the social network; although if you prefer, you can also access Facebook Business directly by going to facebook.com/business and clicking on "create ad".

Create Facebook Video Ads

Step 2: Select the campaign objective : Once you have done this, you will have to choose the objective of the campaign. As you can see in this image, you have a list of 11 objectives to choose from depending on what you want to obtain with your ads, in this case “Get video views”.

Objective of Facebook Video Ads

Step 3: Define your audience (or select a predefined audience), budget, and ad schedule: Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important parts of the campaign as this is where you will specify who will see your ads. To achieve this, it is essential that you first know what your potential customer or ideal customer profile is (and above all their tastes), to know who you should focus your ads on. Also, if you are just starting out, you will probably have to experiment with several different options until you find the audience that fits perfectly.

To help you achieve this and increase the effectiveness of your outreach efforts, Facebook allows you to segment your audience in 3 different ways: One of the ways that Facebook offers you to reach your audience is based on the interests that people indicate in their biographies. This way you can show your ads to people by segmenting your audience based on different types of data such as: age, gender, the city and country they live in, the applications they use on Facebook, the pages or Fan Pages they have liked, the games they have participated in, the groups they are part of and more. Activities outside the social network are also taken into account.

Audience of Facebook Video Ads

Step 4: Create your ad! This is where the fun begins: You’ll notice there are a few options to build your beautiful video. You can upload a video, browse through your library, or create a slideshow with images. In most cases you’ll want to grab a pre-made video from your desktop or promote a video that you previously posted organically. And now, with our Shutterstock integration, WordStream Advisor users have access to millions of free, high-quality video clips to create their ads.

Take note of Facebook's recommended video specs before uploading to ensure the highest quality viewer experience. A varying format could result in poor playback or black bars if your aspect ratio is off.

Facebook Video Ads

Step 5: Define your budget: Now that you have segmented your audience and you know who you are going to direct your ad to, it is time to choose the daily budget and the duration of the campaign, that is, if you want to start it from this moment or if you prefer instead define a start and end date.

Step 6: Lastly, customize the copy above your video, preview it, and watch your video views soar.

Part 4: The Best Tool for Your Video: Filme

It is very important to choose the program you will use to edit videos in facebook campaigns and to comply with facebook video ad specs conditions. As you can see, creating ads with Facebook Ads is something that is within the reach of anyone and with a few steps you can launch your campaign on the social network achieving great results with very small budgets. Don't forget that to create videos with potential to serve your video ads on Facebook, you will need a good tool to edit the videos.

Filme Video Creator

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Filme has been responding over time as one of the best simple and professional editors on the market, for its versatility, quality and amount of resources and tools it offers. Even so, don't forget that practice makes perfect, so try, experiment, innovate and try to create impactful ads with a small budget but thinking big, you never know how far your campaigns can go!

Filme makes basic editing easy and professional. It will help you discover a new way to tell your story and create seamlessly. Anyone can easily use all of Filme's features to edit their videos without any technical knowledge: trim/crop, split, rotate, adjust speed, create image effects and more.

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