In the ever-evolving realm of VTubers, a captivating and distinctive voice possesses the power to distinguish your character. Your virtual identity thrives on its voice, creating the perfect atmosphere for audience interaction. With the aid of a VTuber voice generator, you can shape and refine your persona's voice to your heart's content. In this article, we will explore three cost-free methods to acquire a Vtuber AI voice using cutting-edge voice generation technology.


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Part 1: What is Vtuber?

VTuber, short for Virtual YouTuber, refers to individuals who create online content using virtual avatars or characters. These avatars are usually animated or 3D-rendered and represent the VTubers themselves. VTubers interact with their audience through live-streaming platforms, such as YouTube or Twitch, while embodying these virtual personas.

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VTubers have gained significant popularity in recent years, especially in Japan, although the trend has also spread globally. Some well-known VTubers include Kizuna AI, Kaguya Luna, and Hololive Production's talent agency, which represents a diverse group of VTubers with their unique characters and personalities. VTubers often engage in activities such as gaming, singing, chatting, and hosting events, creating a virtual entertainment experience for their audience.

Part 2: Get Your Own Vtuber AI Voice with Speech Generator

1) VoxBox

VoxBox, the remarkable VTuber AI voice tool, harnesses cutting-edge Text-to-Speech (TTS) and voice cloning technology to replicate the captivating voices of renowned virtual human-like VTubers.

voxbox text to speech voices

How to Use a Vtuber Voice Generator With TTS:

Step 1: Downlaod VoxBox and install it, then open it, and click on "Voice Cloning" you can upload the audio as the image,and then wait a mins. you can get the vtuber voice

voxbox how to voice cloning

Step 2: Then select the "Text to Speech" in the left side.

Step 2: Type Vtuber voice you cloned like Pippa ,Kizuna AI, or other Vtuber, and then enter text to convert.

vtuber voice on voxbox

Step 3: Click the "Convert" button to export the voiceover.


  • With an expansive collection of 3200+ voices.

  • VoxBox caters to diverse preferences, encompassing rappers, YouTubers, popular characters, and even renowned figures like Biden.

  • Supporting over 100 accents across 46 languages, users have abundant options at their disposal.

  • VoxBox grants users precise control over voice properties, enabling personalized adjustments to speed, pause, pitch, emphasis, and volume.

  • Its intuitive interface empowers users to effortlessly navigate and command these voice parameters.

  • Experience the features firsthand with VoxBox's free trial version.

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Typecast, a cutting-edge AI voice-over generator, enables creators to effortlessly transform their written text into mesmerizing speech. With a vast array of character options, Typecast provides an extensive canvas for creators to unleash their boundless creativity. Step into the world of Klip Klim, the charismatic rapper, Maddie, the captivating podcaster, Sabrina, the enchanting witch, or P-0150N, the robotic persona. Let Typecast elevate your VTuber AI voice experience to unprecedented levels.

typecast ai voice generator


  • A vast library of voice-over actors

  • simple and easy

  • Emotional text to voice settings

How to Use? :

    Step 1: Visit the Typecast website

    typecast vtuber voice step1

    Step 2: Under Visual Type, check the box for either Virtual Human or Animation.

    typecast vtuber voice step2

    Step 3:Under Emotion, select presets such as normal, shout, cheerful and sad.

    typecast vtuber voice step3

    Step 4: Click the Download button from the bottom right corner. Your audio file will be downloaded to your computer.

Part 3: Transform Your Voice to Vtuber with Voice Changer

3), the ultimate VTuber voice changer software, empowers content creators to achieve their desired vocal identity during video broadcasts. With a wide selection of voice effects and a built-in background noise filter, VTubers can bring their virtual personas to life seamlessly. website

Designed for user-friendliness, offers professional-grade voice-changing capabilities that will captivate viewers and immerse them in the authenticity of the virtual character. As VTubers continue to soar in popularity, stands as the essential tool for elevating their performance quality and unlocking new heights of success.


  • Real-Time Voice Changer.

  • Voice Universe and Soundboard.

  • Voice Cloning.

  • Compatible with every App.

  • Easy Setup and high Performance

4) Github-Free Vtuber Voice Changer

One remarkable free and open-source tool that delivers this capability has been developed by Wataru Okada and can be accessed on GitHub.

github vtuber voice changer


  • Standout free

  • Open-source

Steps of Free change your voice to Vtuber :

    Step 1: Getting started with VTuber voice changer,You can access the voice changer tool on its GitHub page(opens in a new tab).

    github vtuber voice changer step1

    Step 2:Installing VTuber voice changer,Navigate to the cloned repository directory and run the following command:

    github vtuber voice changer step2

    Step 3: A simple example of how to change your voice sample code, we load an audio file, change its pitch, and save the result to a new file.

    github vtuber voice changer step3

    Step 4:Customizing your voice with VTuber voice vhanger

    github vtuber voice changer step4


Your VTuber AI voice is pivotal in shaping your character's identity. Throughout this article, we have provided accessible and cost-free tools to help you craft the perfect virtual persona. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of voice modulation with the VTuber Voice generator, allowing your unique identity to shine brightly.

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With VoxBox, where you can entertain your viewers through singing, dancing, answering questions, and playing games. Unleash your creativity and captivate your audience with the power of your VTuber AI voice. Try VoxBox now and embark on an extraordinary journey.