If you are a beginner and looking for a rewarding, no experience voice over jobs, you are at the right place. This article will reveal comprehensive guidance on skill combination, portfolio creation, and job hunting by providing a complete picture of the voiceover industry.

If you are interested, stay with us, as we will see how to start voice acting with no experience by showcasing your skills digitally and professionally.

voice over jobs no experience

Part 1: Where To Find No Experience Voiceover Jobs?

Finding no experience voiceover jobs has become easy because of various VO newbies' hiring platforms. Such platforms offer jobs and let emerging talents build their portfolios with simple but competitive VO job experiences. Various platforms offer tasks in different manners, which are listed below.

1. Voiceover Sites

Joining a dedicated Voiceover community or site can be a conscious step at the beginning level. Famous voiceover sites like Voice123, Voices, and Snap Recordings allow users to experience versatile insights, networking opportunities, and many more to initial a professional voiceover portfolio.

voice over jobs no experience

2. Casting Platforms

Casting platforms like Backstage can also open the doors for various no experience voiceover jobs. Such platforms assist voiceover actors through casting calls and comprehensive voice auditions.

Voiceover beginners can actively join such platforms to solidify their voiceover careers professionally.

no experience voice over jobs

3. Freelance Marketplace

Joining freelance job sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer is also a good step to boost the voiceover career as a newbie. These platforms offer perfect job posts for beginners and professionals in multiple niches, including Voiceover acting.

Freelance marketplace not only assists in creating a portfolio but also gives exposure for polishing professional communication skills with clients worldwide.

how to get voice over work with no experience

Part 2: 8 Types Of Voice Over Jobs For Beginners

1. YouTube Voiceover

YouTube is a great platform that offers versatile voiceover projects through different channels. It has millions of channels, including voiceover content, to attract a huge audience. Due to its vast network worldwide, it offers opportunities for multiple languages and cultures to hone their creativity.

YouTube also allows users to test and expand themselves in multiple niches with different voiceover styles. It is easy to convince content creators on YouTube with a powerful portfolio, niche-wise speaking style, and good equipment.

2. Corporate Instructional Voice Over

Voiceover actors are also in demand at the industrial level. Developed corporations and companies demand an audience-engaging voice actor for their instructional and branding videos. Such platforms can be won using a concise, self-assured, and clear narration style for presenting the brand's image or vision precisely in an engaging manner.

Always make sure to have a strong portfolio and high confidence level before applying for such industrial-level job posts or gigs.

3. Audiobook Narration

Audiobooks are also becoming famous on a daily basis with the evolving electronic media options. Now, people like to listen to books while walking, jogging, cooking, and exercise. Such changes have opened many doors for multiple content creators, including voiceover actors.

Audiobook narration requires a lot of practice and expertise as you have to convince the authors of books for their consent. Audiobook voiceover allows actors to experience multiple writing styles, storylines, and personalities through their speaking styles.

Besides storytelling, educational, motivational, and informational niches can also be chosen for audiobook narration.

voice acting jobs no experience

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4. Video Game Voiceover

Video game voiceover is a great option for the first step toward a voiceover career. There is a range of gaming content creators all around the globe that have different levels of requirements.

Voiceover beginners can initially find their place in this niche to kick their portfolio to the next level. Besides voice acting skills, owning multiple animated characters controlled by someone else is very important. Excitement, activeness, abrupt posture, and action analysis are the keys to such voice acting jobs.

how to get a voiceover job

5. Short Film Voiceover

Short film voiceover projects are best for those who want to excel in the mega projects of motion pictures or TV shows. Short films give exposure to the developed media industry and can be found easily by media students for their initial practice projects. This is how a beginner can enter this industry through a no experience voiceover job.

Voiceover skills, Owning characters, character's physical and vocal synchronization, and action & emotional analysis are requirements before joining such projects without experience.

beginner voice over jobs

6. Commercials/Ads Voiceover

Brand owners and multiple companies also hire voiceover actors to convey their products to the audience/buyer convincingly and engagingly. As commercial or ad voice artists, companies require a dedicated person to transcribe scripted lines to connect with their targeted audience for the portion of their interest.

Voice types like soft, energetic, excited, strident, and serene vary with the ad types. All you need to do is understand the ad's target, content, and motion picture to coincide with the overall commercial perfectly. You can collaborate with the brands and owners through portfolio presentations, networking, Freelance, and online casting websites.

how to get a voiceover job

7. Animated Characters Voiceover

Joining voiceover projects for animated characters is one of the best options for beginners as a no experience voiceover job. Such projects can be a rewarding choice with a lot of fun to entertain people/children with voiceover creativity.

Understanding a character's archetype and developing a character's voice with a distinct delivery style are initial requirements for such projects. Once you have a strong portfolio with versatile character voiceovers, explore online platforms and connect with different communities to pursue your career.

8. E-Learning Module Voice Over

E-learning is a never-ending field that allows beginners to contribute voice acting skills to educational content. Such job types require educational content narration in a clear, articulate, and engaging way to deliver pre-recorded online courses or training sessions.

Concise and comprehensive delivery, perfect pacing, vocal clarity, and flexibility in tone are the necessary skills needed for such projects as a voiceover beginner. Building a strong base through practice, welcoming feedback, making improvements, and slowly expanding the portfolio are the main steps for winning a dreamy E-learning voiceover project.

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Part 3: How to Get Voice Over Work with No Experience - Full Preparation

1. Take Voice Acting Classes

Initially, taking voice acting classes online free of cost is always recommended. Get yourself in touch with this content type, and then move forward for paid voice acting classes.

Both physical and online classes show good results as they help to sharpen vocal skills under the supervision of a professional instructor. Taking voiceover classes allows beginners to enhance voice–over skills, get personalized instructions, and get honest reviews/feedback from professionals.

2. How To Make A Voice Acting Demo?

Creating a voice acting demo is the most critical part for voice artists, as this will attract potential clients by showcasing your skills. To create a compelling demo, identify your niche first and select a perfect script that suits your voice style, tone, and character.

After practice, record your voice demo with a good-quality microphone and a voice recorder. Do professional clip editing and add snippets from different projects to make it dynamic. Once you finish demo creation, digitize your art with proper demo instructions and contact information to expand professional networking.

how to make a voice acting demo

3. How To Practice Voice Acting At Home?

Regular practice of voice acting is necessary for voice artists, whether beginners or professionals. Practicing voice acting at home assists in maintaining the health of voiceovers and building confidence. Several things like voice exercises, reading aloud, imitating different voices, script interpretation, and recording yourself can be done to polish and hone voice acting skills at home.


As a beginner, crafting a professional and polished voiceover portfolio is crucial for a good impression on potential clients. We have shared all the important and compulsory steps a newbie needs to follow before applying for any no experience voiceover job.

Moreover, we have also listed some major categories or job types for beginners to get an idea about the niche they are interested in. Choose the niche, build a portfolio, and explore the industry to build a professional voiceover career gradually.

You can also take advantage of voice generation tools to improve the efficiency of your voice acting: